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loadsadough 25 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Hello Ripley94. I have replied to you on the other board. loadsadough

Ripley94 24 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research wow NCYT went up to 190p just after open as rest of market fell off 3% before coming back to 140p still up 33%. Corona !!!

loadsadough 22 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Hello Ripley My back ground is Electronics that was my work but I have retired now. So shares and nature is my hobby. In the past I played lead guitar in a rock band.H loadsadough

Ripley94 22 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Hi loadsadough I am pleased you got out even it is most probably not worth the stress and i do not fell its a level playing field. What is your background out of interest , i am a plumber who finds no time for that as i have become addicted to share dealing . I have problematic unreasonable family members so i like the rationality of thought i find sometimes on share sites . And i swim daily .

loadsadough 22 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Hello Ripley94. I sold NCYT. and I buy PHE instead. I do not like NCYT I have no guts to keep it. It has gone up over 60%, down around 50%, and up 62% in the last week. My friend still keeps it so I leave them to see how they go. Yesterday evening I was looing at Scorpion rock band so I was not here for a few hours. I also like rock bands, and nature as we are plating wild flowers in a local wood not far from where we live so I also have other interests as well as shares… As for PHE buy plenty it will go up a lot in the future. As for the virus it will come down in the future as we are working on a cure that will happen one day in the future. loadsadough

Ripley94 21 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Loasadough… XXXXXX I hope you did not sell this morning at bottom as it went up 62% to finish 104p today. I was hoping you had sold yesterday morning . I tried to buy around 4pm yesterday for a gamble but cheap broker i use was not showing price as low as other sites were suggesting so could not, i can not help thinking its not a level playing field more so on AIM. MM and others are manipulating and robing folks with this one.

loadsadough 20 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Hello Ripley94. I sold out very early in NCYT this morning. So I must have been about level. Soon after that I buy some PHE, so now I just wait for it to go up in the future. . Thank you for the information that you send me today about NCYT. loadsadough

Ripley94 20 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Loasadough… XXXXXX Hi Loads did you manage to sell out of NCYT horrible fall today to 65p Motley called it correct the other day . … Coronavirus test maker Novacyt is up 900%. Here’s what I’d do now Tom Rodgers | Wednesday, 19th February, 2020 | More on: NCYT Scientist filling a needleImage source: Getty Images. Novacyt (LSE:NCYT) is on a rocket ride as the biotech minnow announced the first European-approved coronavirus testing kits. The largely-unknown AIM-listed firm has shot to the top of Hargreaves Lansdown’s most-traded shares list. But investors should be wary of such a huge and rapid boom in retail interest. Up 900% – FOMO? The NCYT share price has increased by 887% in the last month alone. Zoom out to six months and the share price is nearly 2,000% higher than it was. It’s natural to want to get a piece of the action when you see such a massive spike, even if you have no other AIM-listed shares in your Stocks and Shares ISA or SIPP. However, in an ideal world, investors would not be swayed by FOMO, or ‘fear of missing out’, when it comes to choosing what to do with their hard-earned capital. Early investors in NCYT are now taking their profits. As of noon on 19 February the shares have sunk 27% from their 166p high. £10m has been wiped off the company’s market cap in the last 24 hours alone. Momentum With momentum trades — where investors jump on board based not on fundamentals, or profits, but on price action alone — the fall on the other side of the hill is usually just as hard as the rise is impressive. History tells us that flash-in-the-pan contenders don’t tend to last. No matter how staggering a share price rise seems, massive new interest in a previously unheard-of stock will deflate eventually. And then selling out at a reasonable price is a lot harder than buying in. While I do own a few AIM-listed stocks and shares, like video game developer Frontier Developments and multinational marketing firm The Mission Group, these are highly profitable enterprises with solid, long-term track records and high-margin sales growth. The same can’t be said for Novacyt. Volatile Coronavirus has been front page news around the world since the outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019. Biotech firms have been racing to develop tests and potential vaccines for the virus. Primerdesign, Novacyt’s molecular diagnostics division, launched a new laboratory-based test to detect the virus coronavirus on 31 January 2020. While saying his company had received 288,000 preorders for tests from countries including the US, UK, and China, chief executive Graham Mullis admitted it was difficult to predict long-term demand for the molecular tests. Day traders and swing traders who sit in front of screens all day every day may be able to get in and out rapidly, but the same can’t be said for the likes of you and me. My play here would be to ignore the short-term rockets and focus on longer-term growth. While you might feel out of the loop while FOMO-chasers crow about getting rich, when the hype fades you’ll likely be in a much better position than they are. I think the Novacyt share price has only one way to go, and I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of it.

