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Boyobach 18 Oct 2017

Re: Yield 6.9 % ...but what do I know?Stuff the market doesn't care about maybe?I guess this week's allotment and issue of 1,617,973 ordinary shares at a price of 629.35 pence per Share, to participants in the Company's Scrip Dividend Scheme may have had some influence yesterday.Today's 602 is something of a 'low point' isn't it? - as depressing as 594 in February. Still, 602 is better than 540 - possibly the next most obvious level of support - at which point the yield will be truly awesome but not of much comfort....Let's hope the current level of support doesn't get tested too much!

BlackPrince 17 Oct 2017

Re: Yield 6.9 % Yeah, it seems well run, good prospects and an incredible yield. Share price should be nearer £10, but what do I know..

sage in the hills 17 Oct 2017

Yield 6.9 % ......never have things been so good.SP at great buying opportunity£2.9billion capSAGE

--- 11 Oct 2017

Ofcom grants Inmarsat authorisation Ofcom has granted Inmarsat the necessary authorisation to operate the ground based component of their European Aviation Network, full details at [link] particular note in this is the comment: "Ofcom also considers, based on the information provided by Inmarsat, that the Ground-based Stations will comply with the common conditions set out in Article 8(3)"This is a good indication that the legal objections lodged by ViaSat & Eutelsat are unlikely to block Inmarsat from operating this network.

highsnlows 27 Sep 2017

Re: Great contract win Onward and Upward, great win and great for future revenue and profits.

killermanjarrow 27 Sep 2017

Re: Great contract win This statement, given that it's from an RNS, has to be true"The scale of this contract, covering more than 120 existing aircraft and one of the industry's largest orderbooks for additional aircraft, showcases our status as a global market leader in advanced inflight broadband. Inmarsat has the fastest growing service uptake in our market, with, following this agreement, more than 1,300 aircraft, expected under signed contracts, both installed and under backlog, for our next generation GX Aviation and European Aviation Network (EAN) solutions."This is the area that offers the most growth opportunity for the company and things are moving in the right direction. The share price has to follow IMHO.

killermanjarrow 27 Sep 2017

Great contract win If ISAT get their aviation broadband right it could become the market leader. It's a huge market and ISAT will get bought out if they do it properly. They're making the right noises about data rates and if they can get a full airbus all streaming at the same time then it'll revolutionise air travel. There are competitors but ISAT are in the mix and could win the battle. The market at these prices is assuming failure. This contract win suggests that the market needs to adjust.Strong buy! GLA

BassCadet 27 Sep 2017

Re: Consensus!!! Sounds like bunkum to me Boyobach.The company keeps announcing contract after contract. This is also quite an old business now. Costs are quite well understood.The only thing I worry about here is mid to long term competition. SpaceX's plans at the moment. However, there's plenty of time for a few ups and downs before they deploy anything.

Boyobach 26 Sep 2017

Re: Consensus!!! Yes indeed, at least the average of those is 815 - I'd be happy with thatNumis' report is the most pessimistic and this negativity was supposedly based uponoubts about whether revenues from the maritime business would grow at 2.5 per cent this year,Lack of enthusiasm for the aviation division’s ‘in flight’ connectivity deal with Boeing. Numis also delivered a warning that the operator’s aviation profit margin could be as low as 40-50 per cent over the next 5 years (it was 68 per cent last year). Numis apparently also thought that Inmarsat’s capital expenditure is likely to surge 10-20 percent higher than most expectations.Points to keep an eye on, perhaps.

highsnlows 26 Sep 2017

Consensus!!! I've just taken a look at the recent forecasts: 11th Aug Deutsche 1010p. 5th Sept Numis 480p. 8th Sept Jefferies 1100p. 15th Sept Barclays 670p. As you can see they're all over the place, yet they should all be reading from the same hymn sheets i.e RNS's. Looking back you can see that ISAT has a volatile history of oscillating between short term lo's and hi's. At it's current sp, 622, I'm putting this into the oversold category and well worth a buy or a top up. It's attractive dividend makes this a long term investment with lots of short term opportunities to dip in and out. HnL

sage in the hills 21 Sep 2017

Re: Useful currency backgroung Stability of foreign currency income streams, and their bearing on profitsSAGE

geta4tune 21 Sep 2017

Re: Useful currency backgroung Can you explain the relevance to Inmarsat please?

