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Bowman 23 May 2019

Takeover This shares does not appear to be one that has been followed on this forum, since the last post was almost a year ago. Takeover announcement. The takeover price appears to be quite reasonable, and this gives me an overall gain of 47% annual return (including dividends paid to date) on my original August 2017 and subsequent top ups. I just have to decide whether to sell in the market, or to wait until Q3 2019 to get the proceeds.

cautiousjon 01 Jun 2018

IHT releif Good question, following article suggests it might t0 investors champion site which maintains a list of qualifying shares.

gretel 31 May 2018

Large buys reported after the close Nice buying at 340p reported after the close, including a £104,000 buy at that price.Hopefully bodes well for tomorrow.Lawdoc, I see no reason why SCH shouldn't be eligible for IHT relief as it's a normal trading company (not an investment company). But I'm certainly no expert in these things!

lawdoc 21 May 2018

Is SCH eligible for IHT relief? Is SCH eligible for IHT relief. I recognise that it is an AIM share traded on Crest via Depository Interest (DI) meaning it is actually traded on another stock market (Guernsey).I am wondering if it benefits from Business Property Relief in the UK and thus IHT relief.Mr Investor Relations says he does not know which I suspect implies a NO?Any views?Thanks.

gretel 17 May 2018

New contract win Another contract win today....good to see the success in sports betting given the deregulation now coming in the USA:[link] 17, 2018Danish National Lottery, Danske Spil, selects SafeCharge to power online paymentsSafeCharge (AIM: SCH), a leading payments technology company, today announces it has partnered with Danske Spil A/S, the national lottery in Denmark, to power its regulated sports betting platform “Youbet” and drive expansion into this local regulated market. Danske Spil has implemented SafeCharge Cashier, a hosted payment page solution optimised for maximum conversion of deposit and withdrawals in a fully compliant manner. Adding Dankort, the Danish debit card, and through a direct connection with Visa and Mastercard, SafeCharge is enabling Danske Spil to reach the highest payment success rates.Danske Spil A/S is the national lottery in Denmark, founded in 1948. It offers lottery and gambling services, through its two subsidiaries Danske Lotteri Spil A/S and Danske Licens Spil A/S, and offers games such as Lotto, Onsdags Lotto, Joker, Eurojackpot, Keno, Quick, Bingo, Dantoto, Poker, Casino, Oddset, Tips, Zezam and the newest bettingbrand Youbet. The company has selected SafeCharge to target a growing demographic of sports betting fans in Denmark through Youbet.“Sports betting is becoming an increasingly popular activity in Denmark. Our customers are demanding a seamless payment experience from any device with their preferred payment method at any time,” explained Niels Erik Folmann, CEO of Danske Licens Spil A/S. “Following a quick and seamless implementation process, we are delighted to work closely with the team of SafeCharge experts on delivering the best user payment experience for our customers.”“We are excited to support Danske Spil with smart payments technology to boost further its expansion,” stated Yuval Ziv, CCO at SafeCharge. “We are confident that SafeCharge Payments Engine’s various assets will continue to deliver the highest levels of customer experience and payment conversion.”

gretel 15 May 2018

Re: Excellent trading update just out This reads well from Shore Capital today:"Payments-technology specialist Safecharge International Group is well placed to leverage new consumer trends and emerging technologies, Shore Capital says. "The reshaping of revenues seen last year, with an exit from low quality business in financial services and digital services, is now complete with underlying growth trends set to emerge in full through the course of the current year," Shore analysts say. According to the brokerage, Safecharge's investment in growth is paying off, as the company is attracting new customers which have led to record revenue and transaction processing volumes in the first quarter. Shares rise 3.3% to 342 pence."

gretel 15 May 2018

Re: Excellent trading update just out As well as the excellent trading update, yesterday's Supreme Court news re the repeal of PASPA - legalising sports betting in the USA - has largely been missed here so far but has big positive implications for SCH given their client base.It's the stocks providing the picks and shovels that usually perform best!

gretel 14 May 2018

Excellent trading update just out Reads very well:[link] Board reiterates expectations for full year 2018 performance.The Group generated record revenues and transaction processing volumes in Q1, driven by new customer wins in H2 2017.The growth of SafeCharge Acquiring remains on track.The Group continues to invest in new sales people and additional marketing to bring in new customers and generate a greater awareness of SafeCharge's capabilities outside our traditional markets.With robust current trading and strong sales pipeline, the Board remains confident that the outcome for the year will be in line with market expectations."

