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Ripley94 06 Apr 2018

Re: SP Been waiting for this to reach 403p for a wile lifted today ( B ) the lot.It fell back towards 399 so placed limit for a just under a third of those sold ( D )A Sale went through in( X ).........( Tern ... sold that early in ( D ) as well ) Purchased more of these on a limit of 399 with the proceeds. ( 398.78 )Limit also lifted ( D ) @ 399 ... Ended up buying back more then 2/3rds .Just about covered the costs ( almost )

Ripley94 10 Jan 2018

Re: SP Just noticed on filing i hold twice as many still ( B ) That explains why i had slice on alert. Maybe took from wrong portfolio .. hey ho

Ripley94 10 Jan 2018

Re: SP Sold out ( W ) limit 388 placed yesterday.. lifted today 388.24 p

Ripley94 09 Jan 2018

Re: SP Did not look a bad decision two years ago .Back above this now @ 387p ... i should of topped on pull back in hindsight.

tejo 26 Oct 2017

Very good results These are a set of very good results in virtually all parts of the group. I am delighted to see my confidence rewarded by the surge in the sp this morning and I believe there is more to come. Depending on the full year outturn and dividend, I think that 400p is a realistic target.

oggs 26 Oct 2017

About time tha this had a decent reaction to positive news

tejo 28 Jul 2017

Results You are right, these shares are very good value. There is strong well focused management which has wisely withdrawn from bidding for any more UK rail franchises and is making a great success of its North American and European businesses. Spain in particular is very strong, mainly I think because the family bus business that NEX bought there some years back is still run by the family who became substantial NEX shareholders as a result of the acquisition. Indeed I believe they have a director on the Board. I am surprised that the shares have not risen but they will for sure imho.

JoseFrio 27 Jul 2017

Results EPS up 18%, dividend up 10%. NEX has been reporting consistently good results for the last 4 years now. With a yield over 3% and a fairly modest P/E ration they are stonking good value and should be strongly recession proof when the inevitable downturn finally hits.

raptor66 25 May 2017

Re: Nice rise 3ii site does not show new news on NEX added yesterday.[link]

oggs 24 May 2017

Nice rise any reasons anyone can spot?

nk1999 24 Feb 2017

Investec From ADVFN:"Investec has upgraded National Express to 'buy' from 'hold' and hiked the price target to 385p from 335p.The brokerage said it is turning positive to reflect higher expectations from Alsa, increasing capital allocation to more attractive international markets, particularly North America and Germany, and FX tailwinds.Investec said it had previously failed to reflect the consistent level of acquisitions in its valuation and the scope to redeploy capital from the challenging UK market.It said the company's full-year 2016 results were better than it expected at almost every level, due mostly to the outperformance of Alsa, acquisitions and FX."Specifically, we had anticipated that Alsa would lose market share in Spain and that the routes that were retained would see margin erosion. This has not materialised, with routes retained at attractive margins, resulting in a margin of 14.2% compared to our 13.2%."The performance in North America was also better than Investec expected, mostly thanks to FX but also as eight acquisitions added 1,110 school buses and 450 transit vehicles."

JoseFrio 24 Feb 2017

Re: Full year results I noticed there were no exceptional items in the final report. This is very unusual for NEX. In the past they have classified bid costs for rail contracts - amounting to several £m- as exceptional costs, which seemd somehwat dubious since it's part of running the business.So that leads me to think NEX is being open and transparanet in its accounts, more so than before. Dfinitely a reason to invest. I added some recently, may well add more.

oggs 24 Feb 2017

Re: Full year results The market did seem slow to pick up on the benefits of exiting the C2C franchise.

tejo 23 Feb 2017

Full year results Excellent results from an excellent company, I think. Well balanced portfolio and focus on international activities and operational excellence paying off. Div could have been increased a bit more but happy that funds are reinvested in growth. Shares have performed well over the year and should continue upwards.

raptor66 02 Feb 2017

Broker Forecast Markets probably considered rather ridicule forecast, sp hardly moved on the day. [link]