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atlanticshore 19 Sep 2017

Re: Barryroe Well I believe everyone must understand this.....I apologise for my emotion but one can only tolerate so much disorderbefore it is the time to react..... arrogance I can tolerate even like when combined with intelligence but lacking intelligence it becomes boring and offensive.....Long live the island rabbits !

sobeit 19 Sep 2017

Re: Barryroe Well Hi Atlantic.Just in case he does not know what you said he can put the following into Bing (as I had to do) and he will soon know when it comes up in big letters."translate la ferme connard".Isn't it great that iii can only check English.

sobeit 19 Sep 2017

Re: Barryroe Well I like it Atlantic. I was thinking exactly the same.Another one talking out of his rear end with no manners.

atlanticshore 19 Sep 2017

Re: Barryroe Well La ferme connard

Johandesilva 19 Sep 2017

Re: Barryroe Well I get it now!The costly EPS will be separate from the this drill!!!! Not part of it as one news report indicated.In that case the strategy is sound cos they have the funding for a appraise drill in 2018, then will need to raise half a billion pounds for EPS in time for oil prices to get to $70 in 2019/2020.

nigerian delight 19 Sep 2017

Re: Barryroe Well They have to drill Barryroe in 2018 are we will die of Boredom!

Disorder 19 Sep 2017

Re: Barryroe Well Brilliant..... Pure brilliance...."trying to pretend they will go ahead hoping that it will encourage someone else to participate"So effectively you are saying they are trying to con big oil business.And you say this with a background of what evidence???You guys really are brilliant...

atlanticshore 18 Sep 2017

Re: Barryroe Well For me they are bluffing it (ND calls it a strategy!) trying to pretend they will go ahead hoping that it will encourage someone else to participate ...... but they have had five years now to decide that and despite the seemingly most crowded data room in history and quarterly lies about future farm ins they are still alone ...Sp Pt also looks more interesting t me but I know nothing .....also were Cairn not due to drill it a coupe o years ago and tus there was the third party validation Broe does not havein any event this company is just one disappointment after another and wrapped up in the blah blah blah meanwhile big wages for everyone in the inside ...

sobeit 18 Sep 2017

Re: Barryroe Well Providence has obviously decided that the only way to get Barryroe off the ground is to go it alone at first.If they can drill an appraisal/production well next year and it is successful that will bring in the partner it requires. The fact that it is even contemplating a go-it-alone is also likely to interest a partner such as Cairn or Total, both of which have other Providence interests in the Atlantic Margin.The meeting on Thursday when Providence presents its Financials might give an indication as to what is proposed for Barryroe and when. According to Lansdowne, the tendering for a drill in 2018 with a completion date of 31st of August last realised a number of very competitive bids.One option for Barryroe could be the same as Druid/Drombeg where Total took an option based on the outcome. Perhaps Total might do the same for Barryroe.Thursday could be interesting.

Johandesilva 18 Sep 2017

Re: Barryroe Well For Barry to be production don't we first need and EPS planned out and then funding as EPS cost allot more? All in 2019 and oil prices are not all that great for such a scale to be hugely revenue generating? Undervalue yes but I am confused. What am I missing?

Johandesilva 18 Sep 2017

Spanish Point? So whats happening to Spanish Point now the intent is on the much more expensive Barry?

Disorder 17 Sep 2017

Re: How Long? Everything is a problem...Drill went to plan and within estimated time / costs and provided schedule.Decommissioning is also going well and within time schedules.I guess thats boring though so lets hypothesise and discuss potential problems..PS: Lets also not report these problems to market and break every rule of being listed.I go with a giant sea creature is scaring the bejeebers out of the rig workers and they have abandoned the rig and are at this moment swimming for shore.To much time on some peoples hands maybe?Certainly to much time on hands for me today.

jimmy24 17 Sep 2017

Re: How Long? Sobeit. We now know there were only residual oil Inthe well so the most likely Explanation for the rig manoeuvres was a casing problem. Likely to be casing problem to plug and abandon wellJ

nigerian delight 17 Sep 2017

Re: How Long? And only darn bitumen which was older than even Lex Gamble!!!!!

sobeit 16 Sep 2017

How Long? How long does it take to decommission a well?There was speculation that IceMax would leave Druid/Drombeg non-oil this week but she is still there surrounded by her acolytes and with Sjoborg still disgorging c$$p in Ringaskiddy and Edda Frende due there on Tuesday to do the same.I thought they would be putting things down the hole by now and not bringing it up.Perhaps some of our oil experts could tell us why it is taking so long. After all, if baby told us on Monday that Drombeg was a dud he must have known that a number of days before. So, at a rough estimate, drilling finished on say the 7th which is now about ten days ago, so why is it taking so long and why does it need all those craft?They wouldn't by any chance be quietly drilling Diablo Ridge? After all, it seems strange, having done Druid and Drombeg that they would't have a go at Diablo if they could reach it from the tip of Drombeg which they drilled and came up with bitumen.