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Ripley94 28 Oct 2019

FST....Frontier... former Tomaz SAG… XXXX 1 year low 185p 30th August 2019… 3 year low 138p… 4th Nov 2016.

Ripley94 20 Sep 2019

FST....Frontier... former Tomaz And here is an article about the merger . Frontier Smart And Science Group Agree Terms As Merger Edges Closer from Alliance News | 9th September 2019 18:37 (Alliance News) - Frontier Smart Technologies Group Ltd said on Monday that it has reached an agreement with consultancy firm Science Group PLC over a statutory merger. Under the terms of the deal, Frontier’s shareholders will receive 25.00 pence per share which the company said represents a 70% premium to its closing price of 14.75p on May 17, the day before Science Group first approached the home technologies firm. Since then, Science Group has been steadily building its stake in Frontier and it initially pursued a takeover at 30.00p per Frontier share, though this was rebuffed in May. Science Group then proposed a price of 35.00p per share, but Frontier’s board urged shareholders to not accept any offer below 37.00p. Eventually, the two companies agreed on the 25.00p valuation with and in August, Science Group said it now intends to pursue a merger in accordance with Cayman Islands law, where Frontier is incorporated. The two companies have now entered into a “merger implementation agreement” and Frontier has given the London Stock Exchange notice for the proposed cancellation of trading of its shares, subject to the merger being completed. The agreement is a far cry from the bruising boardroom battle the two firms have engaged in for much of the summer. The impasse eventually led to two Frontier directors and its former Chair Hossein Yassaie leaving the board. Among other things, Frontier said, the merger needs the approval of 75% of shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting which will take place on October 11. Shares in Frontier Group closed 9.8% lower at 23.00p each in London on Monday and shares in Science Group closed 0.5% lower at 189.50p apiece. By Eric Cunha; Copyright 2019 Alliance News Limited. All Rights Reserved. corporate actionssignificantIPOs & new issuesAIMcompanies

Ripley94 20 Sep 2019

FST....Frontria SAG… XXXXX Looks like i’m ending up in here

richard599 05 Mar 2019

Solid results. Nice results today - revenue up, profits up, divi up. Solid despite uncertaintly. Sp down to £2. Whatever. R

richard599 04 May 2018

Re: Liking the rise [Music, sultry voice, soft focus] This is not just any old consultancy. This is "an international consulting services group".R.

Roger Baron 04 May 2018

Re: Liking the rise This company is more than a consultancy!

richard599 04 May 2018

Liking the rise Well, 19 April seems to have kicked the SAG sp into life.There will be some rise due to buyback although we don't yet know how many they bought (but we know the max budget/volume). I'm thinking there is also a positive impact from increased liquidity (city types playing with other people's money and all that). Time will tell.Current market cap is approx. £90m and is now more than double turnover. For a consultancy, that's quite a steep valuation. Yes, I know it's difficult to value companies like this and it's all a bit hit and miss, but the P/E is now a wide-eyed high 30s.What to do?R.

richard599 19 Apr 2018

Re: Short update My worry about these was that the boost they received in $ earnings after the £ fell from mid-2014 to start 2017 was that it would all turn nasty once the £ stabilised. In fact, the £/$ has risen over the last year or so which makes the trading statement all the more impressive.Bought these circa 2000. Will hold them for a lot longer, but as a growth share not for the divvy.R.

Blanketstacker 19 Apr 2018

Short update A short AGM update today. "Trading in the first quarter of 2018 has been positive with revenue and profitability ahead of the Board's expectations for this period. While it is still early in the year and the Board remains cautious, particularly with the strengthening of Sterling, this positive start provides a good platform for the remainder of the year. "PER = 13.7PEG = 0.26Yield = c2.2%No debt, £22m in freehold property, including a chunk in the Silicon Fen.A major problem here has been lack of liquidity leading to volatility in price. the company is now taking steps to deal with this by appointing a new broker and authorising share buy backs.Previously bought by the Naked Trader and selected by Richard Beddard's 'Decision engine'.A nice business with very impressive, shareholder-centred management.

II Editor 06 Apr 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Understanding Science is worth the effort "Now the reporting season is in full-swing, I'm busy updating my Decision Engine with new insights. The numbers go into a spreadsheet that spits out a valuation, and the valuation is married to an assessment of the business to produce a ..."[link]

Blanketstacker 26 Mar 2018

Re: Solid results. And today's announcement confirms the company holds more than 25% of its market cap in freehold property. Lots to like here!

richard599 28 Feb 2018

Re: Solid results. Nice results again.Revenue up. Profits up. Divi up. SP down a little this morning.Whatever.R.

II Editor 19 May 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Seven shares for the future "The number of companies recommended by the Decision Engine has shrunk to seven. The share prices of many of the 60 or so companies I follow have shot up, and in some cases my conviction has deteriorated.To start on a brighter note, though. ..."[link]

richard599 21 Mar 2017

Re: Solid results. That didn't last.Up on results.Down on, err, ... not sure what.Oh well, there's always the divi in May.R599.

pharmaspecialist 02 Mar 2017

Solid results. Solid results as usual, and expressed in a way that investors can understand. I also like the balance sheet. Not sure if Unilever is a client of Leatherhead, but if so, that is another reason I am glad the acquisition by Kraft did not go ahead. It looks as though Science is setting itself up for another acquisition.