gretel 11 May 2018

SCH is Naked Trader's largest holding Good to see this comment overnight from the Naked Trader:"My biggest holding Safecharge continues a slow march up and looks like soon to break all time highs. Just a matter of patience here and hoping for a 400-450 takeout."

gretel 09 May 2018

New contract win Gett operate in more than 100 cities in the USA, UK, Russia, Israel etc:[link] UK Selects SafeChargeLONDON, May 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --Popular ride sharing app will use smart payments technology to maximise conversion rates in UKSafeCharge (AIM: SCH) - a leading payment technology company - today announces that Gett, the global ride sharing app, has selected its smart payments technology to optimise payments flows in the United Kingdom. SafeCharge will ensure Gett UK reaches optimal transaction approval rates and maximum recovery for failed transactions when technical glitches have occurred or if there are insufficient funds on a customer's card.etc"

gretel 30 Apr 2018

New highs, and a new IC Buy tip Great surge on Friday - looking very strong, and still good value imho. The IC had this to say on Friday:"'Patient investors were rewarded for investing in Safecharge international (SCH) in 2017 after the group's long-promised investment in building out its book of 'tier one' customers - large companies for which it builds custom payment platforms - began to pay off, leading to revenue growth of 7 percent. The group has been diversifying its customer base across industries to reduce regulatory risk. While transaction volumes and values have continued to rise, the move to lower-risk sectors has hit the group's margins and analysts don't expect the free cash flow yield to start rising until 2019. However, cash flow conversion has continued to rise and the group's dividend payment has remained as generous as ever.With the cash pile striped out, shares in Safecharge trade at 13 times forecast earnings, which is significantly below the multiple seen in recent years. With plenty of cash for acquisitions and rapid growth in transaction volumes, it still looks like a buying opportunity to us. BUY.'"I didn't realise SCH was Robbie Burns' (the Naked Trader's) largest holding per his comment on Thursday:"My biggest holding Safecharge continues a slow march up and looks like soon to break all time highs. Just a matter of patience here and hoping for a 400-450 takeout."

gretel 17 Apr 2018

Mention in latest issue of SCSW PTSG were tipped as well as the positive mention for SCH in the latest issue of SCSW, and PTSG have rather generously made available to everyone for free the ENTIRE issue of SCSW (as well as PTSG and SCH I also own KAPE which are tipped in the issue):[link]

gretel 17 Apr 2018

News: Grand National transactions up 60% Good news....[link] 17, 2018 Grand National 2018 Online Transactions Soar on SafeCharge Payments PlatformSafeCharge, a leading payments technology company, today announces that it recorded an increase of 60% in number of processed transactions for Saturday’s Grand National, the biggest race in the British horseracing calendar, compared to last year’s event. With over £200m in bets placed each year during this event, SafeCharge payments data suggests that Grand National bets are significantly increasing in payment processing volumes, challenging payment processing infrastructures just like Valentine’s Day or Black Friday.This year, SafeCharge payments data shows that the peak number of transactions processed per second soared by 118%, whilst the value of bets placed throughout the race increased by more than 60% compared to the 2017 event. Furthermore, the speed at which transactions were processed through SafeCharge’s payments platform increased by more than 10%, highlighting the need to rely on a robust processing architecture able to guarantee zero downtime and an always-on approach.“Our data suggests that the volume of online transactions being processed during the Grand National, as well as the speed these are being processed, is increasing significantly year-on-year to become the de-facto method for placing bets at this major event. This obviously puts strain on payments infrastructure which needs to be up to the task,” said David Avgi, CEO, SafeCharge. “We are proud to support payment processing for some of the most prestigious and best-known operators at the Grand National. Our technical expertise and robust payments architecture is trusted by the biggest names in the industry, with a solid track record going back to 2007.”“The Grand National is a landmark event for online betting, attracting huge numbers of players every year,” stated Jim Noakes, Head of Strategic Development and Optimisation at Ladbrokes Coral. “The robustness, scalability and quality of SafeCharge’s Payments Engine has been instrumental to deliver an unparalleled user experience for our customers at the event.”

gretel 16 Apr 2018

RNS: AGM trading statement on 14th May so not long to go.Nice to see it 5 days earlier than last year too, which is hopefully a good sign:[link]

gretel 12 Apr 2018

Re: News of a new customer win I also note today's large acquisition by PTEC of Snaitech. Snaitech has revenue and EBITDA of €890 million and €136 million respectively:[link] assume that Sagi will get Snaitech to take on SCH's products pronto.