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Tripod99 16 Oct 2019

Baren wasteland that is now ii chat boards hello…hello… cavernous indeed ! well scotgold returns to some sort of value 6 years after my initial investment! never thought i’d see the day or be all alone to share the good fortune with fellow ii posters!

Ripley94 09 Oct 2018

Scottish miner predicts golden future SGZ… XXXXX RNS… Placing @ 27p a premium of 15 % on yesterdays close which is unusual the is raise small @ 750 K

Larry_the_Lock 23 May 2018

Re: Proactive Investors [link]

Larry_the_Lock 23 May 2018

Proactive Investors [link]

vfb 21 May 2018

Re: RNS Scotgold cracking on now.[link]

Tatty 18 May 2018

RNS I hope SGZ now get cracking on with this mine now they have the funds. I'm always a bit suspicious about these loan arrangements which arguably incur conflicts of interest. Nat buys £2m worth of shares then lends £5m at 9% interest. At least this morning the market seems to like this arrangement.

alfa-spider 06 Apr 2018

Busy day Wow. 1 share dealt. Is this correct 🤨

Larry_the_Lock 15 Mar 2018

RNS [link]

Larry_the_Lock 01 Mar 2018

Proactive Investors [link]

alfa-spider 28 Feb 2018

BBC [link]

eurobabe 27 Feb 2018

Application granted. Post from company at 17.50. Granted. GLA.

Gunnersyeo 21 Feb 2018

Re: Any News ? Same syndicated story in the Express[link]

Larry_the_Lock 20 Feb 2018

Re: Any News ? Great stuff Gunnersyeo, some good PR at last, I will start tweeting it suggest other holders on Twitter/other boards do the same ! GLA

Gunnersyeo 19 Feb 2018

Re: Any News ? YepThese appeared today:[link]

QatarMan 11 Jan 2018

Re: Scottish miner predicts golden futur... I suppose they are waiting for the outcome the planning application. Hopefully this month.