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Doobie 26 May 2016

Sticking my head above the parapet. Been lurking for some time, mostly laughing at the jonmore banter so thanks for that. This is my first post so hello all. I am invested and really positive about JLP’s prospects, short-term looks good, mid-term looks better and with Tjate there is incredible potential in the long-term. Jonmore bashing seems to be in vogue and I do think he is baiting you all for entertainment but he does also raise some valid questions. So for what it’s worth here is my take on JLP today. Funding is sorted, no short term issues to worry about. ASA is in Production: 3000 tonnes produced generating £188K in revenue (£62 per tonne), targeting 6000 tonnes in May so I expect first quarter revenue to be around £372K. We don’t know for sure what that revenue represents, is it for the whole project or is it JLP’s portion of it. We also don’t know what the operating costs are – Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and if they make a decent profit they can invest in the others project with less debt and a greatly reduced risk of dilution. JLP have stated that it will release detailed financial data when Q1 production is complete so I expect we will get the answers to the questions on the ASA numbers towards the end of June after they have done due diligence on the data. I think short term expectation is high and patience is low on this stock so unless there is new news I wouldn’t be surprised if the SP falls back a little when people realise they won’t get a financial update on June 1st. When we do get the figures and assuming they show a reasonable return I’m expecting a good reaction in the SP, however this is AIM and anything can happen. JLP have also promised a platinum processing strategy at the end of May, the noises the board are making are very positive. This is really encouraging and we all assume this to mean new revenue opportunities and partners but until we get the “who, what, when and how much” all we have is hope and sentiment. Hernic is in construction, I’m comfortable enough in the company to deliver this and it is a true asset but we are looking at Q1 2017 before it starts to generate income and value in terms of the SP. I’m struggling with ConRoast and I’d welcome any insights, I don’t see it as an asset, as far as I can tell it hasn’t added any value in real terms. Then we have Tjate, on paper absolutely fantastic but in reality without the Mining Right that’s all it is, a piece of paper. The really frustrating thing is this isn’t something the board or any of us have influence over, we are held firmly in the hands of South African politics. I do believe it will come and it will have a seriously positive effect on the SP but when will it be? We don’t have a clue!

steve1ern 16 Mar 2016

Re: JLP Stream Log Thank you idg69, that makes good sense. Really appreciate your response on this. All the best.

steve1ern 16 Mar 2016

LSE input For some reason I can no longer see posts/comments from the LSE bb. I am toggled to receive them but no longer do. I noticed this recently when the total number of user messages/post entries against the topical shares/companies reduced significantly. Any thoughts please? Thanks

Excav8 26 Jan 2016

Re: JLP Stream Log idg 69 hi can you tell me when the first plant is commissioned. What does this plant consist of? I heard the the two wise men said a 30% ROC. Return on capital not a nett or gross profit? No one knows the terms of the commercial contract I take it?

detoxking 02 Jan 2015

Re: JLP Stream Log Hey ill find out what is happening