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Ripley94 05 Apr 2019

LSETR PTR… XXXX Minded to bed and isa but no live price ( W )

fynne 28 Aug 2018

We have oil! Early flow testing looks positive… and this wasn’t even the main target! very early days and a cheap entry… fingers crossed…

boredofblogs 26 Apr 2018

RNS 1000 bopd at a profit (guess?) £30 .. £30000 a day ! not to be sniffed at imho .. things are picking up ?

boredofblogs 08 Feb 2018

Holdings RNS So apparently "Daria" see's something here as well .. time will tell ...

Mome Wrath 14 Jul 2017

S-375 We are due news of S-375 shortly, which was advised to be drilled in July - or "the summer."S- 375 is an important drill which will define future plans for the development of Sibkrayevskoyeand warrants an RNS to confirm spudding.TR/news/item/2424819/final-results?context=LSETR"Success" target="blank" rel="nofollow">[link] of the S-375 well would provide assurance that there are at least two pads to be developed at Sibkrayevskoye, in which case it is expected that the development of the Sibkrayevskoye oil field will commence in 2018. The proposed first pad at Sibkrayevskoye has already been delineated by the S-370, S-372 and S-373 wells. The S-375 well is being drilled within the proposed pad 2 area which is about 2km from the existing wells that found oil and is within the same structural closure. The S-374 well was more than 10km south in a different structural lobe. The S-373 well at the proposed pad 1 area has produced oil during the last two winters at consistent rates giving further comfort to the Company of the prospects of the area."TR/news/item/2424819/final-results?context=LSETR" target="blank" rel="nofollow">[link]

longmile 22 Feb 2017

weather on production site has risen from minus 14 to the present temperature of minus 2 , so very little progress possible

elliottsilverman 31 Jan 2017

A pretty lame update in today's RNS...

longmile 21 Jan 2017

interesting point , a friend who has a senior position with one of the large siberian oil producers spends 7 months of the year in the south of spain as it is impossible to function or for any work to be meaningful work to be carried out . i was just wondering where the petroneft bod go for those 7 months or do they just stop drawing their salary and expenses for the period in question

longmile 19 Nov 2016

the charatable thing to do with this company is to wind it up and liquidate as it is in existence only to give the directors a life style particular the paddies . furthermore it has cost ordinary people many millions in the past

elliottsilverman 21 Jul 2016

Anyone still following this?

elliottsilverman 21 Jul 2016

Things seem to be going in a positive direction with PTR

elliottsilverman 06 Jul 2016

Positive RNS yesterday. Production up in more meaningful way than any recent past RNS's and more direct, informative communication style is apparent in the wording. Maybe PTR has finally turned the corner with some possible help from new BOD members...

forwardloop 03 Jun 2016

info [link]

Our Haven 02 Jun 2016

Re: Todays RNS Great RNS but I would have expected more volume in trades. Where is the new board taking this one?

elliottsilverman 19 Apr 2016

well, well, well... (p.i.).. looks like peace has broken out between and board and the Ruskiis...