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Ripley94 09 Jan 2019

Placing ITM… XXXX Topped up today @ 23p

Ripley94 13 Oct 2018

Placing ITM… XXXX You must be further down now loads as i am and got in at a lower price . That was before this week. I see you are still suggesting its a riser on Marksman bb

Ripley94 19 Aug 2018

Placing ITM… XXXXX There was no rush here to get in @ 28p the share bounced up and down off this following three days. Maybe its the bottom .

Ripley94 15 Aug 2018

Placing ITM … XXXX I have had this happen a few times tiny amount of limit lifted Friday @ 29p . Dropped price a penny and got them all today @ 28p not showing on trade history. Maybe a sign it will drop further.

loadsadough 14 Aug 2018

Loadsadough news Hello John_of_Groats, and Goldminer70. Thank you for your nice replies. Yes interesting. Yes I leave this one and go to ADVFN, Log in, and go to the top right, and enter Free BB. I have been using The Drainpipe Club ok today, I have just bought some BMN today. You can find Drainpipe on Tue. 14 Aug, at 15.19 time. Maybe I see you soon. I use namruts25 on the Drainpipe. Loadsadough

John_of_Groats 14 Aug 2018

Loadsadough news I’m afraid that I’m another rat leaving a sinking ship. Most of the knowledgable posters seem to have left or are leaving. The final straw for me was the disappearance of My Portfolio from the virtual portfolio list. It has come back but I’ve had enough. I have looked for The Drainpipe Club on ADVFN but there seem to have been no posts over the last few days. Does the discussion have an EPIC code that would make searching much simpler? As a reminder of the good old days here, I have attached a thread from June 2012 which I had filed. I am thinning out my ITM files but this one is still valid after six years. I would only add that Dr Johnstone lasted just one year and four months at ITM. Perhaps he did not like how ITM was being run. John Goldminer70 - 15/06/2012 - 085 ITM have appointed Dr Charles Johnstone as Director of Engineering. Charles is a Chartered Engineer (Fellow IMechE) and joins ITM Power from Blanson Ltd where he was Managing Director. Charles has a background in compliant product engineering and has worked in the past for Thule Automotive, CNR Design, Cambridge Consultants, GKN Automotive, British Gas Research & Technology and the University of Oxford. Very great welcome to distinguished new member of staff. However am I a little churlish if I say he seems another academic when we need an experienced Director of Sales. Goldminer70 John of Groats - 15/06/2012 - 14:20 I don’t think any of these appointments are just academics. They have worked for excellent companies in a variety of industries. As for needing a sales director, I think we are prone to see the state of ITM’s products through rose-tinted glasses. Most, if not all, of the customers are trialling them, not committing to roll them out throughout their businesses yet. That means that each sale or rental takes a lot technical support for fairly low returns. Companies are conserving cash at the moment, not lavishing it on what they may view as risky ventures. Does ITM have enough technical staff to support a huge growth in the numbers of trials? A good sales team will become necessary when large orders look possible. We cannot be sure of what terms have been offered for these early adopters. Are they profitable or have significant discounts been granted? So far the emphasis has been on electrolysers but, for large scale storage of ‘stranded’ renewable energy, there is much work to be done on the design and development of the storage systems. In many cases, it will also require the means of converting hydrogen back into electricity. We have not heard much about the ITM fuel cell development recently and it would be a shame if half the profits went to other specialist fuel cell manufacturers. For very large storage systems with outputs of hundreds of MW, it may that gas turbines will be the best solution. Up to now, we have been fixated on supplying hydrogen for transport but I still think energy storage (and conversion back to electricity) will be a huge market. As ever, it is striking the balance between producing something that sells before the cash runs out and developing the really big winner for the future, which may never come. John Goldminer70 - 16/06/2012 - 07:57 Thank you John of Groats for your post. As I said in an earlier post I went up to Aberdeen and spent most of a day on visiting a lot of the stands including ITM. I was struck by the technical expertise on ITM’s stand but the lack of sales pressure, On all the other stands I visited the emphasis was on sales. ITM have done exceedingly well to bring the products to the current state. Even the videos are tremendously impressive, and there are several members of staff interviewed who have developed these to the current state. So it surprises me that a Director of Engineering is the appointment that is needed to bolster the Company. When we had a nice rise on Thursday I thought a decent sale was to be announced. Can I pick up two of the sentences in your post which to me cries out for a sales director who can sell ice to an Eskimo to be appointed and take ITM forward. Most, if not all, of the customers are trialling them, not committing to roll them out throughout their businesses yet. A good sales team will become necessary when large orders look