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II Editor 07 Jul 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Top ranked shares for the future "The Decision Engine has received an upgrade. It's automatic (partially), it's systematic (mostly), and while hydramatics are a distant dream and it may never have overhead lifters or four barrel quads, I think it's greased lightning!Decision ..."[link]

II Editor 07 Apr 2016

NEW ARTICLE: Time to buy this 'most compelling' business? "LSE:QTX:Quartix is one of the most compelling businesses I've investigated, but I'm not ready to pull the trigger.The first thing I think when Andy Walters, Quartix's founder and chief executive, leans over the desk between us pointing at a chart ..."[link]

mcescher 28 Mar 2016

Solid dividend player with healthy balance sheet but average value, track record, and growth prospects. At least that is the view on here [link]

II Editor 09 Mar 2016

NEW ARTICLE: Quartix: Love at first sight "Quartix, a manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices, is a lovely company.I’ve been lured into looking at Quartix, company I’d overlooked because it listed just over a year ago. New listings often have short track records that make them ..."[link]