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Self made hedge operator 03 Mar 2018

Re: Lets go back up Quite pleased with the drop.Added to my holdings at 359p.Market squalls like this are to be taken advantage of - steel tariffs won’t hit trips to Alton Towers.Was very impressed with the results. As the terror attacks fade from view, the company is building a geographically diverse business and am liking the significant expansion in bedrooms. The balance sheet is robust and the dividend well underpinned.

Uncle Doug 03 Mar 2018

Re: Lets go back up Well that surge in SP didn't last long, down 5.5% Friday.

kjbenja72 01 Mar 2018

Lets go back up I bought in at £4.85 and was started to get worried but I am holding for the long term.

Hardboy 01 Mar 2018

Re: Results But what has become of the goodly King Eadwig?

g16cos 01 Mar 2018

Re: Results The markets certainly like the results. I purchased a few weeks back at £3.26 and am quite happy with investing in this company. I also want to thank people like Eadwig and others who have been providing their thoughts on the company. I think Eadwig's average price of around £4 will be met before too long and hopefully that'll be just the start.

City Ranger 01 Mar 2018

Results Good set of results today which look like the start of the turnaround. Gardaland badly hit by a drop in numbers but overall a strong uptick in visitors. With the addition of ValueAct to be the 3rd largest shareholder to promote change, this should be the start of the fightback.

nk1999 19 Feb 2018

Rise today "Merlin Entertainments shares received a boost, gaining 4%, after a US activist investor became the third largest shareholder in the themepark operator. ValueAct, which pushed for management changes at Rolls-Royce and Microsoft , has revealed a 5.4% stake in the owner of Legoland and Alton Towers. Merlin downgraded its full year profit forecasts in October after terror attacks in the UK had an impact on the number of visitors to its attractions, which also include Madame Tussauds and the London Eye. However, ValueAct is understood to be supportive of Merlin’s strategy after the two companies met."(From a newsletter)

nk1999 14 Feb 2018

Numis "Opportunity in Merlin share price fall, says NumisShares in Merlin Entertainments (MERL) are trading back at their 2013 flotation price, which Numis said is an opportunity to invest. Analyst Tim Barrett retained his ‘buy’ recommendation and target price of 454p on the shares after a 40-week update showed only marginal improvement in the London day trip market. The shares rose 2p to 320p yesterday.The derating of the stock ‘more than reflected estimate risk’ creating a medium-term opportunity, said Barrett ‘Merlin’s share price has underperformed by 10% since its 40-week update,’ he said. ‘It is now trading back at its IPO price from 2013, notwithstanding 20% earnings per share growth over that period and an expected compound annual growth rate of 9% over the next three years.’He added that the 2018 price/earnings multiple of 15.2 was ‘attractive versus peers and relative to earnings per share growth’. ‘Sales momentum may remain negative for several more quarters, which could weigh on short-term performance,’ he said. ‘However, we expect… investors to start to take more interest which could underpin material upside on a 12 months view.’ "(From Citywire)

Hardboy 14 Feb 2018

Today's rise After a near consistent drifting of the share price since Q3 update in October, it's nice to see some strength; but no idea what caused it.

Uncle Doug 08 Feb 2018

Re: Eadwig Yes, where is Eadwig? He should be here ramping up MERL as it hits a new 5 year low.Results 1st March - not long to wait. Not invested, as my kids hate Lego, but waiting until 1st March before deciding whether to take the plunge and do some bottom fishing.

II Editor 30 Jan 2018

NEW ARTICLE: A wizard share for the contrarian investor "It's been a tough twelve months for this company, but can some market sorcery help it recover? Chartist Alistair Strang and his magic software have some fresh forecasts.Merlin Entertainments (LSE:MERL)Our last report on LSE:MERL:Merlin gave a ..."[link]

II Editor 29 Jan 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 30/01/2018 " MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS (LSE:MERL) Our last report on Merlin (link here) gave a pretty cynical, almost nasty, opinion on how the market has seen fit to manage this share price. Unfortunately, it appears we were correct with our overdose of ..."[link]

Hardboy 10 Jan 2018

Re: 2018 M&A opportunities M&A Opportunities - One of the clichés about investing is Never buy a share because it's a likely takeover target.

shabby 2 sox 10 Jan 2018

Re: 2018 M&A opportunities Unless the world economy tanks; a WW III; a meteor or nuclear strike or new Ice Age etc the demand for experiences and attractions like cruises can only grow.Sad in a way but there we are

Bill1703 10 Jan 2018

2018 M&A opportunities According to Peel Hunt, in a through review of the same - Merlin is highlighted - see below for the relevant summary:FWIW I remain unconvinced of any move, at least at this stage, given the extant PE stake, ongoing capital intensity and the fact that the valuation - while now less elevated - hardly screams cheap. But not something ever to rule out..."We have been surprised by the de-rating of Merlin. The impact of terrorism on demand in the key UK markets has been material but we expect a steady recovery consistent with improvements in other markets after demand shocks. The Group has an established pipeline of development opportunities, which will increase the geographical diversification of the business and is a clear beneficiary of the trend for increased tourism. Demand for Lego toys softened notably in 2017 after several years of remarkable growth, and this had an effect on retail sales. We expect the new Lego movie to revive interest in the product and for demand for the child-friendly theme parks to remain robust. This is a highly cash-generative global business and we expect it to attract bid interest at the current level."