possible. In my opinion large orders look possible in the very near future and a good sales team is needed immediately. The turnover forecast for the year to April 2012 is £200,000, for the year to April 2013 is £3,000,000, for the year to April 2014 is £3,500,000, These are turnovers which any small engineering companies would regard as inadequate, they are certainly a lot less than a publicly quoted company need. How have these forecasts been produced? It would be nice if they were backed by market research. I think we all believe and hope that in two years time the sales will be much greater than £3.5m I look forward to the year end figures on the 27th July with revised forecasts for future sales. This is what is holding back the share price of ITM, the lack of sales not a weakness in the engineering capabilities. Goldminer70 John of Groats - 16/06/2012 - 14:40 goldminer, I must admit I need to do a lot more work to provide evidence for my thesis. All I have time for now is to put forward a few interesting ideas and questions. Firstly, there is a huge difference between marketing and sales. As you point out, ITM have put a lot of work into marketing - attending exhibitions, putting on events, promoting trials, producing videos and other material, badgering politicians, and so on. Where has this got us? It has certainly brought us to the attention of the world but very little by way of sales. Why? Is the market for our products still in the early stages? Is it being depressed by the current economic climate or the conservatism of potential customers? Is the market still mainly about trials of the technology? One factor that may severely limit the size of the market for some years is the state of UK electricity generation capacity and distribution. Many of our existing fossil fuel and nuclear plants are coming to the end of their lives. Replacing them over the next decade will cost tens of billions, assuming the politicians are willing to face up to the antis who strongly oppose anything other than renewables. Then there is the obligation to generate a significant proportion from renewables (mostly wind) which, apart from the tens of billions the wind farms will cost, poses two more problems that will cost more billions to solve. Figures like £200 billion have been quoted for the total cost of all this. Based on the accuracy of costing such large projects in the past, I would not be surprised if this is an understatement, partly explained by the fact that it is not in the interest of those making the forecasts to deter decision makers from embracing the project. Firstly, the wind farms are not conveniently located next to existing generation plant. Worse, most capacity will be located out to sea. This will involve construction of hundreds of miles of new distribution lines and all the ancillary plant such as substations. Secondly, wind is intermittent and cannot be relied on. The solutions are to build even more fossil and nuclear plant as backup, to lay connector cables across the Channel and the North Sea capable of supplying us with gigawatts from countries with surplus capacity, or finding a means of storing terawatt hours of surplus electricity when the wind blows that can be delivered at times when it does not blow. For security of supply, we may have to fund all three solutions. Now, along comes ITM with brilliant products which will replace fossil fuels as a source of energy with hydrogen produced from electricity. Where is that extra electrical power to come from? It would be interesting, and I may attempt it, to work out how much revenue ITM earns from each additional MW of generating capacity and how much it adds to the total bill facing us as electricity consumers. It could be that this will significantly affect the speed with which ITM can expand its business in the UK and elsewhere. Maybe this is why ITM should be looking at markets outside the UK for growth in the medium term. Most of ITM’s efforts are now directed at transport and energy storage. There is one product which seems to have dropped out of the limelight, HFlame. It achieved CE certification in March 2011, it was launched at Hannover Messe in April that year and was exhibited at the Messe in April 2012. Apart from that, the only notable event seems to be the setting up of an EU funded project, SafeFlame. My experience of such projects is that they take a few years to achieve anything and a lot of money in paperwork and travel expenses. Perhaps I will have time next week to look at this in more detail. John of Groats - 16/06/2012 - 13:55 I should add that energy storage is the one application that is not limited by generating capacity. On the contrary, it is a way of getting more usable capacity out of the increasing number of wind farms. For example, take a large wind farm of 1GW rated output. Typically it will average less than a third of that. From recent experience, periods of high atmospheric pressure with little wind can last for a week or more. Say we wanted to continue providing an average of 250MW (1/4 of rated capacity) for up to 200 hours (just over eight days). We would need to store 50 GW hours of energy. To give a crude idea of how much that is, the home refuelling unit took over 50 KW hours to produce the equivalent of a gallon of petrol. The wind farm would require a million times that amount of storage! That is why we may now need a Director of Engineering.

