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PrefInvestor1 21 May 2019

LLOYDS is going to FLY Hi @regardless, RMG down 5%+ today I see, no idea why. Just as well you are out maybe. ATB Pref

macbonzo 21 May 2019

LLOYDS is going to FLY “Little pain” Is that you? Did you not point out “if you give it a little more time, it will be fine”

J_Westlock 21 May 2019

Everyday oilovlam: I suspect that British Steel would have run into trouble even if Brexit never happened…perhaps Brexit is just another nail in the coffin The reason they are in trouble is down to Brexit. They are now liable to pay the EU carbon bill rather than be excluded from it via a scam.

oilovlam 21 May 2019

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soi 21 May 2019

LLOYDS is going to FLY Hi terence No I do not think LLOY is going to fly, merely wishful thinking. I cannot see any logical reason why LLOY sp would hit 80p within the next 12 months. Above 73 would actually surprise me. Recent range seems to be 57 to 63. A non Brexit might boost it ? As to the buyback history Bowman tracks it, he is good and accurate. Thread is here on ii LLOY - Share buyback 2019 UK Companies Unfortunately they are maintaining a relatively flat buyback level at the moment, so no sign of using the decreased price to ramp up purchases. Today was the fourth day at 13m shares (£8.3m), during which time the sp has dropped from 63.6p to 61.8p. [LLOY%20shares] ATB soi

soi 21 May 2019

LLOYDS is going to FLY Hi pelim Honestly do not know but spikes seem to be always followed by drops and vice versa. I just trade the price action. Fairly reliable and predictable. ATB soi

oilovlam 21 May 2019

Everyday One would have thought that the devaluation of the £ would benefit companies like British Steel. But I suppose there are other factors at play…cost of commodities, cost of energy, European clients getting their steel from EU sources (because of Brexit concerns) etc etc. I suspect that British Steel would have run into trouble even if Brexit never happened…perhaps Brexit is just another nail in the coffin…although the government will bail them out (even if they are a far smaller operation afterwards). Hopefully we will always make steel in the UK.

terence.mcguire 21 May 2019

LLOYDS is going to FLY Is Lloyds going to fly hmmm …we shall see. I hope its a longhaul flight. I just wondered if anyone has been keeping an eye on all these share buy backs. How many have they got now and how much is that in % terms of the all shares? My understanding is that they are going to terminate the shares and not hold in treasury. Surely then if that is the case, this share will rise? I also expect this to be rising to 80 pence mark within next 12 months. No analysis to prove this - just hopeful/wishful thinking. Mr P

pelim 21 May 2019

LLOYDS is going to FLY Are the visits to the 50’s a Monday thing at present? Or is the rise today due to the demand from folk reinvesting their dividend payment. Or is it the other side of the clockwork - what goes down must go up? Or have the employees all liquidated their bonus shares and the buyback is starting to bite. Or …

frog_in_a_tree 21 May 2019

Everyday Everyday… …Brexit takes it toll on British industry. I hope the Brexiters are proud of the jobs they are destroying. BBC News British Steel on verge of administration The UK's second-biggest steel maker has been seeking £75m in government backing to help it stay afloat. frog in a tree

regardless 20 May 2019

Double Top Millions Marched in London. . MILLIONS so called British voted for remain online for another vote The silent majority will vote on Thursday

PrefInvestor1 20 May 2019

Double Top Hey @regardless, Did you vote for the CEOs pay rise at the AGM ?. Seems he is the highest paid banker in the UK according to this article ?. [link] And his pension, wow. 33% of base salary (just recently reduced from 46% apparently !)… Mind you normal employees get a 13% pension contribution too by the sound of it, which is pretty good too. All that plus a lot of other benefits too including a scheme where they match your contribution up to £45 a month. [link] Things sound pretty good for Lloyds employees eh !. No wonder the share count is racking up !. ATB Pref

frog_in_a_tree 20 May 2019

Double Top “Nazi Europe”. That is about the stupidest thing you have ever said. You haven’t a clue amd should be ashamed of yourself. Frog

regardless 20 May 2019

Double Top Love it

PrefInvestor1 20 May 2019

Double Top Hi Again @macbonzo , Ah an investment shootout eh, fundamentals vs trading. No it’s nonsense, not interested. I am not trying to challenge your trading skills and I am sure that your ability to make money, especially in volatile markets like the US, is far greater than mine. No contest I’m sure. All I have been trying to say in my posts is that putting money into US growth stocks like Tesla is high risk for your average retail investor and they could easily lose a lot of money if they go into it in a big way. I have put my toe in the water about three times now and never managed a plus score, though of course when I get to 5-10% down I tend to retire hurt (for fear of things getting substantially worse). For example in around Nov 2017 I bought equal sized holdings in Apple, Google and Facebook. About 2 months in the Nasdaq had a REALLY bad day and I found myself over 5% down. Well at that point I just sold and took the loss. I continued monitoring those investments though and even had I still held them a year later they would STILL have been over 5% down. Of course with 20/20 hindsight I should have bought AMZN, NFLX & MSFT but there you go. Am I going to buy AMZN now at close to $2000 a share?. No thanks. Diversified UK versions like SMT, PCT and JUSC are more palatable, but still too volatile for my liking. They hardly correlate too well with my old fashioned savings account ideal !. No they are all off the menu for me, I will continue to pursue what seem to me to be more conservative investments. I’m sure they will never make me the big bucks, but I don’t think I’ll lose my shirt on them either. ATB Pref