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18:29 03/01/2018

only half the pumpers here today ,other must have taken their coin

15:45 28/12/2017

I've been here since the barryroe oil discovery was first made, back then the sp traded at 7 pounds plus. With a ten fold in shares issued since, could 70p be a realistic target once again?

08:23 28/12/2017

Very encouraging news to hear about someone being interested in Barryroe. I would lock the door of the data room now, in case they decide to leave.

11:00 27/12/2017

The only good thing about Trump's tax plan from our point of view, is that U.S Oil Companies can write off any new equipment they buy against their tax, as well of course as the lower capital gains. Plenty of money then hopefully to invest in some oil fields on this side of the water.

08:37 10/12/2017

TS Oil and Gas thinking about launching their IPO early next year: [link]

13:14 03/12/2017

Phoenix: Just checking the value of the company that the moment based on Friday's closing price. Just short of forty million euros. so phoenix right about the fact that there is no value reflected in the share price for Barryroe or Spanish Point. Also worth mentioning the team providence has, as mentioned in the Phoenix. Headed by geologist Sean O' Sullivan; two geophysicists - Keith Byrne and Fergal Murphy; and two further geologists - Myles Watson and Annemarie Smyth. They are backed up by operations manager Fergus Roe; in-house reservoir engineer Donal Meehan; and carographer Jukub Czarcinski. Providence boasts of its senior management team having over 175 years of relevant experience. Also worth mentioning that Druid and Drombeg is the 25th dud Providence and its predecessor, Atlantic, have brought in since the latter was originally set up back in 1981, a record that works out at one success in seven wildcats. So I suppose we are due another success, just on the numbers alone.

11:46 19/11/2017

Not going to happen, which is good news to say that least. Mention of Dalkey at the end of the article, but must be a misprint, as it says that drilling is to take place in August 2018: [link]

11:32 09/11/2017

A article in today's Irish Times about Tony O'Reilly senior: [link]

19:36 27/10/2017

Oil just over $60. Hopefully it will increase more, as it will help to move on the share price while we wait for word on the upcoming drilling plans for Barryroe.

17:44 17/10/2017

Disorder, you have my support on this; jimmy has vested interests he is not genuine.