Ripley94 13 Aug 2018

Loadsadough news Good bye then loads . And good luck , i see the ones you have recently sold AOR and PHE were better choices then AAU and ITM . Maybe your better at spotting ones going down

loadsadough 13 Aug 2018

Loadsadough news Hello everyone. This will be my last post on this one – I do not like the way it operates, and I do not like some of my write ups coming on my Gmail. In future you can fine me on ADVFN, The Drainpipe Club, Lady Jennifer. Just log in, go to the top right side and enter Free BB. That’s where I shall be from now on. Soon we shall see how ITM does today with its news, I see Wathonian is using ITM, VRS, and SXX, well done all good ones that will rise in time. These are worth looking at. [link] [link] They are both good ones to look at. See you on the Drainpipe Club. WhereI go under the name of namruts25. Loadsadough

loadsadough 12 Aug 2018

Placing Hello Ripley94. I am about 6% down on ITM at the moment. Have a read of this. gazettelive – 9 Aug 18 Hydrogen cars, bin lorries and trains could soon be on Teesside A £220,000 boost for 'super fuel' vehicle fleet in bid to make Teesside a UK hydrogen 'powerhouse' :: It could pump £7bn into region Very interesting. I shall be leaving this site and turning to the ADVFN . I am not happy with the way they put some of my information on my Gmail. Also I am not happy with the way it has turned out, I was ok with the way it use to bein the past. For ADVFN sing in, then go to the top right and to :Free BB:. Look for :The Drainpipe Club:, It is done by Lady Jennifer. Thus us where I shall be after I deal with tomorrow ITM results. My name will be :namruts25:, ITM will go up in the end, I did buy some more shares the other day. Just give it time then it will rise. Good luck. Loadsadough

Ripley94 12 Aug 2018

Placing Hello Loads The order was left on the reminder 99.5 % did not lift . I can not read you link as it will not load. You must be down on this one as well ?

loadsadough 10 Aug 2018

Placing Hydrogen from Teesside ‘could fuel UK - AND create jobs’ - Gazette Live Try Again Ripley94 Loadsadough

loadsadough 10 Aug 2018

Placing [link] This is worth having a look at. Only reply to this one I don’t like them coming out on other places. Loadsadough

Ripley94 10 Aug 2018

Placing ITM… XXXXX Put a limit buy order in @ 29p a tiny amount partially lifted.

loadsadough 31 Jul 2018

Loadsadough news Hello everyone. Good job I sold AOR, and PHE yesterday. AOR down, and PHE requires orders. Instead I buy SDI. and FFX both look ok. ITM, SXX, and VRS you need to hold all three. They will all be much bigger in the future,. All are going to grow in time IMO. Shell are interested in supporting ITM. VRS have a new product that will be in many thins. SXX will be a much bigger company in the future. Good luck all of you. Loadsadough

loadsadough 31 Jul 2018

Placing Hello IAmShareCrazy, and Ripley94 ITM news coming, 30 July 2018 ITM Power plc (“ITM Power” or the “Company”) Notice of Final Results ITM Power (AIM: ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company, announces that it will be reporting final results for the financial year ended 30 April 2018 on Monday, 13 August 2018. Maybe we shall get some news about the factory that they are building. They have outlets in USA, Japan, and Australia now. For the sales that they get soon. Ripley don’t worry about you buying it at around 40p it will go up soon. Look at Stan weinstein’s book page 11 at his charts. The trading Range is just over 30p so it is good to buy now. Loadsadough