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Ripley94 15 Jan 2020

Re: : Future for Lek LEK… XXXXX Came back from Suspension confirming news they had been conned on Tuesday 14th . Arranging to attend Damian’s club placed buy order late morning @ 2.8p . Lifted @ 2.30pm with Cloie … bit of a gamble twice the number as last deal 9 days ago.

Ripley94 13 Jan 2020

Re: : Future for Lek LEK… XXXXX Good job i only done a 50% deal. Suspended 7days after . … Lekoil Shares Suspended As Qatar Investment Authority Queries Loan from Alliance News | 13th January 2020 10:22 (Alliance News) - Lekoil Ltd has requested shares be suspended in London on Monday after the validity of a loan was questioned. At the start of January, Lekoil agreed a USD184.0 million loan from the Qatar Investment Authority for drilling and development at the Ogo field off the coast of Nigeria. However, Lekoil said Monday representatives from the QIA have questioned the validity of the loan agreement. The company said: “Lekoil is urgently seeking to establish, alongside its legal counsel and nominated adviser, the full facts of this matter, and pending this clarification, the company has requested that its ordinary shares be suspended from trading on AIM with immediate effect.” Lekoil’s nomad is Strand Hanson Ltd. Shares in London last closed at a price of 9.40 pence each. Lekoil confirmed its exposure to the facility agreement stands at USD600,000, which is the amount it paid to Seawave Investment Ltd, which acted as an introducer to those “purporting to be the QIA”. By George Collard; georgecollard@alliancenews.com

Ripley94 06 Jan 2020

Re: : Future for Lek LEK… XXXXX 11p today would of been a good top up !!

jaytee41 03 Jan 2020

Lekoil boom time I joined the party today, albeit just a few k. Been bouncing a lot this afternoon but the lse bb is very upbeat about this one.

theprior 03 Jan 2020

Lekoil boom time Bit of a retrace before the close yesterday as day traders moved out, banking their profits for the day, but now we’re away again with another significant move upwards this morning. Looks like the market is lapping it up!! TP

Ripley94 02 Jan 2020

Re: : Future for Lek LEK… XXXXX Up 50% today but i am still well down @ today’s price of 7p .

theprior 02 Jan 2020

Lekoil boom time Funding news propels LEK into the stratosphere !! TP

Ripley94 27 Aug 2019

Re: : Future for Lek LEK… XXXXX 6.24p now up another 21%

Ripley94 09 Jul 2019

Re: : Future for Lek LEK… XXXX Back to 4.5p … shows up 4% / 3% spread .

Ripley94 01 Jul 2019

Re: : Future for Lek LEK… XXXX sure was time to but it six days back up a forther 30% today … New LSE format today looks better … claiming a further rise to 6p soon .

Ripley94 25 Jun 2019

Re: : Future for Lek LEK… XXXX Noticed this showing up 15% two days in a row now . It dropped a long way below you were correct in below 18p in Dec 2014 system . Recently 3p . Are you a normal poster as your avatar looks odd ( Maybe work for this site ? )

Johandesilva 12 Apr 2018

Re: RNS I don't see why LEK should get this. LEK do not have the technical expertise that Afren had and this percentages at the time of the original deal had factored this in. If they do can we trust them to take on this project on successfully?A better outcome is if this stake was given to a big player.

NewKOTB 27 Mar 2018

RNS There you go, I take it our envelope was not sufficiently large ..... lots of 'paperwork' required and 'rubber stamps' needed, not anymore !!!Good news, fwiw"Application to the Court for a Declaration Despite progressing exploration and appraisal activities on OPL 310 as previously announced, LEKOIL has, to date, not received Ministerial Consent for its acquisition of the additional 22.86 per cent interest in OPL 310 or a satisfactory explanation of why such consent has not been forthcoming. As a result, the Company has taken the decision to apply to the Federal High Court for a declaration that is expected to expedite the consent process, and preserve the unexpired tenure in the licence. The Company will provide updates to the market as appropriate. The Company is represented by Fidelis Oditah QC, SAN.""An application for the transfer of the 22.86 per cent interest was duly made by Afren Nigeria in January 2016. As the transaction was not undertaken on the basis of an Assigned Interest in the oil block, approval by Optimum was not required under the JOA between Optimum and Afren. In March 2016, LEKOIL was notified by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources that the necessary due diligence exercise would be conducted that month. The due diligence exercise did not take place and has not been rescheduled by the Department of Petroleum Resources since then."aimo

trickler 15 Mar 2018

What has to happen. ....... ..to move this out of 17-18p range and is there any likelihood of that happening?Tclr

hobione 07 Dec 2017

Re: RNS remember they started the year with zero production and now have 7600 and all the income that entails. I’ll be glad if it gets to 15000 bopd and 20000 I will be over the moon. This is the start and I’m sure that we will be up to 50-80k bopd before 2020. They are in a prolific oil bearing area.