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Akis1999 20 Nov 2018

Down nearly 5% I almost bought in towards the end of day at 240-ish. I held, thinking the way the US is going and May making an utter mess of Brexit we may have more to drop.

Ripley94 18 Nov 2018

Down nearly 5% LGEN… XXXX COBO … 15TH NOV … "Needs to hold 245 or beginning of drop " Might drop to Last-calls 244.5 " buy price " … Ill be joining him lol

Chicken_Lips 15 Nov 2018

Down 7.5% Well this is the first time I have posted onto a bulletin board since the fiasco of a relaunch. Its recovering a little but thats blown a great big hole in my ISA and we are hitting real lows in SP can only get worse so time to put n the tin hats. CL

COBO 15 Nov 2018

Down 7.5% Def needs 245 to hold, or its only the beginning of the drop

Hydrogen_Economy 15 Nov 2018

Down 7.5% Looks like we we just got Raab’d

Ripley94 09 Nov 2018

Down nearly 5% LGEN… XXXX Up to 259p now the buy @ 241p was the bottom . Last- call posted he would be in @ 244.5 ( 1.5 % higher ) with a stop loss @ 244.5 after it has passed 247.9p . It was all a bit of a riddle shares can go down , it is possible it would of gone back to 240 after 244.5p … he did not mention that more obvious stop .

Last-Call 29 Oct 2018

Down nearly 5% The charity was humour my friend. There isnt a cause in the world id give money to, when up to 80% of each pound gets ‘absorbed’ by admin il donate food no problem . they cant do much else with that. (or can they?)

Last-Call 29 Oct 2018

Down nearly 5% i know its a short distance. But i have respect for bears there hence the plan

Last-Call 29 Oct 2018

Down nearly 5% no. it meant: buy at 244.5, but once price strikes 247.9, not allow holdings back into the red re exit if it returns to buy price

Ripley94 29 Oct 2018

Down nearly 5% So to be clear are you saying you will buy @ 244.5 p and sell it @ 247.9 ? Very good you give to charity … crisis if you want any suggestions .

Last-Call 28 Oct 2018

Down nearly 5% Some real buyers gone in here, the last few days. Price didnt move a great deal but seems to be real players at the low.Il go in 244.5 if strikes, then just move to a ‘close holdings at breakeven’ striking 247.9. See where she goes from there. Not much interest in div. Giv it to charity every year.

Ripley94 28 Oct 2018

Down nearly 5% LGEN… XXXX He did well , Geof followed suite on Friday .

Guitarsolo 18 Sep 2018

LGEN 4.4b buy in with British Airways Pension H2, Any idea what return LGEN expects to make on PRT business? If they are taking on the pension liabilities one would hope/assume that the bean counters have done their sums (and had them checked by an adult) and there is a reasonable prospect of making a return. Adding umpteen billions of liabilities covered by assets is one thing - but if those assets fall or fail to return as much as expected then the risk transferee could be in trouble. My only hope is that LGEN is timing this PRT business right (i.e. get in there early whilst companies want to derisk their pension liabilities but before it gets too competitive and margins are squeezed). Guitarsolo

Hydrogen_Economy 13 Sep 2018

LGEN 4.4b buy in with British Airways Pension Looks like evidence of headway in on of LGEN’s areas of strategic focus, with 27b of further bulk annuity business in bid. Not sure that this RNS will be enough to reverse the SP gloom which LGEN shares with many other financials currently, hopefully they will win more business and the actuaries they keep locked away calculating how long we will all last to price the bids have got their sums right. H2 RNS Number : 6568A Legal & General Group Plc 13 September 2018 Legal & General completes £4.4 billion buy-in with British Airways’ pension scheme: Largest ever UK bulk annuity Legal & General Group Plc (“Legal & General”) today announces that it has completed a £4.4 billion buy-in for British Airways PLC’s pension scheme, Airways Pension Scheme (“APS”), covering nearly 22,000 pensioners. This is the largest ever bulk annuity policy arranged with a UK pension scheme and also included the conversion of existing longevity insurance into a bulk annuity. As announced at the half year results, the UK pension risk transfer (“PRT”) market continues to demonstrate a high level of activity with Legal & General actively quoting on more than £20 billion, of which more than £7 billion were in exclusive negotiations at the time. Since then, Legal & General has completed £4.8 billion of UK PRT transactions, including the APS buy-in, and is now actively quoting on £27 billion of UK PRT deals. Additionally Legal & General has continued to show strong momentum in International PRT, completing £191 million of transactions since the end of June. In aggregate, Legal & General has completed £6.0 billion of global pension de-risking transactions year to date (UK PRT: £5.3 billion, International PRT: £0.4 billion, Longevity Insurance: £0.3 billion). The financial metrics and Solvency II capital strain of these transactions are in line with previous levels reported by Legal & General. Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive, Legal & General Group, said: “I’m delighted that Legal & General has transacted the largest bulk annuity to date in the UK for British Airways’ pension scheme. As we indicated at the half year results, the second half of 2018 is likely to be a record six months for our PRT business and we expect to announce further transactions in the next few months. We are actively quoting on £27 billion of UK PRT deals demonstrating the strong demand for insurance, supported by increasing affordability, as trustees seek to improve security for members and companies look to remove legacy liabilities. Legal & General’s combination of longevity and investment management expertise uniquely positions us to deliver at scale, providing solutions that benefit schemes and their members.” Laura Mason, CEO Legal & General Retirement Institutional, said: "We are proud to have delivered this ground-breaking transaction, the largest bulk annuity transaction completed in the UK market. This is a great example of Legal & General delivering for UK companies and their pension members, enabling pension schemes to provide security to their pensioners in retirement. This transaction also included the conversion of existing longevity insurance to a bulk annuity, demonstrating Legal & General’s ability to deal with a complex situation and offer innovative solutions drawing on the broad experience and capabilities of the wider Legal & General Group. The depth and scale of our Retirement business means that we can confidently deliver for APS scheme members, whilst maintaining capacity for further de-risking activity in the near term." ENDS

johnlawsonmoorlandminerals2 09 Aug 2018

H1 Results Lawson 76, Hi H2, Like you I am holding L & G for the long term! I think in view of the market`s volatility during this last half year, their result is pretty good. As you imply hopefully it will improve in the next half year?