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BarleyBaron 19 Sep 2017

Re: While I wait....... PD. Our block in Mexico : 500 - 1000m . Shallow to medium terrain. Only drilling one well in the initial four year phase. Read in a paper...?.... a while back that a lot more firms now are shorting the shale boys because of the finance worries. If there's any hint that banks and investors are getting itchy fingers and there's a sizable short hanging over the company, it could go down in a hurry. Give you credit, you've been saying there's trouble brewing for a while now. Why is it that every time a broker up grades their investment rating on Ophir the sp goes down. We had two today, one heading north up the M6 and one heading south. Would love to know what they typed into their sat nav's and why. Are we drilling or about to drill. Heard we have cut our drills from seven to two. ???? Keep trying to catch up on things and failing, bad time of year. Baron.

Phillip Reid 14 Sep 2017

Re: Re:Yup, Wildly off-topic Re: While I wai... Baron''Your not boring Phillip, but you are a heck of a man for going off topic.''Maybe that just demonstrates that I don't know much of what we are supposed to be talking about. LOLRegardsPR Thanks for the kind comments anyway

PDMSlad 14 Sep 2017

Re: Results - Tanzania? Cheers doodlebugger, in Outlook they plan to monetize resource in Tanzania, are they about to sell up and possibly pass some of the proceeds to us?Just a thought.Slightly off topic but I see the IEA have produced a very bullish report, likelihood of markets balancing and soaring oil demand.US shale facing financing problems at the end of this year too I believe.Worst over?

Doodlebugger 14 Sep 2017

Results - Tanzania? Just read the results – on my copy all the info re Tanzania seems to have been left out!

BarleyBaron 11 Sep 2017

Re:Yup, Wildly off-topic Re: While I wait.......... Phillip. Just between you, me and the gatepost, my Mandarin class was roughly in the 12+ region. Man is it a tricky language to get to grips with. I was told I was holding up the class...I was...Kids agreed and kept calling me gramps... I'm so thick. Short stems are much stronger, all the goodness goes to the head and you don't have to plant so many seeds per square metre. They have a better footprint but you get much less straw but it stands up to so much more.Birds are returning and bees too. But those at the top of the Scottish tree are making such a pigs ear of running the agricultural industry and associated industries, its starting to become a joke. We really need to get Brexit right.Next time your over and your not doing one of your 'I am phillip' (guardians of the galaxy) triathlons ...... come on up and give me a two day break and farm. You cant break anything that has not been broken before. I have a reputation to keep. Hope you enjoyed your stay and safe voyage home.Your not boring Phillip, but you are a heck of a man for going off topic. Baron. Always wanted to say that.

PDMSlad 05 Sep 2017

Re: While I wait....... Think it's in-between shallow and deep BB

Phillip Reid 03 Sep 2017

Wildly off-topic Re: While I wait....... Phillip. Hi Baron,(always enjoy your farmer's life stories),Really pleased for you mate, congratulations over your successful current harvest, That's what your life is all about (well mostly), and I am a little envious as I always wanted to be a farmer as a lad. Born in a village, my mum was a farmer's daughter, and I spent a lot of my boyhood in the fields, trees and rivers as well as helping my mum's brother on the farm that he managed - don't know why but I enjoyed mucking out the cattle sheds; I guess it was a sense of achievement to see a job finished.In the village, we would often watch the farmworkers, threshing the harvest when it was brought into the farmyard, and watch them in the field opposite our home, harvesting the wheat, oats or whatever, in suspense for when they got to the centre of the field, and the rabbits, rats, etc would make a bolt from the last few square yards of crop to be harvested, later there would be many skylarks in that field, and then even later came the ploughing where peewhits (lapwings) and seagulls would follow the plough. They've all gone now and it has been a housing estate for four decades, and still growing. I guess that's progress. Every admiration for farmers!I am back in UK at present and every Saturday morning there is a local 5km Parkrun that I usually run, now over 600 locations throughout the UK ( parkrun.org.uk for anyone interested). The local Parkrun here encompasses a number of fields (as well as playing fields) that have grown barley for the last two years at least, but this year they have (sweet)corn, and the crops look tremendous. The previous barley crops also looked realy good - much shorter stems and larger and fuller heads than I knew in crops as a boy!Congratulations also on your Mandarin ability, after 17 years have passed since I went to China, my Chinese ability is still relatively awful. I often say that I am Chinese dyslexic. LOL I can get by with most things I want to buy though.Better stop here - I must be getting boring.PR - after quite a stay in the UK, can't wait to get back to China

BarleyBaron 02 Sep 2017

Re: While I wait....... Phillip. Phillip. Still combining and waiting, you can't get the staff nowadays. And me buns ache.Anyway, somebody just handed me an envelope with my Mandarin exam results. I got a D(-) and a wee note from my teacher which says 'you jammy toss*r'. I kid you not. I am bouncing round my cab, really chuffed. And I'm getting 4.9t/acre wet weight on the 150 tonnes ive cut so far today. Ive never moved so slow in this combine before. A cracking spring caused this and its outstanding for us.Sorry guys for the O/T.Baron.

BarleyBaron 02 Sep 2017

While I wait....... ..... for a trailer to empty my combine. Our 'patch' in the Gulf of Mexico, is the drilling terrain 'shallow' 'deep' or 'ultra deep' and when are we scheduled to drill it.Trailers arriving in force, must dash. More questions later.Having a brilliant harvest, bumper yields.Baron.

PDMSlad 31 Aug 2017

Re: Energy Demand I notice the press are saying it's bad for OPEC, but surely it's even worse for US Shale, where do they send their crude?If they have to stop production it's very likely they will will lose well pressure etc, and of course with their debt laden operations they have to run to stand still.Perhaps another wake up call for investors.

Ripley94 30 Aug 2017

Re: Soco International. I have a record of a buy and sell @68 and 70 on 16/06/16... haven't a clue why i did that and no mention on this link around time.Have a load of them all purchased at higher price it appears. must have posted on board before.Anyhow Gary Newman blogs ( S.P) he has and has also held for some time, he appears to be positive about there future. lets hope there correct this time.

CharlieHarper 30 Aug 2017

Re: Energy Demand Good read P...Had a look at some of the other Hurricane news, not good for the industry over there."Williams said a Category 1 storm would cause a delay in refining operations for about one week. A Category 2 storm could affect the plants for two weeks, and if Harvey is a Category 3 storm or larger, some refineries could be offline for up to three weeks."[link] one on its way too...[link] of luck

PDMSlad 30 Aug 2017

Energy Demand [link] Sen of Energy Aspects says Global Demand growth is soaring right now.....hope that's the case.

PDMSlad 29 Aug 2017

Re: IC Deutsche Bank have 22% upside......

scholomo 29 Aug 2017

IC IC have a sell note on Ophir