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budu 06 Jun 2018

Questor says buy... this morning's Telegraph, pointing out that Land's "income is highly secure".

Canny Mannie 16 Mar 2018

Morningstar - recommendation [link] video by Job Curtis. LAND a Buy, with 2 others.GLTA

o mealheiro 22 Feb 2018

REIT's Dividend taxation I am for my sins with Barclays (Notso)Smart Investor, I have several REIT’s in my ISA portfolio.When it was Barclays Stockbroker any PID dividends were paid with the tax includedNow Smart Investor pays the dividends with tax deducted, and they are now telling me that they will claim the tax back later, but it could take up to eight weeks.May I ask how other ISA providers deal with REIT’s PID dividends

Canny Mannie 14 Dec 2017

LAND data going crazy... Don't know if it is just the change to the new site but the data going back a few years is waaaaay out.Just try plotting the chart.

old_punter 03 Dec 2017

CTY likes commercial property Today's STel features City of London Investment T (first IT to get to 50 years of uninterrupted dividend increases) and its long time manager says his biggest current bet is REITS and LAND is his biggest holding in that sector, citing the size of the discount to underlying assets of one third.Seems he agrees with some of the posters on this board.

old_punter 18 Nov 2017

Re: I'm bored I hold BLND and not LAND but it seems to me the case for both is much the same, a good yield and a stonking one third discount to NAV so one can afford to wait for the gap to close.On the basis that a profitable (through the cycle) business should be worth more than book value, stocks valued at less than net worth are worth a look. I think Benjamin Graham's rule was less than net cash, in his time there were stocks meeting that criterion but not much chance of that now or in the future. Commercial property is an illiquid asset but a discount of a third should be more than enough to compensate for illiquidity and the possibility of some valuation decline. I am slightly concerned this argument is a bit pat, but as Nick Train says investment isn't always difficult.

Ripley94 25 Oct 2017

Re: Beaufort And it did so i bought in @ 950p

Ripley94 20 Oct 2017

Beaufort Sent e-mail .. buy 988p target 1150. ( now 986 )Usually i sign it will go down i have observed.

aspace 28 Aug 2017

Re: I'm bored Looks like you sold out at a good time per the chart below. I've watched as I've seen the price drop with the release of their lacklustre 2017 results. Brexit economic plus political uncertainty has driven LAND's asset values into reverse. Gone are the days of 10% asset value increases plus 4% dividends. We're on low or nil asset value rise but at least the dividend is OK for now.

II Editor 22 May 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Why these UK stocks are 'underloved and undervalued' "UK stockmarkets have proven hard to stop this year and the rally in both the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 indices continue unabated. Both are currently near record highs, and we heard this week from chartist Alistair Strang that a massive 7,720 is not ..."[link]

picstloup 11 May 2017

I'm bored Sold out today at £11.29. Respectable profit, some 65% overall over 2 purchases in 2010 and 2014.But I don't feel it's going anywhere and may be vulnerable to a post Brexit crash, so will put the proceeds somewhere with more international exposure.

numberbiter 22 Jan 2017

Re: NEW ARTICLE: What's happening in UK ... "It didn't drop because of Brexit'Well, the reason for that is that there hasn't been a Btexit. Likely to happen in March when we can expect a 10% fall. However, it won't take long to realise that without open borders we will lose hundreds of thousands of jobs and then the price will collapse another 30%.Brexit is OK, but a hard Brexit will set the stock market back ten years,

aspace 04 Jan 2017

Re: NEW ARTICLE: What's happening in UK ... Responding to my own blurb of a few months back, we now DO know LAND's updated valuation and behold, it didn't drop following Brexit In the six monthly report net asset value was 1,408p which means at today's price of 1,050p we are sitting on a 25% discount to net asset value. That is high by historic standards, although slightly better than BLND's 30% discount to net asset value. I am more than happy to continue holding these excellent shares. They won't surprise on the upside, but I think it is reasonable to expect steadily rising dividends from their excellent building portfolio and development programme for many years to come. I think (hope) we can trust these guys to develop new assets only when it is profitable to do so, and otherwise to return the excess capital to shareholders by way of continuing dividends.

aspace 20 Aug 2016

Re: NEW ARTICLE: What's happening in UK prop... This article is worth a read as a reasonable assessment of the current uncertainties of UK commercial property. Although the Land Securities website shows current net asset value at around 14 pounds, which makes the current share price of 11 pounds appear far too cheap, that net asset value is based on the Mar 2016 annual report. So the valuation that supports that NAV was done at a time when we thought Brexit would probably not happen. Now that we know Brexit DID happen, what is the impact on LAND's net asset value? I cannot see anything on LAND's website that answers that question. As pointed out in the article:"In our view, it is still too early to assess the impact of Brexit on property prices, particularly as we have yet to see the impact on transaction activity following the referendum result."The 2007/8 period was disastrous for commercial property values so I hope that is not what we are going to see again as I remain heavily invested in this sector. We really need LAND and others in this sector to come out and tell us how Brexit impacts on the last reported portfolio valuation based on recent transaction activity. With six monthly valuations, the next one is due around Oct or Nov with respect to the valuation at 30 Sep 2016. So there is still some time to wait.

II Editor 12 Jul 2016

NEW ARTICLE: What's happening in UK property? "UK commercial property companies have been hit by renewed selling pressure this week on concerns around Brexit and its impact on underlying investment activity. Investor sentiment deteriorated in response to the UK construction outlook survey ..."[link]