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Fred Prior 06 Oct 2016

Bye Bye SAB and thank you for allowing the opportunity for a 50% rise in just over a year, as I had the faith to buy you when you were down last year, I wish there were more like you, you will be missed.

Afrosia 21 Sep 2016

Re: takeover timrtable That weak sell was supposed to be a weak buy.

Afrosia 21 Sep 2016

Re: takeover timrtable Just had a note from Hargreaves Lansdown stating that the meeting/vote is 28th September, wrapped up on 4th October and I will have cash in my account 11th October. I've just popped all of my remaining cash savings in it since the return of around 1.3% (0.8% net of stamp duty) is better than my cash savings will earn over the next few weeks.

king Zog 01 Aug 2016

takeover timrtable Any idea as to when this will be all wrapped up?

Afrosia 21 Jul 2016

Possible increase in offer price? I would assume that we won't get an increase in the cash offer price, but it would be more than welcome![link]

gamesinvestor 30 Mar 2016

Is the deal off? 04-Mar-16 Sell Alan Clark 4,206.00p 90,000 £3,785,400.1229-Mar-16 Sell Alan Clark 4,215.00p 51,352 £2,164,486.8829-May-15 Sell Alan Clark 3,574.00p 50,838 £1,816,950.2129-Mar-16 Exercise of option Alan Clark 1,061.00p 100,000 £1,060,999.97CEO dumping shares fast

gamesinvestor 09 Feb 2016

Moodys [link] article that I'm sure will have been read by most of the competition bodies. Probably help in not blocking any deal going through.Although the share price movements are not pretty, it's drifting down from 4200 now.Games - Should I stay or should i go -- la-la!!

gamesinvestor 28 Jan 2016

Re: Out 3D - A tad premature there m8?I must admit, the suggestion of offloading Peroni and Grolsch seems odd, given they are I would have thought, two of the primary reasons to bid for Sab in the first instance.Where are you going to deploy the cash?Games -- I guess you are unsure that the deal will go ahead.

valeite 25 Jan 2016

Re: Out a bit more like 5 % left in it i think

3Dimensional 25 Jan 2016

Out thanks SAB, I will leave a bit on the table for the next man Great stock, will be missed. I have other stocks that should garner me more than the remaining 2% left here, plus you really never know what the crooked market can do in the interim..........Good luck those left.3D

3Dimensional 21 Jan 2016

Spread Bet Companies Hate To Lose as I said previously, the only reason the Bucket Shops held this below 4000p after the 4400p bid was because there were lots of 3750p options calls in the Nov, Dec market. So as they did not have to pay out punters they held the price at 4000p so the 3750p calls were flat and the 4000p calls were "out the money". My previous posts stated this fact and that in January the price would rise, even though the FTSE had lost around 800 points since..... This is clear stock price manipulation by the various Bucket Shops and I really hope people stop giving money to these unscrupulous companies once and for all.The Government need to stop taking donations from these companies ill gotten gains and ban spread betting in the UK once and for all, then you will see that volatility and manipulation of stocks on a day to day basis disappears.Ban The Bucket Shops.3D

gamesinvestor 18 Jan 2016

topped up on opening weakness this morning.Games

3Dimensional 15 Jan 2016

Seems like a good defensive stock holding well against the broader market 3D

3Dimensional 14 Jan 2016

Flash crash @ 10.30 spiked to 2075p hopefully someone has reported this to the LSE and FCA as its another sign of market manipulation, I hope nobody had stops in place but you can bet your bottom dollar they did, hence why the spike was caused in the first place!!SAB is still a very safe haven for a lump of my cash, it appears others are cottoning on too, The options that were in the money have expired now, so the bucket shops should gradually take their feet of the brakes now they no longer need to pay the punters out.Good luck.3D

gamesinvestor 04 Jan 2016

Anything new? Can't see anything new -- any updates anybody on the state of the merger?Games