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Suresh786 06:06

Re: quick chart. my view (might be biased as i am shareholder) the share price is way undervalued, even though we are progressing on sealion but share price is not reflecting at all

Dobboy1 19 Sep 2017

Re: quick chart. Trend, what do you make of the recent Gap just under 22p (7/9/17)?, does it (or Gaps in general) need to be filled at some point IYO?The news you mention has probably past, it was to do with TD speaking to UK Gov about export financing for Sea Lion (in the Financial Times).cheers

trendfriend 19 Sep 2017

Re: quick chart. Hi Suresh,No change here, need close on eod closing basis above 23.5p for higher.rkh daily.[link] your long already hold tight, if your looking to buy, or add more, wait for a close above 23.5pThis looks ok to me, seems to be turning corner, and trying to find momentum for move higher.From the chart, it seems like this is on the brink of big some news on RKH?Maybe Desire can tell he's take on RKH please?atb, wdik, dyor,trendfriend

onedb1 19 Sep 2017

Re: Invisible I don't know what Credit Suisse is seeing that am not seeing. Am looking at simple sector rotation which is what they do too, rating it under perform is wrong IMO. Its coming out of that quadrant. Simple relative rotation graphs suggest an improving picture. Yes PMO is only a constituent of the sector but:Clearly the free cash flows are on the up and debt reduction post the Wytch Farm ($275m ) and the other assets being sold will vastly improve the situation. Clearly the major downtrend has stopped Clearly Brent over $55 is helping the great operational results this year vis a vis production Catcher will generate substantial cash flow whilst reducing overall break even points too Even looking at the Wytch Farm sale valuing 15m of barrels at $18ish makes 60p look a bit controversial .Am averaged at 52.5p for ages now but have a 100p plus target . We'll see .

Mister Ed 19 Sep 2017

Re: Invisible Credit Suisse: PMO target kept at 60p and 'underperform'. Top pick is CNE.

Disorder 19 Sep 2017

Invisible Oil firming.Good news galore PMODebt restructuring, Catcher, sales.Zama... Well thats the find that never happened.Sub £1.50 really?Sub £1.00 You are kiddingSub 70p. Holey Macaroni.IMO, a strong buy and have been gifted the opportunity in this guaranteed make money situation to add.

onedb1 19 Sep 2017

Allowed to cash in , in peace Weird subject title I know but the over 0.5% keeps on decreasing . Though indeed the sub 0.5% level does confuse things a bit when a fund moves from say 0.8% to 0.4% .Nevertheless the total is falling . Brent at almost $56 cash in clear 'backwardation' still on the futures curve. ( implying a bullish view ) Hedge fund increasing their Long positions , yet PMO languishing under the crucial 200 simple moving average. Plus a really healthy looking 50 day moving average slope .Confused dot com today ! Running a parallel line of Oil at $56 going back to the beginning of the year we see PMO in the 90s and that was on Solan expectations . Catcher is a game changer. Zuma is huge and add the rest of the good news. Which leads me to believe that maybe the hedge fund shorts are allowed to close before a big rise. They'll probably go long as the sector moves from the laggard to the improving and breaks out of the 9 month downtrend ( See XLE . the biggest energy ETF in the US for chart ) Using the following you can see the sector trend ( using weekly view ) and below the RRG indicator ( really useful to use ) The daily looks even better So the 4 situations are Lagging . Improving , Leading and Weakening , the idea is to spot a sector moving into the Improving quadrant . I use JDKs Ratios Relative Rotation GraphsOn the weekly its showing momentum already in the improving 101.61 and strength moving up yet still at around 95. Weekly [link] chart for XLE [link] and any questions on TA am happy to answer later on in the day .

Maru118 18 Sep 2017

Re: Hurricane Maria now cat 3 with Thank you so much for your invaluable input Emerald, I'd quite simply be lost without your scientifically sound estimates regarding price of oil movements. All IMHO.

Emerald Carrots 18 Sep 2017

Hurricane Maria now cat 3 with sustained winds of 120 mph. I can't see the price of Brent crude falling much while this threat is around.All IMHO.

onedb1 18 Sep 2017

and Brent topped at $56 so far Pretty impressive so now its down to PMO to play catch up . At these levels (the longer we are here the better) they get a chance to either hedge some more production ( need to look at the hedge levels available as they don't correspond to current brent prices obviously , they will be lower) or they are thinking price is going higher . Either way production will be boosted by Catcher and that is huge . Next update should see debt decrease too . Asset sales and help from brent * production .

Suresh786 18 Sep 2017

Re: WTI broke $50 a few mins ago. nm touched $50 again.

Suresh786 18 Sep 2017

Re: quick chart. can you do the same for rkh pleaseeeeeee

trendfriend 18 Sep 2017

quick chart. pmo - daily.[link] a quick chart update this morning.So this has looked bullish, and technically set fro a rally since the low 50's.what we have seen thurs/friday, is basically a bullish triangle breakout to the upside.So as long we do not look back with a eond of dy close back below 61p, ii seen no reason why this cannot go on to hit the target of around 80p area, short to mid term, within the next 6 weeks or so, but i would not be surprised to see that happen much earlier.atb, wdik, dyor,trendfriend

AlBrad 16 Sep 2017

Re: Shorts closing - good news It's probably more like 1% of shorts that have closed.A couple of them have just dipped under 0.5%, so are not longer reported by the Short Tracker website, e.g. Canadian Pension Fund are probably still holding that 0.42%, Systematica at 0.47%, yet you're including them in your 2% total having closed.Going in the right direction though.

Hub 16 Sep 2017

Re: Shorts closing - good news A glance across the usual 'shorters' favourites and you can see that the trend of last few weeks is to close those shorts. Tullow, Petrofac, PMO and others all seeing reductions. Perhaps a sign that the hedge funds see PoO strengthening and the days of weakness are over... for the time being.That all said, there is no way these shorters could reduce by 2% or more and not affect the price to the upside.For me this confirms that warrants are being issued and used by the shorters to close their bets. The 42.75p issues will simply be handed back and the short position closed. The end result is that the actual price in the market if generally unaffected.Many of these short positions were taken out when PMO's price was 85p+. Those involved did so imho knowing that they had 42.75p stock guaranteed via debt sweeteners. Tut tut.HUB