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Ripley94 30 Jun 2019

Placing ROSE… XXXX Malcy has started to cover and rates it , looks like new management have come in ?

Ripley94 28 Jun 2019

Placing ROSE… XXXX Up 35% today @1.46p … of course should sell into such a rise on AIM. But my holding not worth the messing about maybe so underwater with it .

Ripley94 25 May 2019

Placing ROSE… XXXX Malcy comments on this now days . Appears another fund raise , this time losing a funder but then someone else putting money in at higher price !!!

Ripley94 18 Oct 2018

Placing ROSE… XXXX Just seen a ramp from hot stocks rocket on 9th October on this one. I was sweet talked into buying it in May 2013 by a broker who was shifting shares his firm had taken in a placing to flip to mugs like me . Was a disaster but maybe ill get a bit back yet .

Ripley94 30 Sep 2018

Placing ROSE… XXXX Did not notice Fridays 26 % rise moving back to 12 June recent high of 3.85p

Ripley94 26 Sep 2018

Placing ROSE… XXXX Malcy blogs today. been moving between high of 2.60 and low of 2.35 sideways .

senn1965 06 Jun 2018

Funding the drill Where is the cash coming from a large cash raise at 2p??

whitestallion 06 Jun 2018

Re: Here we go 17p at todays prices and i'll be even jonteeCapt. morgan

etadelete 05 Jun 2018

Re: Here we go not bad rose pet..keep holding

jontee 05 Jun 2018

Here we go Hopefully the winter (and years before) hibernation is over and this is start of the multi bagger.Crazy I know but strangely enough ROSE has the potential to be one of the most unbelievable AIM oilers to hit the jackpot.Certainly worth a punt if you are new although unfortunately I am old hand from VANE days and have a very, veeeery long way to go to catch up.Been averaging down so a 5 x bagger will, at least, get me "half way" back to break-even. lol.

Schachmeister 30 Apr 2018

Investor Presentation. Rose presenting at Investor Show.Worth a look.Video on Sharephrohets.Permits Q3 Drilling Q4Oil's $75 a barrel, so there should be some interest in Rose's acreage for a JV.Then the sp will fly and no further dilution .Q3/4 could be very exciting for Rose Shareholders.

Nice to Michu 19 Apr 2018

Re: Directors Buying I hope so schach.. and agree with you that this could wake up hugely on a good JV announcement.. this has been one of my worst 'oiler' bets - it was more into milling and other things previously - so far.. it has fallen hugely in recent year(s) and i'm still down 50% as I type and that includes doing some small top ups below 3p .. fortunately my overall position here was/is not a big one..

Schachmeister 10 Apr 2018

Directors Buying A big green light to buy yesterday as Directors bought shares with their own hard earnt.Good time to accumalate now before they announce a JV, and with a higher oil price and diminishing resource, Rose's acreage will be sought after.A tiny mkt cp & small float will ensure this flys on good news.DYOR

senn1965 08 Apr 2018

Re: Placing Iteresting on the ops update the leader here says minimal dilution if any to shareholders but since then it's off 30% lol I suppose there may not be that much once it's announced and already fallen to a level for those in the know wink winkFunny how these spivs manipulate words.Senn

Ripley94 05 Apr 2018

Re: Placing Jordan ( S ) have been looking at it , and recommended again back in September but has fallen through resistance of 3.5p.... 50/50 .. technical one he thought .(It always was for traders )They never it appears had a sell on it since bringing it to me before 2015.