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theprior 20 Dec 2018

Ops update More good news today as PPC progresses it’s portfolio of Argentinian assets. As the company is operating in a benign Argentinian market it seems to be at least a little shielded from the ups and downs of the oil business. TP

TubThumper 29 Nov 2018

Latest loans Investors Chronicle tipped them June 7, 2018 at 9.2p due to the newsflow from Puesto Flores and growing scale of operations. Previously they had them a sell in March @11.9p.

ian.basford 29 Nov 2018

Latest loans You are absolutely right - or better even not have bought them in the first place - I have to eat some humble pie here - I was not aware that the had fallen so low in the recent past and have now recovered. Well done with your timing.

theprior 29 Nov 2018

Latest loans Well, Ian, we all have different strategies. I bought most of my shares in PPC at around 6p about a year or so ago. Some before that at 9p. I’m not complaining as I’m sitting on a healthy profit. The business is growing steadily from recovery mode ( when I got in) tocash generative (now). Can’t speak for those who’ve been in for years and probably should’ve got out long ago if they paid 70p. Best of luck to all. TP

ian.basford 29 Nov 2018

Latest loans The last time I saw them tipped was in 2011/12 - if you are happy with a 87% loss over 8 years and investing into a fallen oil price - then good luck. I am very confused as to what it is they are delivering? 8 years no dividends and no profits - what is your investment strategy? Are you shorting them?

TubThumper 29 Nov 2018

Latest loans Levine loan is the same rate as the bank facility. Hardly a surprise that he wants to make money from his investment - he owns c.30% of PPC. As for the 70p SP, that was in 2011! That’s a lifetime ago for small exploration companies. Of course it’s a risky investment, but I’m reassured by the regular updates and direction of travel. As The Prior says, it’s cash generative and not “unprofitable”. The £107m market cap. is starting to look too low for the 2019 earnings outlook. I’m holding as long as they continue to deliver and BTW the FD also bought in earlier this year - £29k. Looks promising to me.

ian.basford 28 Nov 2018

Latest loans Then where is this cash going - Have you seen any? They raise cash through rights issues and then the share price falls. If you have been foolhardy enough to average down then you will have even bigger losses - it has yet to move above the last right issue price for more than a few days. It is certainly not paying dividends. Perhaps this cash is going to pay salaries and high interest rates on loans?

theprior 28 Nov 2018

Latest loans Remember guys, this company is now hugely cash generative and is still building its portfolio of assets. Yes, PL is making a mint but the sp is now beginning to reflect the positive sentiment towards PPC and will therefore benefit shareholders. Time to average down if your in at 70p+ Good luck TP

dbatey22 28 Nov 2018

Latest loans Yes, I share your concern here. These two loans will cost us more than $1m p.a. until they are paid off. Which is a huge amount for a small company like this. I am still holding but it does beg questions as to how much value will accrue to whom. DB

ian.basford 28 Nov 2018

Latest loans Typical I am afraid and further evidence that this company is run for the advantage of the ‘owner’. He lends the unprofitable company money at a huge rate so he can collect the interest as well as his salary. He also jumps ahead of the shareholders should the company go under. First saw this tipped many years ago at 70p. Now recovered to 9 and below the rights issue - bit of a joke on me i guess.

theprior 13 Nov 2018

Ops update PFO1001 successfully tested flowing 200bbd from secondary target. Primary target being saved for later. Further updates in this RNS mean 2018 end target of 3000bbd is achievable. TP

theprior 31 Oct 2018

Business as usual Despite AIM sell off and Argy meltdown. Just plodding along, doing workovers and earning money. Very cash generative now. I first joined for Paraguay which is now firmly on the back burner but, hey, they’re doing well on all their other concessions. Good value at this price. TP

Ripley94 09 Oct 2018

Malcy’s blog PPC… XXXXX Held up well considering AIM took a kicking last few days .

woodscrew 21 Sep 2018

Malcy’s blog Thank you TP, that is a great help. Looks like I need to spend a bit more time trying to find my way around this new site. I do trade through II but haven’t had much time of late to navigate this side. Must admit I did try a few months ago and just gave up. Many thanks again. WS.

theprior 21 Sep 2018

Malcy’s blog Whilst I do agree that the old platform was a great deal better and much more user friendly, I have found that with perseverance the new one can be navigated and has some interesting features such as tagging companies so you are notified if there’s any new activity on the forum. It’s a pity a lot of the old names have left but there’s still a lot of interesting comment and I think there are a few old names coming back along with a few new ones. I was one of the biggest critics when it started but I’m gradually getting used to the new site. Best of luck, TP