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Ripley94 26 Jun 2019

Interquest shabby dealings? ITQ… Annoying this keeps showing wrongly up each day as up 21% ( D )

Ripley94 08 Dec 2017

Re: Interquest shabby dealings? Bought today @ 26.5p

Truth_Seeker 30 Oct 2017

Re: Interquest shabby dealings? I just got a rather perfunctory, non-committal 'standard' reply in which no information was given, behind an alleged cloak of confidentiality.I am just now sitting tight awaiting next set of financials. I am hoping that the actual performance of the company improves the market view on the share value - but I know little.Glad to see a new NOMAD has been appointed but my distrust of this management has not abated.

Ripley94 27 Oct 2017

Re: Interquest shabby dealings? Hi LiamDid you ever get a reply , whats your ongoing thoughts.R

Ripley94 24 Oct 2017

Re: Interquest shabby dealings? Did the 42p offer fail ?Not sure what is going on here .I see the price is well below offer at 30p

Truth_Seeker 07 Sep 2017

Interquest shabby dealings? I have today written to AIM to express my 'disquiet' (being very circumspect here). I hope others may also consider writing to AIM or FCA on this one. Here is the salient text of my email to AIM. Please note that my shareholding has rather reduced in value over the morning!"Good Morning.I am a private investor and appreciate that you may not be able to help me. I seek to manage my own SIPP via an execution-only platform (Interactive Investor).This firm (ITQ) seem to have been up to some shenanigans (technical term for possibly dodgy dealings) lately. Yesterday after 4.00 pm they announced that on 10/8/17 they gave notice to Panmure Gordon of termination with the hope of securing a replacement agent. Now they say such has not been secured.Previously they made an offer of 42 pence which it seems most private investors rejected upon advice of independent director, David Higgins, such information disseminated via Panmure.Other management had signalled an intention to delist from AIM but needed 75%. They are a long way short of this, so this 'sacking' process seems to be a manoeuvre to achieve delisting anyway and simply reduce share price to pick up shares from panicked private investors.This seems manipulative and rather shabby practice. Ought they not to have advised AIM of termination of agent so that price reflected that significant information on 10/8/17? Can anything be done here?I currently own shares to the value of around £8,500 on today's price.Thank you for taking time to consider this matter,Kind Regards,Liam"

Piltick 09 Jun 2017

What would be a fair offer? Look at the brokers' forecast for 2018 (per digital Profit £4.7M (highest on record)EPS 9.63pPE Ratio 4.6EPS Growth from 2017 28%Yield 3.5%That's based on SP of 44.3p.I reckon they should be offering a PE of at least 10 x 2018 Forecast EPS, which would be 96.3p.Even 10 x 2017 EPS forecast would be 10 x 7.53p which would be 75.3p, which would be 80% higher than the current offer.Stitch-up.

AndyRB 26 May 2017

Re: Looks like it's all over Why do you think it's all over , I don't know what percentage they need but i'm sure its a lot more than 50% and the shares are still trading over the offer price . If anybody knows the percentage needed please chip in . I certainly won't be voting to accept!Andrew

Piltick 20 May 2017

Looks like it's all over Looks like the MBO will go through at 42p. Total rip-off. I've made over 50% loss on this one. Thankfully I didn't have a huge amount invested, but really annoying that we've been taken for a ride.

Ripley94 18 May 2017

Re: Bought at 90p looks like it was a good call take over offer @ 42p....... .SP Don't like it "A low ball offer "Price today well above offer 48 to 46 @ 4pm.

Ripley94 15 Apr 2017

Re: Bought at 90p This is a Steve more "dragons den" tip from 2016 .which TW teases him about it having done so badly . But hes still punting it again this year against 4 other choices .

Simbrad 28 Jun 2016

Panmure note out this morning on research tree

psyche100 27 Mar 2016

Re: Bought at 90p Hi ZuluThanks for the advice and good luck.

mcescher 27 Mar 2016

ITQ vs HAS comparison graphic, quite cool These guys are now covering AIM which is quite powerful, so I made a comparison of Interquest Group and Hays - hope you like it! [link]

zulu principle2 25 Mar 2016

Re: Bought at 90p Hi PsycheI use REFS where I have set up various searches. They are quite tough criteria's so don't find that many shares which is ok for me. I've based them on Jim Slater's Zulu Principle and tweaked them over the years. Takes me a few minutes a day. Try their free trialI've not used Stockopedia but many do and I expect its similar to REFS. You need to use one of them. They both are the same principle. They have a database you enter some parameters and it shows the results. I also use ADVFN and go into the News section and I look for the shares that have had news that day and gone up the most. They have a great tool where you enter and save certain search words when you open a RNS it highlights those words. For example I have saved the word "ahead" and the RNS has the phrase "ahead of expectations" it highlights the word "ahead". I've done very well recently with buying shares that have come out with trading statements that saying that they are trading ahead of market expectations. On the day they will have increased 10%-20% but that does not put me off and they have continued to do well. I read Paul Scott's daily small cap report.I'd say I spend 2 hours a day researching. If I'm in between work contracts then I spend more. The more you research the better you become.I also get IC weekly and Sharewatch