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Ivorjay 14 Nov 2017

Fuel for growth .................. ........................ Springs a leak ! Pathetic.Well that was a brief statement, really puts us in the picture ?Time for yet another trendy catch phrase me thinks ( I'd use : Huge Bonus for abject failure)Going nowhere fast, time for a new captain maybe.C.O'S must be having the last laugh on his allotment

Ivorjay 17 Oct 2017

Light Weight JFS - To make a clean sweep ?Oh dear, surely Smiths could have done better !

II Editor 09 Oct 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Electric car parts firm set for big London IPO "Car parts maker TI Fluid Systems is finally set to float on the London Stock Exchange, raising a €425 million (£380 million) a year after pulling out of an IPO derailed due to market uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit vote.The cash - less than ..."[link]

Ivorjay 24 Sep 2017

Corporate Fatties ! 350needs no more comment. !Having said that, there's still a load of doyen dead wood in Medical, who have very limited or even zero impact, just collecting !These results in particular were extremely disappointing taking 'us' in real terms backwards similar to the ill fated LK era.Time for another Re-org, but more imaginative / cutting I would suggest this time round.Keep the faith the knives are out !

Ivorjay 22 Sep 2017

What's in a buzz word !? .............. ............... Certainly not profitFuel for growth, Smith's excellence............................... totally meaningless rubbishHow about some hard graft !Surely that performance results in zero executive bonus all round !Thank heavens for Fex and a very sharp pencil otherwise share price demise would have been even greater.However, keep the faith, after that, ARS cannot last much longer !

Ivorjay 23 Aug 2017

The real big fight - Burt versus Tessie Well Burt might have won on points, but Tessie knew the truth !Why oh Why BOD ?Despite currency being really favourable throughout most of the period, my expectations for the results certainly will not be !Surely it's time the management expectations were raised beyond mediocrity, and bonuses curtailed accordingly.Let's just hope the divi is unaffected.

II Editor 16 Jun 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Buy, hold, sell: High income share trades "David Smith has been the lead manager of LSE:HHI:Henderson High Income trust since 2014. Most of the portfolio is in equities, but Smith is also able to hold up to 20% in bonds. Currently, the split is 90:10 in favour of equities, a historic low ..."[link]

gamesinvestor 19 May 2017

CFO Quits with immediate effect Eh - what - has he been booted out?Is there a financial issue or somat?Games"""Engineer Smiths led the fallers after chief financial officer Chris O'Shea stepped down with immediate effect. The company assured that current trading and the outlook remain in line with previous guidance.""""

Ivorjay 19 May 2017

Chuckle Chucked !? hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm !certainly not worth 50p !

Ivorjay 24 Mar 2017

Re: : LKH Not so sure, zero growth ! I think the markets will react negatively once full analysis of results is concluded (with all the clever accounting re-adjusted). I cannot see many of the Brokers changing their stance from 'hold' to 'buy'

LK Hyman 24 Mar 2017

Re: Is there a doctor on site ! Ivorjay,Not very generous on the divi considering the overall apparent excellence of the numbers. Still, mustn't grumble ... Mr Market likes what he sees. The GKN bloke seems to be doing well.LKH on the flybridge

Ivorjay 24 Mar 2017

Is there a doctor on site ! Medical needs emergency assistance.Chuckle brothers need to scrub up !

gamesinvestor 23 Feb 2017

Re: Looking rather expensive LK - What's happening to JMAT?Games

Ivorjay 22 Feb 2017

ROE to save the 'Chuckle Brothers' ! Half year results will meet management expectations, but only thanks to ROE translation which was better than forecast. There are no plans to sell a major division although further thinning remains a distinct possibility. Still plenty to give in terms of Market Cap valuation in my opinion !

LK Hyman 22 Feb 2017

Re: Looking rather expensive Games," massive recovery - half of which I missed out on."Look on the bright side, m8 .... I got the benefit of all of it.The ex GKN bloke seems to be doing rather well, if the share price is anything to go by.LKH on the flybridge