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schwee 02 May 2018

Re: Share price Just read the full year results, and I'm afraid your analysis is correct. At least they are not promising jam tomorrow this time.

KarlMar5 23 Nov 2017

Share price Expect further falls in the share price now that we have the onset of the harsh Canadian Winter.Realistically I don't ever expect to see a return on my investment in this company or even break even. The company only seems happy when they have extended the mine life which guarantees job security and stuff the shareholders.Let's hope the new appointment see's things differently.

oldernowiser 25 Oct 2017

3rd quarter update due soon Copper price has continued to rise - this together with progress on drilling will hopefully make for interesting reading

oldernowiser 10 Aug 2017

Re: Copper price And the price of copper has continued to rise since then

suicidal_tendencies 10 Aug 2017

Re: Copper price When will there be a re-rating???? It's up from abour 3.5p since last September and up from about 8p since July.

oldernowiser 10 Aug 2017

Re: Copper price Now moved above $6400/MT. Must be good for Rambler. With drilling programme and improving grades when will there be a re-rating?

oldernowiser 29 Mar 2017

Copper price If it stays at this level I think they will start to make a profit

thehickster 22 Feb 2017

Re: Nice 39% Rise About a 60 mil market cap at the moment with the number of shares in issue. With the price of copper looking good, maybe that's the driver behind the price rise ?Reading recent RNS's I don't understand why the company that is currently holding 70% of Rambler shares after the dilution, isn't obliged to make a bid for the company..... Any ideas ?

The Canny Scot 21 Feb 2017

Nice 39% Rise Past 5 days have seen daily rises and with a welcomed broker upgrade yesterday even this has failed to raise any comments. Its been a long time coming but now the patient investors who topped up at the lows should now be in profit. Long may this run continue.

oldernowiser 09 Feb 2017

Copper price still fairly strong FT article on strike possibility at Escondida[link]

doc-lee 25 Jan 2017

An Encouraging RNS when... It all depends on how long it takes in 2017 to start extracting copper ore from the LFZ when the sun will (metaphorically) shine at least a little brighter - as long as there are lots of customers out there to buy the copper produced.

waldpyk 05 Jan 2017

Re: copper price copperprice holding steadyalmost 2 months now above $2.5/lbwaldpyk

waldpyk 12 Dec 2016

copper price one month now (since 8/11) above $2.5 lband since 23/11 above $2.6 lbwe have last seen these price in spring 2015let the good times rollwaldpyk

doc-lee 29 Nov 2016

Re: Good time to buy?! waldpyk, The answer is Yes.For once in my tryst with RMM I have a modicum of serious optimism that the way is now upwards. Smugly I would add that a month or so ago I felt that RMM could hardly drop any further without disappearing off the face of the earth and that was unlikely to happen so I bought in at 4.5p. So far I have been rewarded by knowing that thegain so far made now makes up for the loss I have incurred with my last purchase which was made just before RMM fell over the precipice. Only another 2 purchases to cover (and an awful lot of money lost) to go.

waldpyk 29 Nov 2016

Re: Good time to buy?! yes in one month the copper price went from $2.1 lb to $2.6we have a break even price of about $2.0 (or even a bit lower)so if the copperprice stays over $2.5 we make serious moneypity about the massive dilution , it eroded my confidence in the managementwaldpyk