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Divmad 17 Oct 2018

Barry roe deal done Sorry, How pivotal, not “has”.

Divmad 17 Oct 2018

Barry roe deal done Jimmy, Has pivotal do you think is the appointment of Angus McCoss as Senior Independent Director, to PVR, for the forthcoming 5-7 well drilling plan? Divmad

Jimmy23 09 Oct 2018

Barry roe deal done Divmad. The Celtic sea is unloved because of its poor track record in commercial discoveries to date. The major upside is actually deep barryroe. The other assets would certainly benefit from the new seismic technology to remove seismic multiples. However, the key risk is top seal integrity during late basin inversion. I think they might be interesting after thoughts once barryroe is in production. I think the major upside for PVR is SPANISH POINT which has been put on the back burner and does not look like anything happening for a few years. Jimmy

Divmad 09 Oct 2018

Barry roe deal done Jimmy23, Do you think that APEC is eyeing up PVR, in addition to the BarryRoe field potential, for PVR’s other Celtic Sea licences that border on the BarryRoe geographical area? I am wondering how big the synergies might be of any future exploration/development there (which also might help to explain why the bigger interest in PVR in the market since the FOA was announced).

Jimmy23 09 Oct 2018

Barry roe deal done Divmad. The issue with logp is that it’s effectively a single asset company and hence investors looking at Pvr with its wider portfolio. The value is certainly here. But because this share price has languished for so long many long term holders are recovering their investment as the price moves up. Also pvr PR spin is far more effective than LOGP, hence the trailing valuations. The data supports a higher valuation and this has been validated by the farm out to APEC. I have no other explanations, at some point investors will sell Pvr and but LOGP which will help remove the arbitrage in valuations. Jimmy

Divmad 08 Oct 2018

Barry roe deal done Jimmy, it’s more than 3 weeks since this farm out deal was announced. Plenty of time for the market to adjust to this price discovery, so why hasn’t it got much closer to closing the valuation gap?

Jimmy23 07 Oct 2018

Barry roe deal done Currently valued at $0.53 per bbl of net independent certified 2c reserves and fully carry through next drilling program . Should be $5. O0 per bbl Jimmy

Jimmy23 04 Oct 2018

Barry roe deal done Should read based on one hundred thousand bbl of oil per day at peak production. J

Jimmy23 04 Oct 2018

Barry roe deal done Tony o Reilly on sky news. Cost of finding and lifting oil to be $25 per bbl which at $80 per bbl is worth £317000net profit per day at peak production of 1000000 bbl per day or current market capitalization is equivalent to 41 days peak production. Incredible value for such low risk. Jimmy

Jimmy23 26 Sep 2018

Barry roe deal done Hard to believe this share price has not at least trebled from here. With a carried interest in five wells and ten per cent interest in 346 million bbl and a market capitalization of only £10.5 million the market has noticed logp. Seems to me they will be ripe for a takeover, and it will be a multiple of this share price and still be great value to an acquirer who gets all the upside of the deeper oil at barryroe. Take your position because this will happen quickly. J

Jimmy23 23 Sep 2018

Barry roe deal done At the current share price LOGP currently valued at $0.45 per bbl of independently certified 2c reserves with a carried interest in five wells to be drilled in about six months time and huge upside as posted on the PVR. Site. With an $80 oil price it would be fair to value them at $5 per bbl. huge upside here . Jimmy

Jimmy23 20 Sep 2018

Barry roe deal done Deal is done, this share price now massively undervalued. Five well drilling programs fully funded. Buy now. Jimmy

peter.kidney21 02 Aug 2018

Real prices? News soon ?

Mamms 21 Jun 2018

Real prices? I put a largish sell order on a 1.3p on Monday and then dropped it to 1.2p on Tuesday. A little over 400k were sold but the vast majority have not sold yet. LSE suggests the bid is 1.2p but this is at best rounded up from 1.195p or something (and I can only trade at 3 decimals - not four). I also noted that 150k sold yesterday for 1.21p or 1.25p - I guess it is late reporting or something? Otherwise why are are clients paying 1.21 or 1.25 for shares that are available at 1.2p? It’s all very obscure… the point is that in an illiquid stock like this the prices are at best ‘notional’… I thought MFIDII was supposed to sort this out…

scruffee 11 May 2018

On It's Knees ... Time to start building a stake maybe with Autumn in my sights and funding now sorted hopefully,difficult to do without moving price it seems.......... Good Luck Holders.