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HPC_Follower 29 Jun 2018

IC tipping Nano again Sales should increase soon… thinking we have been waiting more on the TV systems integration, software and beta testing for the last few months now. The end result should be pretty spectacular with 4K (Ultra HD) resolution, Android OS, wireless Internet, etc. at affordable prices c/w top end oLED & Samsung QLED screen versions. Expect quite a variety of screen sizes, especially large, from many suppliers very soon now. How much revenue will flow to Nanoco is uncertain, but these TVs should be very popular and be the new baseline world-wide…

Chip_Scashtin 29 Jun 2018

IC tipping Nano again Investors Chronicle says that although Nano has repeatedly made predictions it has failed to meet it should now be given the benefit of the doubt, and revenue should be multiplying shortly as commercial sailes actually begin to kick in. Highly speculative, they say. Just how I like 'em!

HPC_Follower 18 Jun 2018

Good News soon? Only two weeks to end Q2 now, so news from NANO due soon… suspect slippage into Q3 as software integration & testing is taking longer - but best to be released when all is fully tested and fit for purpose, not full of bugs… can’t be long now though…

Chip_Scashtin 17 Jun 2018

Nano CEO Quits blah blah to fill out the line ridiculous OMG, HPC, you are right and I was mistaken. Thanks for the correction!

HPC_Follower 15 Jun 2018

Nano CEO Quits blah blah to fill out the line ridiculous It’s the Chief Operating Office who is leaving, I guess because he has a better offer to go elsewhere… far more replaceable than the CEO, possibly through internal promotions.

NinjaZippy 19 May 2018

Self-illuminating pixels for a new display generation I wonder if there is a tie-up here with Merck? Interesting all the same and hypes Cad. free.[link]

BassCadet 16 May 2018

Re: Director Sell RNS According to BeingTheBanker on LSE it's part of a commitment he's made to charity and so doesn't reflect on the prospects of the company.

Bunny007 15 May 2018

Re: Director Sell RNS Sorry I realise you were using the £ value, I was thinking no. of shares ... my bad.

Bunny007 15 May 2018

Re: Director Sell RNS Actually it was more like 1.8 million. He's got form.

Chip_Scashtin 15 May 2018

Director Sell RNS Edelman sells £700k not entirely encouraging.Still he did similar in 2010 and 2015: ashtrays presumably keep filling up on the Bentley.Beware mindless rampers.

alltold9 14 May 2018

Re: LOVE THE RE-RATING! Another top up on the small retrace before we hit the £'s imhho. Potential is massive as the industry knows.

alltold9 09 May 2018

LOVE THE RE-RATING! At last the potential of this fantastic company is becoming realised, 67p re-rating yes is a stepping stone in my opinion, but the sky is the limit when the full story comes reality. Nano is the science of tomorrow and that is why they have had the backing to take the company forward. Check out the history of who had faith in this magnificent company.

Loldemort 08 May 2018

Dow Breaking the exclusivity deal with Dow now looks like a stroke of genius -- the new manufacturing facilities are all ours, ours, ours!

ybhere 08 May 2018

Re: £2.6M From Edison Investment Research, 'significant inflection in financial performance, starting in H2''Nanoco’s £1.8m milestone payment from its major US partnership confirms the scale up is on track for commercial production to start in January 2019. The company remains on a course to deliver a significant inflection in financial performance, starting in H2.'YB

ybhere 08 May 2018

Re: £2.6M Morning BC,From the RNS comment, this development is being fast tracked. If the commercial supply is to commence in 8 months time, the buildings will be up within a couple of months, manufacturing and personnel probably already in the pipeline. Very promising.'As previously disclosed, the Partner is funding the capital expenditure required to expand the manufacturing capabilities of Nanoco's existing Runcorn facility in order to supply the Partner with commercial volumes of product. This process is already underway, with an agreement reached in March to take over 10,000 sq. ft. of additional space in Runcorn to build a state-of-the-art production facility in order to commence commercial supply in January 2019.'YB