sage in the hills 21 Sep 2017

Useful currency backgroung Key Takeaways From the September Fed MeetingShare On Facebook Print Harriet Torry Federal Reserve officials didn't raise short-term interest rates Wednesday, but a December increase remains on the table. Meanwhile, the central bank said it would initiate in October its long-telegraphed plan to shrink its securities holdings. Here are key takeaways from the Fed's two-day policy meeting:Looking to DecemberThe Fed's summary of economic projections suggests officials are still on track to raise short-term interest rates once more this year, most likely at the Dec. 12-13 meeting when Chairwoman Janet Yellen will hold her next press conference. The Fed meets again Oct. 31-Nov. 1, but no press conference is scheduled then. Fed officials expect to raise rates three more times next year, a forecast unchanged from when they last submitted economic projections in June. Officials lowered their median forecast for the path of rates in 2019: They now expect two rate increases that year, down from three. Officials expect rates to rise once in 2020.Trending Lower for LongerFed officials brought down their expectation for where they see interest rates settling in the longer run, to 2.75% from an earlier forecast of 3%. The drift downward reflects a lowering in officials' view of the so-called neutral rate, an underlying interest rate that is consistent with the economy operating at its full potential and expanding without overheating. Ms. Yellen told reporters that "because the neutral rate currently appears to be quite low by historical standards, the federal-funds rate would not have to rise much further to get to a neutral policy stance."Will She Stay or Will She Go?Ms. Yellen is keeping her cards close to her chest regarding what she think about her future as her term as Fed chairwoman ends Feb. 3, 2018. She reiterated Wednesday that she intends to serve out her current term, but said, "I'm really not going to comment on my intentions beyond that." She told reporters that she hasn't had a meeting with President Donald Trump since the early days of his presidency. The two have met just once, for about 15 minutes, in the Oval Office in February. Mr. Trump has said he is considering renominating Ms. Yellen, but that he is considering others for the post as well.Roll On the RolloffThe Fed in October will initiate its long-telegraphed plan to shrink the portfolio of bonds acquired after the 2008 crisis. That means the Fed will end its practice of fully reinvesting the principal payments of maturing bonds into new bonds and instead allow $10 billion in holdings to roll off without reinvestment every month. Those amounts will increase by $10 billion each quarter to a maximum of $50 billion from October next year. "Our balance sheet is not intended to be an active tool for monetary policy in normal times," Ms. Yellen emphasized Wednesday, adding that "we therefore do not plan on making adjustments to our balance-sheet normalization program."Sticking to Its GunsWith the rolloff of its holdings ready to start, Ms. Yellen said there is now "a somewhat high bar to resume reinvestments," and only "a material deterioration in the economic outlook" would prompt the Fed to consider such a move. "It will be up to future policy makers to decide in the event of a severe downturn whether they think it's appropriate to again resort to adding assets to a balance sheet," she said.Write to Harriet Torry at (END) Dow Jones NewswiresSeptember 20, 2017 18:55 ET (22:55 GMT)Copyright (c) 2017 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.SAGE

Boyobach 19 Sep 2017

Re: DB comment perhaps a pity that Deutsche Bank don't seem so impressed...Obviously the second RNS today, some hours later, appears to somewhat restore the DB position (although still an apparent reduction).

Boyobach 19 Sep 2017

Re: IFC services Yes - perhaps a pity that Deutsche Bank don't seem so impressed (today's RNS). But there could be a host of different reasons and motivations for that. However, DBs action and Barclay's note, on top of ex-div, should explain some of the additional weakness last week. If it was due to test the lows then it's been a natural time to do so.