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hotfinance14 07:15

I expect the final results are late this year as a further placing is being organised.

Frankseluk6 19 Oct 2017

Re: Volumes Much Higher To there are two trades posted on ADVFN for exactly the same 2.85million an hour apart. Any ideas on that?F

the old trout 19 Oct 2017

Re: Volumes Much Higher Well I see that we now have a late reported trade of 2.85m @4p from Tuesday. Given that some much smaller sells were going throught at sub 4p on that day, I am thinking that is a carefully worked buy order, unless the market makers were just in an exceptionally benevolent mood that day.Meanwhile the path to convergence between the 50 day EMA and the 200 day EMA continues, but at this rate it will take about two months to get there unless we have some positive news or an influx of additional buyers. That might well happen if we get a close above 4.5p in the coming days.T

hotfinance14 19 Oct 2017


hotfinance14 19 Oct 2017

Jason Miles seems to be the front man for QFI. He is the most knowlegable by miles.

iantobach 18 Oct 2017

Today Jason Miles added Jose Luis Vizcaino Oliva (CEPSA San Roque Site Engineering Manager), to his LinkedIn Account.

indigo22 18 Oct 2017

Re: Volumes Much Higher I'd be quick....

fyoz 18 Oct 2017

Re: Volumes Much Higher Hope not, I'm scraping funds together for another top-up . . .

Strictly Inc 18 Oct 2017

Volumes Much Higher Over the past few days.Has the blue touch paper been lit?

thehog2 18 Oct 2017

Re: IMO says low sulphur fuel rubbish Well picked up on Indigo! Maybe this will makes shippers take even more notice of scrubbers, but also MSAR. No poor flow rates when cold, no plugged fuel filters and no abrasives damaging the engine and fuel system.It staggers me that Fuels with these problems are apparel out there without all the hurdles that QFI have faced. Time for the company to shout rather louder about our wares.TH2

indigo22 18 Oct 2017

IMO says low sulphur fuel rubbish No, seriously. The IMO says that there are pressing quality concerns for the quality and compatibility of low sulphur fuels for 2020 compliance. They're pushing for a publicly available ISO standard.[link]

les paul custom 18 Oct 2017

Re: Aces and eights..... I won't be revealing mine.. not for anyone.

aces and eights 18 Oct 2017

Re: Aces and eights..... I'm sure all will be revealed at the AGM...

thehog2 18 Oct 2017

Re: Aces and eights..... " I can't envisage Aramco paying for a trial!!."It has always been understood that KSA would be a licence mode operation. So that means they pay for the kit and QFI get an agreed fee for the technical back up and of course an agreed fee on every barrel.So in the same way as it worked at CEPSA , an income stream would be created even during a trial.GLA,TH2

the old trout 17 Oct 2017

Aces and eights..... "Let's face it I'm not aware of many companies that survive without an income.. .....simple business economics no income no business..as they say cash is king...and from what I see there is no cash!"Well I suggest you do some research A&E, since AIM is the junior market and most companies on it are pre-commercialisation and thus rely on issuing shares to keep the lights on until they become cash generative. QFI is no exception but it had plenty of cash in the bank last time I checked and has taken significant steps to reduce costs.T