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richtwo 14 Mar 2018

Dividends if they do decide to start should be interesting how quick and how much and in what currency?

richtwo 02 Feb 2018

Site visit positive? Brave analysts methinks, I wonder if this is std practice and or intended to help boost the share price with a re rating in due course (bring on the dividend) or perhaps to interest the larger players?

Nice to Michu 12 Oct 2017

wakey wakey maybe After a good results update, a very solid production update and the prices they're getting are now seemingly sustainably decent to good. I've been very patient with this - who hasn't.. it has been a 'journey' - and I have pretty high hopes for this over the next 15 months.. breaking 350p would be a good start but a start only in my mind....I'm looking for 500p here in the coming 3 to 6 momths.. Here's hoping (but tricky as ever and DYOR of course)

richtwo 11 Oct 2017

update seems +ve can anyone see any flaws?

richtwo 05 Oct 2017

Re: Davy report info o/s Still hoping for Davy conclusions guys and gals?

Kinyara Bill 25 Sep 2017

The journey begins Google kmr 4 traders and have a read of the analysis tab, or financials.....all bodes well.

richtwo 25 Sep 2017

Davy report info o/s Has anyone got the Davy conclusions which will be interesting in the light of the recent rise?CheersR2

Kinyara Bill 16 Sep 2017

Positive coverage [link] one of ten stocks identified as offering good investment prospects, something we have known for some time. Articles like this will help to build momentum.

avno 31 Aug 2017

Re: SMALLCAP World Fund, Interesting the first reduction and threshold crossed by the world fund was on 12 June. They clearly have been trying to offload shares since then but are unwilling to sell under £2.40 and been selling in small chunks. They are only required to announce when they cross a threshold hence only 3 announcements the 9, 8 and 7% barriers crossed. I wondered why the shares have traded in this band for the last 3 months, my question has been answered! Once the exercise by world fund to reduce exposure has been completed it will be interesting to see how the share price responds.

Kinyara Bill 31 Aug 2017

Re: SMALLCAP World Fund, We probably did, anytime between 29th and about 10 days ago when volumes spiked. The threshold was crossed on 29th but that does not mean they sold all the shares on that day....they could have have left themselves 10 shares above the threshold for all we know, then sold the last little bit on 29th.

richtwo 31 Aug 2017

SMALLCAP World Fund, if SMALLCAP World Fund has disposed of 1.6m shares (see news) I wonder why have we not seen them as trades?Any informed comment would be much appreciated R

Nice to Michu 30 Aug 2017

Re: Davy I would describe results as good more than very good ... ebitda was 5 to 10m less than I was hoping for ..the fact they have good prices already contracted for half 2 is encouraging though..Obviously spot ilmentite price will ongoingly have a meaningful impact on s/p too.. I had previously hoped that this would test 500p in 2017.. I see little chance of that now.. and think 350-400p would be a good to very good outcome by end 2017.. and a decent outcome would be north of 300p .. and average outcome north of 275p... and poor around 250p and bad around 225p....

Kinyara Bill 29 Aug 2017

Re: Volume Scratch that, EIB have 8 million shares if website is up to date, so a way to go. Could also be Capital as they seem keen to reduce their holding back down to pre fundraising level. Either way good to reduce overhang.

Kinyara Bill 29 Aug 2017

Volume If those big trades are EIB offloading their debt for equity stake then this is good news.....they must be almost done.

richtwo 25 Aug 2017

Re: Motley Fool I believe two categories of private shareholder, pre and post refinancing, pre basically wiped out regardless of the recent stability etc, post will have very different views but no chance of significant influenceanyone care to differ with any evidence or numbersR22