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UthredTheGrey 15 Feb 2018

Re: Tumble Hi Marc, what do you put the last 12 months sp performance down to? I haven't been invested as long as you, just a few months. I thought we'd be north of here by now but I'm sanguine, it'll happen. There's a school of thought that says when a stock is unloved and overlooked that's the time to buy. Dare I say, add?The presentation is well worth a look, particularly their development pathways.[link] friendships at the Uni of Dar Es Salaam[link]

UthredTheGrey 15 Feb 2018

Re: CPR - Significant Resource Upgrade Why do you think that? We're not short of funds atm. Anyway bringing an institutional investor in via an accretive placing might be well received and a good move. I think Ritsons recent big buy has set a marker the market is observing, a placing at the right level might be a step forward.

Marc-A 14 Feb 2018

Tumble Sad to see what's happened to this company. 12 months ago this was one of the brightest performing in my portfolio and the bulletin board was booming.Since then we have tumbled to these prices and look as inactive as some of the shares I have filled in the dark dusty cupboard in the back of my shed.Sorry for the negativity, I just feel disappointed and let down. Good luck all.Marc

rpg7 05 Feb 2018

Re: CPR - Significant Resource Upgrade Looks to me as though we are being lined up for another cash call.

jontee 05 Feb 2018

CPR - Significant Resource Upgrade CP Report just out.Good news at last.

warbaby43 25 Jan 2018

Re: H1 News [link]

ybhere 22 Jan 2018

Re: H1 News Neil Ritson, Solo's Chairman commented:"We are delighted to see Helium One taking considerable strides forward both corporately and operationally. Helium One's possible IPO represents a real catalyst in terms of their growing profile and their ability to fund an active near-term work programme in Tanzania, which is expected to see drilling later this year."Tom Abraham-James, Helium One's Chief Executive added:"We have been reviewing our long-term funding options for some time and are beginning to focus on an IPO as most suitable for us. The ASX is a proven capital market and one in which our team has considerable experience. We would like to thank Solo for their continued support and guidance and look forward to an exciting year ahead for Helium One and all its shareholders."YB

theprior 22 Jan 2018

H1 News A list on ASXNeeds more funding (we knew that)Loads of Helium under Rukwa in a rising market.Looks like the H1 investment decision was a good one and its a shame we didn’t take more when we could !Luck allTP

rpg7 19 Jan 2018

Re: Something’s occurring Yesterdays trades included a sale or buy of one share.Some say that it a code used by the MMs to signal an Rns in the system. That one share was immediately followed by a large buy at full ask,think you are right about something brewing.

theprior 19 Jan 2018

Something’s occurring +17% last trade at full ask (5p)Unusual, to say the least !TP

rpg7 09 Jan 2018

Re: Tanz update Thats alright then if neils happy ffs.

BOWOOD 08 Jan 2018

Re: Tanz update My concern has been and continues to be the political state of the country which IMO could swing from positive to negative news and potential.

ybhere 08 Jan 2018

Re: Tanz update Thanks to Jay053 on the Aminex discussion board.Solo Oil PLC (LON:SOLO) Executive Chairman Neil Ritson describes himself as 'really happy' with forward progress for the group’s 25% owned Ntorya gas project, onshore Tanzania.Aminex, project operator and 75% owner of Ntorya, this morning told investors that it is “actively engaged” with the Tanzanian authorities and with third-party engineering firms, in the advanced stages of planning for the Ntorya-3 well. News here too on processing the legacy seismic on Helium One and at Horse Hill, where timing of long term tests are underway shortly.YB[link]

theprior 08 Jan 2018

Tanz update Progress being made on both fronts.There seems to be increased sense of urgency to increase production and drilling activitiesTP

rpg7 05 Jan 2018

Re: Sustained rise Still no sign of any wise men.