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ripley94 10 May 2022

Wanted to drop the bill 1703 post 2nd October down a line but it posted !!. but simply it went private for 287p

ripley94 10 May 2022

Oct 2, 2021 at 9:40am dampseaweed, jackdawsson, and 2 more like this CommentlikePost OptionsPost by bill1703 on Oct 2, 2021 at 9:40am Auction day today, the end of the affair (hopefully)..... hard to say where it could go. And to whom. FT speculating it could go well above 300p - with the auction process tending to push these things higher than otherwise we would get to. Though both sides must be wary about overpaying for this kind of asset. I suspect both sides are prepared to go above the current 285p - but by how much is harder to say? We could certainly get to / around 300p - any more than that would be a bonus, and could leave the ultimate winner with some challenging sums to work out! By bill1703 on Oct 2, 2021 at 19pm And it goes to CD&R - for "just" 287p. Hoped for more of course - but understandable, for all the above reasons. Probably a fair price - no more, no less. Right, we can now see if anyone wants my Sainsbury's shares... all reasonable offers considered? Bill

ripley94 10 May 2022

Morrisons confirms McColl's rescue deal Mon, 9th May 2022 17:19 (Sharecast News) - Morrisons confirmed on Monday that it has agreed to buy convenience store operator McColl's from the administrator, seeing off competition from the Issa brothers' EG Group. The supermarket retailer said the deal will be structured through a pre-pack administration. Morrisons will buy all of McColl's 1,160 stores, which include 270 Morrisons Daily format stores. All McColl's staff will be transferred with the McColl's business to Morrisons, and McColl's two pension schemes will be taken on by the chain. Morrisons - which was recently taken over by private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice - said its wholesale supply agreement to McColl's stores will continue without interruption and the convenience stores will continue to trade. Morrisons chief executive David Potts said: "Although we are disappointed that the business was put into administration, we believe this is a good outcome for McColl's and all its stakeholders. This transaction offers stability and continuity for the McColl's business and, in particular, a better outcome for its colleagues and pensioners. "We all look forward to welcoming many new colleagues into the Morrisons business and to building on the proven strength of the Morrisons Daily format." McColl's went into administration last Friday after talks with Morrisons fell through and creditors refused to extend a deadline for it to raise more cash.

ripley94 07 May 2022


ripley94 07 May 2022

Administration yesterday I bought 700 shares on 11th August 2015 ( approx 7 years ) paid 150p at a cost of £105 looks like I did not take August 2021 rights up £50 .

Canny Mannie 05 Jan 2018

Stopped out at 255 I sold these just before Christmas when the price fell sharply one morning and triggered a Stop order. Still don't like the way the SP is trending.GLTA

Canny Mannie 28 Dec 2017

Is there anybody there...? SP Graph looking worrying to me...

Canny Mannie 29 Sep 2017

Seems volatile... ...after such a rapid rise recently.Any ideas why?GLTA

TX2 14 Jul 2016

Re: co-0p stores Certainly a very interesting move.Buying mainly with borrowed money;however I note a fair number of the stores are freehold,117 +,so I suspect McColls will sell and lease back these stores,this could cover much if not all of the purchase price.

OilPrince 14 Jul 2016

co-0p stores I only bought shares in MCLS and I'm very pleased with the news today that we're buying so many Co-0p stores at one fell swoop.The market seems to approve too, 15% up so far.

Hydrogen Economy 23 Jun 2016

My Local Unsure if the the rumours of My Local heading into administration are the cause for the depressed MCLS SP. It doen't bode well for the convenience food market, but then My Local's stores were (according to an anlyst on the radio) in the wrong location. Also they had no scale with around 100 stores Vs MCLS 707 convenience stores and 566 newsagents.I hold a few of these, may be tempted to add a few more for the div. and recovery potential - Board seem to be doing many of the right things but it's a tough market and I would view as having some risk. any other views?H2

mcescher 30 Jul 2015

Great visual report on McColl's Retail Group I have been using this website for their discounted cash flow. They value MCLS at $2 - [link]

Ripley94 03 Mar 2015

Re: Results ok

philanderer 03 Mar 2015

Re: Results I reckon it`s a couple of large holders selling. It`s the first opportunity since the lock-in expired that directors , for example, have had a chance to unload some.Have to wait a few days for holding RNS`s to be released to find out.

TX2 03 Mar 2015

Re: Results Surely if you wished to short McColls the time to have taken out your short would have been Sept thru Dec when the price was much higher.You would need to expect further bad news I would have thought to see major further falls.The PE is now around 9.Yield 6%.Where the results were below expectation was the current trading which was down like for like by a bit over 1%.Indicates a competitive market which we know about.I have added a few which brings my holding to about a normal size for a smallcap.I have a few cautions for example the balance sheet is a bit "thin";the reduction in debt is partly due to the IPO.I quite like the business,the jury is out as to whether I am correct,as my previous buying price before today was around 165p!