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Gold_or_Silver 03 Jun 2019

New Expect that 0.5p will be a decent buy in price now . Best of Luck All How high should this go . IF licences are fully restored . I surmise 9p per share. Then everything will depend on the funding deal . Which will take 50% of the shares plus for £20 million . Best of

Gold_or_Silver 06 Aug 2018

New Still waiting for the day. Maybe tomorrow. The Path will be completed . Best of All

Gold or Silver 05 Jun 2018

Re: BUY BUY BUY Everyday brings more promise .Let`s hope disappointment is left in the past .And the Path to production is ahead .Best of A

Gold or Silver 25 May 2018

Re: New BUY BUY BUY Our moment of euphoria/Armageddon draws ever closer.Best of Luck All On the Path .

Gold or Silver 20 May 2018

Re: New BUY BUY BUY Plenty of larger trades bodes well .Best of A

Gold or Silver 19 Mar 2018

Re: New BUY BUY BUY Or 0.75 .Could or time be getting close .Back to hibernation .Best of Luck A

Gold or Silver 27 Feb 2018

New Expect that 0.5p will be a decent buy in price now .Best of Luck A

mantrova 02 Feb 2018

Now a 461k lot taken..... @ 1.225p ...@ 1312hrs.Don't be left out here?m

mantrova 05 Jan 2018

495k taken @ 1.25p Mmmm, perhaps this might be the bottom....495k not exactly chicken feed and over the £6k mark for that buy deal.m

mantrova 05 Jan 2018

Sinking Well tired of the lack of any truly positive newsflow.Next RNS - another issue of equity to keep the lights on?....a 1p job?... all regardless of the promo going on for this share.m

Gold or Silver 31 Dec 2017

Re: BUY BUY BUY The terms attached to a potential resolution remain fluid and there is no certainty of a successful outcome to these discussions. As Pathfinder is able to control only its role in these discussions, the Company has no visibility over the timing of which a resolution may be achieved. The Board is, however, encouraged by the progress being made towards an alternative resolution and is optimistic that one can be concluded.Happy New Year A

Gold or Silver 28 Dec 2017

BUY BUY BUY Could get very Interesting tomorrow or within the month of january.Best of Luck A

Gold or Silver 31 Oct 2017

Re: Breakout Achieved 10p Target by Christmas is feasible .All things going as anticipated.Then again ,profit is profit and caution is always applicable.Good luck All On The Path to GloryAnd MayAortech follow the nice graph

mantrova 26 Oct 2017

Still too high... .... even after the post-ramp pull-back.We're only looking at a vaguely possible deal on the licence here - not an actual mine.m

Gold or Silver 24 Oct 2017

Up & Away ? Perhaps Henry has some good news for Us.Best of Luck All On the Path