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CharlieHarper 24 Nov 2017

Re: Nice buy after hours BBFrom 670p down to 67p there must be more than a few marbles rolling around on this board.The Ophir saga continues...[link] of luck

BarleyBaron 24 Nov 2017

Re: Nice buy after hours CH. 'Sittin here in me undies'. Ya big woos, been strutting around in me birthday suit for a few years now and it's starting to get chilly.This share reminds me of 'The curse of Oak Island'. You think they are going to find some value in their endeavours but alas you have to wait patiently for next week.Good to see the games are still going on.Waiting patiently.Baron.

CharlieHarper 23 Nov 2017

Re: Fortuna RNS Around 40% upside short term?best of luck

Hub 23 Nov 2017

Re: Fortuna RNS The total capex to first gas is circa $1.5bln to $2bln. Ophir's share is roughly $150m to $200m.I can't see how Ophir would struggle to raise $200m so perhaps the protracted nature of talks with the Chinese (known to drag their feet) rests with Golar and Schulmberger, the majority partners.The recent weakness of the US dollar will not have helped the chinese banks.The positive in this is that they have a plan B which is advanced and that's good management. The negative is that it's going to drag on another 3 to 4 months by the looks of it.That said, it does look like an outline or revealing of the finance deal will be aired in a few weeks time.The 'control' over the OPHIR sp of late suggests to me that Ophir's $150m to $200m share is likely to come via CB's rather than senior debt. Not ideal as CB's are notorious for hedging / doing arbitrage on the equity. As I said a few weeks ago, the sp is likely to be pinned here until a deal has been concluded.That said, assuming the chinese were hedging too, we could see some invisible 'shorts' being closed as they finally concede and back out of the deal. Of course, conversly, the chinese may get a jog on now as the rns is very clear... mid dec is plan B.Put up or shut up? It's all still in play.HUB

PDMSlad 23 Nov 2017

Fortuna RNS Hopefully not long now.......The following is an update on the status of the Fortuna FLNG project ("the Project", Equatorial Guinea.Ophir has agreed a twelve-month extension to the Block R licence, in which the Project is situated, to the end of December 2018.The Company, together with its partners in the Project, has been pursuing financing discussions with a group of Chinese banks. This process has been taking longer than expected. Concurrently, Ophir and its partners have therefore also been developing alternative funding sources for the Project. These alternative options are now at an advanced stage. Ophir expects to be in a positon to select one of these options and to finalise the financing arrangements for the Project by mid-December 2017.Once the financing arrangements have been selected, Ophir will promptly seek approval for the Project from its shareholders and the project stakeholders. The Final Investment Decision, based on this sequence of approvals, would be expected to take place during Q1 2018.Nick Cooper, Chief Executive of Ophir, commented: "The discussions we have had in recent weeks make us more confident than ever that shareholders will realise significant value from Fortuna."

PDMSlad 20 Nov 2017

Re: Up down up down Another decent after hours buy20-Nov-17 176:22 60.018 100,000 Buy* 59.50 59.75 60.02k O

PDMSlad 17 Nov 2017

Up down up down Who knows what's going on....17-Nov-17 16:28:33 60.00 355,720 59.75 60.25 213.43k O 17-Nov-17 16:35:13 60.00 62,061 Buy* 59.75 60.00 37.24k UT

Ripley94 17 Nov 2017

Re: Soco International. Topped up again @ 61p its dropped another 9p ( over 14% ) on the month .

Accypete 17 Nov 2017

Price Low Point I was a share holder with Dominion, sold my holdings a few months after Ophir purchased them, made a few quid but have kept my eye on Ophir a few years for sentimental reasons.A sad point has been reached, the current share value is at its lowest value since its formation and and close 60 p.Will it go lower?. Will the spiral down continue? Is there any hope for Ophir?The price of oil has risen but Ophir has gone down.All the best to you holders, the plank of wood you are holding onto may go down with the ship as it goes under into the depths.Best of luck.

CharlieHarper 16 Nov 2017

Re: Nice buy after hours Sittin' here in me undies P nary a button left to throw at this auld nag. I hope she makes it up the hill...if somebody would give her a crack i'm sure she'll take off like a scalded cat all the way to the winning line.best of luck

Phillip Reid 16 Nov 2017

Re: Nice buy after hours Not me either, regardless of what the Black Baron says (BB). Brutal he says, feels like death by a thousand cuts to me. LOLPlease can I have my money back, I wasn't serious LOLRegards

BarleyBaron 15 Nov 2017

Re: Nice buy after hours Was nay me PD, I was building elsewhere. Reckon it was Phillipus Mephistopheles Reidus. That drop first thing was brutal and on very little volume. No wonder there's no activity here. Don't like being played and having to sit back and take it. Starting to get a wiff of that here.Turbulent times coming. Need to get our vibe back.B.

Hub 14 Nov 2017

Re: Nice buy after hours Looks pinned at the momentDoesn't look like letting up until Fortuna debt finance sortedDiscussion clearly ongoing but at some point must surely be concluded. The project is too good to leave alone and wider commodity market risks have dropped considerably... whether temp or longer term... who knows?HUB

chummer 14 Nov 2017

Re: Nice buy after hours ... nice sells today

PDMSlad 13 Nov 2017

Nice buy after hours Come on, own up, who was it?CH, BB, PR.........[link] 17:102 64.75 240,000 Buy* 64.50 64.75 155.40k O