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Ripley94 09 Oct 2018

Malcy’s blog PPC… XXXXX Held up well considering AIM took a kicking last few days .

woodscrew 21 Sep 2018

Malcy’s blog Thank you TP, that is a great help. Looks like I need to spend a bit more time trying to find my way around this new site. I do trade through II but haven’t had much time of late to navigate this side. Must admit I did try a few months ago and just gave up. Many thanks again. WS.

theprior 21 Sep 2018

Malcy’s blog Whilst I do agree that the old platform was a great deal better and much more user friendly, I have found that with perseverance the new one can be navigated and has some interesting features such as tagging companies so you are notified if there’s any new activity on the forum. It’s a pity a lot of the old names have left but there’s still a lot of interesting comment and I think there are a few old names coming back along with a few new ones. I was one of the biggest critics when it started but I’m gradually getting used to the new site. Best of luck, TP

woodscrew 21 Sep 2018

Malcy’s blog This site has all changed beyond recognition. Been away for a while and no longer sure that it is of much help to me now. What every happened to the old boards?

walrog 12 Sep 2018

Malcy’s blog Update and further thoughts today. ATB WR

dbatey22 09 Aug 2018

Company update Yes, good update. Still very cheap at this price. Their 2P reserves of 27mboe are currently valued at only $4.62 based on an EV of £96m (and 1.30 exchange rate). A valuation of $10 was a normal rate before the OP crash so look forward to a doubling over the next couple of years as they report continued progress and the market improves. I don’t see OP crashing back and there are plenty of possibilities for a further spike upwards. And that is before assigning any value to Paraguay. DB

theprior 09 Aug 2018

Company update Things looking up from a company point of view. Just need Argy to sort out it’s political crisis and we’ll take off TP

theprior 27 Jul 2018

Malcy’s Blog/Voxmarkets interview ps. Update on Puesto Flores concession today. Very positive. Should help the sp a bit. TP

theprior 27 Jul 2018

Malcy’s Blog/Voxmarkets interview I’m afraid it all boils down to sentiment, JT. Here at PPC the current financial turmoil in Argy has negated all the good news. FRR is also suffering, in my view, from the political situation in Georgia in addition to the high cost involved in developing its assets. Both, along with CHAR, EDR, ANGS, etc, etc, are currently suffering from negative sentiment. Until that changes shares will languish. Hang on in there, humans are fickle beings and sentiment can change on a whim. Then the herd mentality kicks in and away we go! TP

jaytee41 27 Jul 2018

Malcy’s Blog/Voxmarkets interview Hi TP. Was a bit reading Malcy’s podcast but picked up on what he said about PPC. Sadly there’s not much chat on this site, but Malcy stated that the 9.5p was extremely undervalued. This brings me to an observation as I get more involved with Oil and Gas: From what I see most of the companies I follow (but dont hold shares in all), experts seem to say they are very undervalued - FRR for one, PPC etc etc Are the MMs getting their figures wrong or is there an ulterior motive ?

theprior 20 Jun 2018

Malcy’s Blog/Voxmarkets interview Malcy discusses PPC at 9.50mins As usual he only has good things to say about PL and his company’s progress. ) TP

Mister Ed 08 Jun 2018

IMF agree loan IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement with Argentina on a Three-Year, US$50 Billion Stand-Arrangement. [link] this bolster the peso?

Mister Ed 08 Jun 2018

IC Buy Investors Chronicle has now made it a buy after somewhat confusingly making it a sell just 10 weeks earlier (from a buy). I really don't understand the mag's logic as the newsflow has not changed much. Seems to be a convoluted recommendation to 'day trade' small cap investments rather than invest in them. Gives the scribblers something to write, I suppose.

theprior 07 Jun 2018

Re: FY Results out IB, looking forward to when it’s approaching half that amount, it’s had a long hard journey since those days, but beginning to make good progress now.TP

IB Investor 07 Jun 2018

Re: FY Results out lets not forget that a few years before that it was being tipped at 70p