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mcescher 30 Mar 2016

Very thorough analysis of ISL Apparently 22% EPS growth next year on here: [link]

pendil 01 Feb 2016

Trading update Very positive update today.Most of the revenues are licence fees which, individually, are one-offs but it sounds like there may be more in the pipeline.

Biscuit Barrell 26 Nov 2015

Re: bought at 97p Hello ZP2 - welcome to IS. This isn't as dramatic a holding as Trakm8 but it has been a solid performer for years apart from a wobble about 12 months ago. However recent results were very strong and there has been a share price rise since then, but still not as large as one might expect. Change of management creates some risk - hopefully good appointments.Good luck

zulu principle2 26 Nov 2015

bought at 97p Noticed this stock back around sept after trading statement then forgot about it. Its up 20% sincethen. Then a director bought some not a lot but it was at their peak. Bought a few now

Biscuit Barrell 19 Nov 2015

Re: revenues and contracts Huge volumes traded today for this stock. Something happening.....

MANCHESTER2009 04 Sep 2015

revenues and contracts wow...thats some growth and it looks like no sign of falling away...just getting bigger.Re rating due here.....only a relatively low number of free shares as well.This should rocket.Im in,GLA