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12:03 29/06/2016

Beaufort note out on research tree... "The update underpins Legal & General’s strong position to face the consequences of Brexit. Its solvency II coverage ratio, a key metric in the insurance sector, remains healthy. Legal & General has a diversified portfolio. Moreover, its global credit team is continuously monitoring the portfolio and de- risking the credit portion of eligible owned funds. The company has a solid balance sheet, with cash and cash equivalents within eligible owned funds standing at £3.3bn. It is executing its strategy structured around five long-term drivers: ageing population, globalisation of asset markets, creation of new real assets, welfare reform and digital. Furthermore, Legal & General would benefit from the appointment of Sir John Kingman, who has impressive track record and in-depth knowledge of the financial market. We believe the company is comfortably placed with adequate funds and portfolios to mitigate economic downturn after Brexit."

16:14 02/06/2014

flying! #

15:23 04/04/2014


13:02 28/03/2014

at least hope so at a buy of 210 yestarday

13:02 28/03/2014

JB-could just be an over reaction?

12:19 28/03/2014

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