loadsadough 18 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Hello Ripley. PHE went down a bit yesterday but I make up with NCYT that went up a lot yesterday. NCYT had a good RNS out yesterday. loadsadough

loadsadough 17 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research My No 2 friend buy PHE. loadsadough

loadsadough 17 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Hello Ripley. Three happy investors. No I is me I put all my money into PHE last November and sold them when the virus stated, for 100%. So now I have a lot of gained money. I now buy a few back for 1.35p so now I wait to see what happens next. The most money I have ever made in just a few month in 2020. No 2 an old friend of mine but he did not make any money from shares. So advise him to start a Hargeaves ISA and put his money in around 6months ago at 0.45p per share. Now he has a 200% gain and is very pleased. No 3 another friend of mine who invested in a lot of shares. I say to him buy some CWR so it happened. Then when the virus stated I say sell CWR and they were sold for 100% gain. Then on my advise he bye some NCTY, and last week the gain was 93%. Now it s up another 42.4%. Keep it up NCTY. NCYT I hope you buy some now, today when the market open I buy NCYT, and my fiend also buy some more NCYT. It is going up fast at the moment. This is a good year for me with the shares. loadsadough

loadsadough 16 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research lse.co.uk Novacyt Share Price. NCYT - Stock Quote, Charts, Trade History, Share Chat, NCYT... Novacyt S.a. Eur1/15th (Cdi) is listed on the London Stock Exchange, trading with ticker code NCYT. It has a market capitalisation of £59m, with approximately 60m shares in issue. Over the last year, Novacyt share price has been traded in a range of... Ripley this is where NCYT have some information. loadsadough

loadsadough 15 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Ripley I fount NCYT when I looked for shares that are working on curing Virus. PHE may have problems when, Howard White cant go to Asia, or Japan may not come here for a while. If the virus gets going here in the UK the unit will be late getting built. So I just wait, but I caught me out with the RNS that Peel were in up it when up a long way the other day. loadsadough

loadsadough 15 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research Hello Ripley94. NCYT. I have not put on this board, these days I don’t put much on. NCYT I have afraid who does this one it went up over 27.7% on last Friday so that give us 100p what a huge amount to rise in just a short time. You can put it on here if you want to. I did advice other people at the moment like someone I knew had no gains so I told them to do PHE around 6 months ago now they cant bel thieve gains that they have had. Also a few months ago I told someone to try CWR they got 100% gain then sold it my advice when the virus came along. They now have NCYT. I only did PHE and I got 100% gain then when the Virus came along I sold the lot. A now buy a few the other day to see how it goes. One day when it is appropriate I will buy a lot more, when this virus has a cure so it cant affect them… As for your other shares I don’t have any information so I cant help there. Just wish you good luck. Think about AFC, and PPS. loadsadough

Ripley94 15 Feb 2020

Powerhouse Energy - Align Research PHE… loads… XXXXX Thanks for the tip loadsadough. NYCT … Why no board on this site ? I see a nice dip the day before you mentioned to 64p on the 12th , did you buy ? Flew last two days . When did you first come across it ? Spent yesterday trying to get to grips with my Genfields shares a delist which has come back after 3 years . ( that is a first but they have lost about 50% of value , i am thinking they might be a buy ) About the same time lonmin did same thing pity they are not coming home as i piled in around "move out time " and they appear to have done very well. One mad gamble around that time which might of come off . ( Another two woodford took private went bust ) The weight with lonmin will cover them . Very annoyingly one of the brokers i use decided they would sell in bulk all Lonmin shares held with them ( default position ) if you did not tell them not to . I did but forgot about my sons acc ( away serving the country ) who id advised to buy a few . That was July 2019 and they have gained 156% since. He did make a profit but just as well he does not read my posts ( he might have hump with me instead of the broker )