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Mamms 05 Apr 2018

Re: When do Logp have to raise? So anyway, back to the original question. When will logp have to raise? I expect they are going to run out of road soon - debt without income is ruinously reckless. I expect the SP weakness reflects the need to raise sooner rather than later.

forwardloop 04 Apr 2018

Barryroe deal detail [link]

Nice to Michu 03 Apr 2018

Re: very disappointing I hear what you're saying Jimmy but that's a medium term strong buy from you, I suspect? .. as I said Friday I understand how this went to 1.5p and understand it can go lower from 1.5 p in the short term .. and it has indeed gone lower again today . And could of course go lower still .. hopefully it doesn't but for those who bet on such stocks regularly - eg me - it won't surprise them if it does go lower again, I expect ..

jimmy24 30 Mar 2018

Re: very disappointing Michu.Lansdowne now have a carried interest for three wells and sidetracks that will most likely be used as future producers in a field with independent certified recoverable oil of 340 million bbl. the purpose of these next wells will determine the location of the field production wells. With 34 million bbls of oil valued at $5 per bbl undeveloped its worth 23 p per share , even allowing for dilution for an equity raise this is an extraordinary investment opportunity .Yes logp needs cash, but it’s just to keep the lights on, no drilling costs to finance. Strong buy .Good to see some directors buying to validate the opportunity. Jimmy

Nice to Michu 30 Mar 2018

very disappointing this has gone back to 1.50p ish.. and bad - short term at least - shout by me to say buy around 2p .. oups and apols. (I'm in it with you all too of course and having bought more higher I'm now back to overall flat )10p seems a long. long, long way away still Jimmy? .... indeed I now understand that this could go lower again given the timeframes going forward and indeed possible raise by logp for ahort term keeping lights on funding....but hopefully little/no lower than this.. otherwise scary more apt than disappointing imho..PS; Another e.g. that Aim O&G is brutal and getting more brutal with time imho.. but hopefully value will out here in due course.. granted it seems likely to be very hard earned.. generally, wouldn't it be nice if someone decided to strategically buy into Lansdowne to be involved in the unfolding story.. from this very low level the s/p would push decently on up then, I'd expect..

jimmy24 28 Mar 2018

Re: is this a good deal ? I posted views on Pvr B.B. this is a life saving deal for logp. Back of the envelope worth 1o to 15 p to logp.Strong buy here.Jimmy

jimmy24 28 Mar 2018

Re: is this a good deal ? Good deal, not as good as I hoped but still value here, traveling now post laterJ

caraldo 28 Mar 2018

is this a good deal ? I am waiting for jimmy's analysis as he has better in sight than me , but with logp now having 10% of Barryore and no cash ,and no drill date what are logp share valued at, all being well etc any ideas ?

Nice to Michu 28 Mar 2018

more like crackle actually it has fallen from a post open high of around 2.5p to 1.85 p as I type so scratch earlier boom, alas.. I guess the fact there's no upfront cash included - LOGP is extremely cash shy but has been able to get small loans before to tick over and so will easily be able to now too, I expect.. and keeping lights on/salaries paid costs will remain low, I expect.. others are taken care of- and it needs government/environment etc approvals before completing means this is not seen as immediately compelling as I'd hoped it would be .. but it certainly appears a big step in right direction to me .. also as management point out in RNS;"With a current market cap of just US$10M, Lansdowne's valuation equates to less than US$0.3 per contingent barrel for its 10% ownership''at under 2p as I type I see this as a buy still and so mark weak buy but as ever this is gambling and absolutely DYOR

atlanticshore 28 Mar 2018

Re: Hopefully there's an announcement It is the chinese Mama ...!! It would appear no cash but payment for three wells by way a loan to be paid on the drill results ...

Nice to Michu 28 Mar 2018

Boom we have lift off (at last)

Mamms 22 Mar 2018

Re: Hopefully there's an announcement They've given it all up again.... It's like I say we need more rumours....

jimmy24 08 Mar 2018

Re: Hopefully there's an announcement Both pvr and logp up circa 25% , looks like barryroe news soon.J

Nice to Michu 08 Mar 2018

Hopefully there's an announcement of farm in cocnlusion to come very soon.. but of course it could just be a false pump on rumour etc.. I've been very patient here.. and it has taken too long to conclude this already.. which always makes one worry that the counterparty will walk...this could go very big on the right RNS.. here's hoping

Phonner 24 Feb 2018

Missing the connection between Providence being up 8% and and Logp being down 2% as a sign that we are getting close to news on Barryroe. I would have thought that if there is news on Barryroe, Logp would also be pulled up on the coat tails of Providence.