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theprior 08 Apr 2019

Revival With recent news about a contract which will more than double annual revenue all looks set for SNT to return to profitability in the near future. With sp at an all time low upside must be assured. Julian Waite likes it too ( if that’s anything to go by !) TP

CashQuack 21 Jul 2015

Now I understand "If a man can invent a better mousetrap, the world would beat a path to his door."And if a company can come up with a gizzmo that saves nearly 20% on your heating and air conditioning bills, that company should be doubling sales every year.Now I know why it has not:[link] quote the relevant bit:"It will now waive fees for the initial pilot programmes, typically it charged £20,000 per programme, in order to speed up the full sales process."I have bought shares in this company in three tranches. Now I know why it fails to shine. Surely a principle behind sales is a free incentive? Whoever dreamed up the idea of charging 20 grand to try something out?Jesus C*****.

CashQuack 21 Jan 2015

update [link] still amazes me that such a quick payback on the products made this energy conservation company does not see them besieged by potential customers.