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BOWOOD 23 May 2018

Activity Plenty of interest - any idea why?

BOWOOD 19 May 2018

Valuation After the recent fund raise of £500k the MC is about £4m at 0.11p. At the last valuation of VS of £66m that was worth almost £5m to LEG then there is the investment in IBS we are told is worth about £1 - other investments and the cash raised of £500m so possibly a total in all of about £7. If VS were to come to market at say £200m then the VS stake of just over 7pc would be worth over £14m. Seems to me as if the LEG asset value is substantially higher than the MC and the share price should be nearer 0.40p than 0.10p.

BOWOOD 18 May 2018

VS With VS continuing to grow the current MC of LEG may be a little behind its asset value.Anyone have a feel about the value of VS because as and when it floats it could have a major and positive impact on LEG at 0.11p

waytogo333 19 Dec 2017

Big jump .........on no news.Something is a bit leaky here me thinks.

Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb 17 Nov 2017

Re: RNS It certainly does.All very well and good if it adds some value but we really need something encouraging from VS to make any real impression.Ruby

BOWOOD 15 Nov 2017

RNS The Chairmans 37pc looks ok then.

BOWOOD 14 Oct 2017

IBS Must be a good investment for LEG as the CEO has taken a massive investment for himself. What a good company man he is!

BOWOOD 06 Sep 2017

Re: Results The problem here is that VS is the only worthwhile investment that LEG has ever had so I would hate to think where the money would go if they realize the investment. Glad I didn't invest at the last 0.30p fund raise.

Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb 06 Sep 2017

Re: Results Hi BowoodNot much until Virtual put that money to work and announce some more deals.Would think that the new investors know what is in prospect so suppose we have to sit back and wait for more announcements, hopefully in the not too distant future. Just need to put the shares back in the drawer I suppose and show some patience.CheersRuby

BOWOOD 05 Sep 2017

Re: Results Also the carrying value of VS is not far away from the value put on VS at the last fund raise. So how much more value can we see to enhance the LEG asset and sp?

BOWOOD 04 Sep 2017

Re: Results Yes it's all about VS and when the investment is realised there will be quite a substantial tax liability. Also the directors will be paid on results - that is the profit on disposal. At the moment the m/c is higher than the value of the VS investment. Nothing to go for at the moment I feel.

Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb 04 Sep 2017

Re: Results Hi BowoodNo there isn't and we need to see Virtual make use of the money they raised and announce some new contracts. The problem is realising the value in them as there is nothing else of note.Will just have to hang in a bit longer I suppose but all a bit frustrating.CheersRuby

BOWOOD 04 Sep 2017

Results Not anything special.

Thediceman 09 Aug 2017

RNS - weird investment. High costs of compliance. Barriers to entry. Waste of time?? 12% will be peanuts

BOWOOD 07 Aug 2017

RNS Not so long ago we sold small investments to concentrate on core investments. No we buy into new businesses. What has happened to the Bosques investment or Amedeo?