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tradingup 19 Sep 2017

Re: Ops update HUBmany thanks for your updates well appreciated by pi who has no local knowledge. lets hopefor better things ahead

Hub 14 Sep 2017

Ops update Bit of mixed bag.Good news is that assets not damaged and surounding area in decent shape considering the horrific conditions of late (Hurricane Harvey/irma)The not so good news is that the flow testing seems to have been put back with no clear date which is odd considering they were so close to completion prior to Hurricane issues. I suspect the problem with the rads means that any health and safty issues are now a concern as if something went wrong with flow test (explosion etc) then no emergency vehicles would be able to get there due to the roads. Gas line not ready until nov, so not a major set back but question is... how long does it take to sort the roads?Sidetrack / rig news is mixed in that it's another 4 weeks at best before that gets underway and then another 30days+ before any kind of news/data.All in all, everything looks to have slipped back by a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks based on earlier expectations.That's hurricanes for you! At least assets and personnel are all safe and ok.HUB

Hub 13 Sep 2017

Re: Post Storm Update ? There you go, SP back to 51p which is just a penny shy from where it was prior to Hurricane season in US.Next 3 to 4 months should be massive for PANR and should reinstil some confidence after a year of drifting around with minor ops catalysts. If all goes to plan 2018 should be great with cash flows funding ops and share price back above 100p again. As always Risks apply, but risk vs reward looks a lot healthier to me at 50p rather than 180p some months ago.HUB

Hub 08 Sep 2017

Re: Post Storm Update ? The sp was doing pretty well until the plethora of Hurricanes arrived on the scene. It's terrible for all those effected and many lives lost so difficult to keep things in perspective. But where PANR are concerned the main issue near term is down to operational constraints based on staff/infrastructure/equipement etc. Pretty much as per the last RNS.It's not unusual to see some derisking with events like this but overall, PANR looks unaffected due to the early stages of the developments and upcoming drill plans.Thus should they confirm they are back on track after recent delays, then SP should get back to early 50's again.Positive news on the well clean up and flows could see the sp back into the 60's as that's meaningful news.Gas pipeline plans were near completed and delays don't matter much as the pipeline is set for downtime in oct/nov anyway.Fully funded and some great ops about to get underway makes PANR a great stock to hold for those that like a bit of Risk vs high reward.If of the sensible mindsake, then waiting for the next update on operations post hurricane would make sense although likely (as seen today) that the price paid will refect the lower risk and cost a penny or two more.HUB

cwmtawe 08 Sep 2017

Post Storm Update ? Looking for a post storm update from PANR soon, maybe the cause of the +10% rise this morning?I bought a few more shares yesterday after reading that Devon Energy, working in Eagle Ford operations in South Texas, reported their post storm inspections "sustaining only minimal damage" and they had "...restarted drilling operations and expects to have the vast majority of its affected production online by the end of the week."

Hub 30 Aug 2017

Re: Bought in @ 44 I think quite a few will have topped up today and whilst there is risk attached to all ops, I don't see Hurricane Harvey as affecting ops dramatically. Perhaps a 3 or 4 week delay which in grande scheme of things means diddly squat as they are fully funded through to cash flows.Once Harvey has cleared and PANR confirm ops back on track, should see mid 50's on sp pretty soon afterHUB

Deepcut 30 Aug 2017

Bought in @ 44 PANR has been on my watch list for a while. I've taken a punt on this, fundamentals look good weather will blow over (pardon the pun).Would have got in cheaper but for TDs technical issues this morning. Hopefully my entry point is good.

commercia 30 Aug 2017

Re: Delays.... I am taking the opportunity to buy some more at these levels

cwmtawe 29 Aug 2017

Delays.... No doubt the schedule will slip by a few weeks due to the significant flooding in Texas, albeit looks like the worst flooding is further west.

IAmShareCrazy 22 Aug 2017

Re: Decent volume Pitiful volume actually compared to the heavy sell volume. Still within the downward Chanel.

Hub 21 Aug 2017

Decent volume Looks like a nice warming up of the engines before the proper launchassuming the good news flows... it should be quite a decent ascent from hereHUB

Hub 09 Aug 2017

Ops update Ops update out. Frac looks successful on VOBM#2H although early days and they'll need a bit of time before all frac water has been recovered.VOBM#4H now set for mid Sept.RNS Below:9 August, 2017, Pantheon Resources plcOperational UpdatePantheon Resources plc ("Pantheon" or "the Company", the AIM-quoted oil and gas exploration company with a working interest in several conventional projects in Tyler and Polk Counties, onshore East Texas, is pleased to provide the following update:VOBM#2H, Polk CountyPantheon is pleased to confirm that the fracture stimulation procedure ("Frac" on the VOBM#2H well, designed to remediate near wellbore skin damage caused during horizontal and deviated drilling, has been completed.Initial results indicate that the Frac has been successful, with the well, which is presently in the process of recovering frac water, flowing both gas and oil to surface. The Company cautions however that it is too early to make an accurate assessment as to the ultimate performance of the well until the remaining frac water has been recovered, production tubing installed and flow testing completed.A workover rig is required to install the production tubing and this procedure and subsequent testing is estimated to take a further three weeks on a trouble free basis. Results will be reported at the conclusion of testing operations.VOBM#4, Tyler CountyThe operator has been notified that the mobilisation and delivery of the drilling rig, contracted for the planned sidetrack of the VOBM#4 well is now expected during the second week of September 2017. This is due to the third party currently utilising the rig, requiring it for longer than initially forecast.

Hub 04 Aug 2017

Controlling hand Looks to me like 'YOST' took a decision to short the stock around the same time as Jay ... looking to secure a funding deal. It took about 8 to 9 weeks to get done in the end but now it's done, it sees Yost are reducing. The controlling hand slowly but evidently being removed as gentle as a possible so as not to cause a spike of interest in the sp.The next few weeks will tell more but considering PANR are about to embark on some long awaited drilling/ops work, yost are already acting like their job is done.Bodes well for a break of 47p next week and move back into the 50's.Yost Capital Management, LLC 0.82% 2017-08-01GSA Capital Partners LLP 0.49% 2017-06-15GSA Capital Partners LLP 0.58% 2017-06-07GSA Capital Partners LLP 0.68% 2017-05-22Yost Capital Management, LLC 0.91% 2017-05-19HUBnb. GSA exited 6 weeks ago.

Hub 02 Aug 2017

Looks cheap Looks like the share price was walked down to 45p to get the 43p placing away.If that proves true, then the share price should be walked back up and into the mid to high 50's once the usual post placing broker confetti shares have been distributed.After months of doing nothing with the drill bit... they look set to begin another exciting phase.Assuming they avoid 'more' operational issues, it would not surprise me one bit to see the share price nearer 100p than 40p come Q4.Plenty of risk of course but at 46p level that looks priced in and any upside looks priced out.HUB

Ripley94 29 Jul 2017

Re: NEW ARTICLE: The Oil Man: Pantheon R... Placing RNS Thursday 27th July stifiel sole bookrunner, Panmure co lead manager in respect of the placing ....43p.... 4.4% discount.