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TheDell 20 Mar 2019

Faroe- UK joint No Income Tax no VAT.

TheDell 20 Mar 2019

Faroe- UK joint A Mega Hub is on the table to accomodate these fields.

TheDell 19 Mar 2019

The Faroes The Faroes Oil Industry Group said it will create a " whole new expanded oil province which subsumes and supersedes West of Shetland"

TheDell 19 Mar 2019

New Licensing Round Oil Industry News.Monday March 18th. It has been revealed today that plans are in place for a joint licensing round to be launched between the Faroe Islands and the UK North Sea. The “ground breaking” collaboration would see blocks come available for exploration in waters on the UK Atlantic Margin, between west of Shetland and the Faroes. It would see the fifth Faroese Licensing Round take place alongside the 32nd round,due to begin in June and close in November. In 2014 a study revealed that the West Coast alone could provide oil and gas for over 100 years. A wide estimate of up to 10billion barrels of potential recoverable oil being present on the Shelf. As part of the initiative the government intends to remove a two percent royalty provision for licencees. The news comes amid increased interest from the likes of BP , Shell , Total and Equinor in the west of Shetland region. Sept 2014 Article. Scottish West Coast Untapped OIl and Gas Reserves Worth Trillions.

NoQuestionMarks 28 Feb 2019

Looking ahead Morning all, The £500m refurbishment of the Forties pipeline by Ineos will extend the life of Forties by at least 20 years. Extending production into the 2040’s… That has to be a positive for the GPA plan, Refurbing Scott to accept sour crude is looking more and more feasible don’t you think? We are now guaranteed a reliable transportation system so that is another duck in the row, is it not? Looking ahead, there’s plenty going on in the North Sea in the months ahead. Our Interim results at the end of March, I don’t expect fireworks, which probably means there will be fireworks. PMG will surprise the market, probably just not yet. I hope I am wrong! 31st round of offshore licensing areas are awarded between April and June. Not sure if we were in for any of the licenses as they were ‘Frontier’ areas. The 2nd of May is the closing date for applications for the Supplementary licensing round for the Greater Buchan Area. I would not be surprised if we were bidding here. Time will tell. In mid 2019 the 32nd licensing round for ‘Mature’ areas will open. Good luck.

NoQuestionMarks 05 Feb 2019

What's in the pipeline We can do nothing but to watch and wait. “Parkmead has entered into commercial discussions with the Scott field partners in order to explore terms for a tie-back of GPA to Scott.” At the moment I would say we are uninvestable to many, we are a gamble, a binary one. If the Scott talks fall through we are looking into the abyss. Nervous times for us holders. Good luck all.

TheDell 02 Feb 2019

Bouncing along the bottom Hello callsign, solid base building is happening behind the scenes of that there is no doubt. We await ignition, and a breakout of proportion.

callsignzulu 01 Feb 2019

What's in the pipeline The Dell… yes did wonder why Arden had came on board… you are correct with the report. A statement from Tom at 2017 AGM. “Ryan and I will be going round the money houses “ So it appears GPA is coming to fruition !

TheDell 01 Feb 2019

What's in the pipeline It was reported 12 month’s ago (give or take) Tom and Ryan were off to the city to seek investment funding for targeted projects. " Money Men " being the quote at that time. Maybe now as reported in todays RNS Arden are the people who maybe able to bring that serious cash to the table for the many potentially highly lucrative gas and oil fields that are now in Parkmeads portfolio of assets.

TheDell 26 Jan 2019

Roast Beef or Semolina One last thing, I realise that this platform is not a political forum, but if:- The United Kingdom does not leave the EU on the 29th March 2019, then all sitting MPs and the speaker of the House of Commons should be arrested for the dereliction of duty and abuse of power in public office. All those found guilty should be given a custodial sentence, stripped of all pension rights and banned from ever holding a public office again. Last!!

TheDell 24 Jan 2019

Onwards and upwards Time to forget the Blair years, and get back to being Great Britain again. That’s my piece!! Now then, about the GPA what’s the percentage?

TheDell 22 Jan 2019

Frustration! Come on lets be off!!

TheDell 20 Jan 2019

Frustration! There seems no confidence in the market at the present time. The Parkmead share price is down again despite the oil price rise, a no deal might not be a bad deal then we can “morph” into something else, break this stalemate and move on. For heavens sake!! Good idea or bad idea anybody know??

TheDell 16 Jan 2019

Total sell off Total are selling off 24 gas wells offshore the Netherlands in the hope of raising 200- 250 million. The statement quotes that a major share of those are for decom , might be a deal there.

TheDell 08 Jan 2019

Anything doing Any sort of deal whatever it may be must bring the sp close to Panmures valuation of 75p - 85p. A series of deals over the next 12 months would bring massive performance upside, hopefully best performer again. Simon of |I C forecasts a net profits improvement for the next 6 months. The pot simmers.