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churjones 16 Mar 2018

Re: bought I like you have bought into this share today, the second lot bought within a month, I'm putting a lot of faith in onboard internet, for aircraft and with the new satellites due soon seems an obvious choice for the future, but a hold at present regards

elliottsilverman 16 Mar 2018

Bought at 399 to average down to 480p ... will be holding for the long haul ...

paul1945 16 Mar 2018

bought at 395 to aver !best of luck to me & all

Boyobach 15 Mar 2018

Re: If a 'Take Over' offer was to come in, w... Rather stating the obvious, I guess the choice would be either a competitor or an organisation in a closely related field looking to expand into areas where ISAT have expertise and are successful. There are some US contenders - Iridium comes to mind - but maybe Chinese and/or European interests would challenge potential US dominance in this very strategic niche. Hostile bids can be made at any price - I think the average premium is around 30% to 40% but I recall that Kraft's failed attempt at Unilever was at only 18%. The Jefferies analysis, posted here by Blackprince on Monday, postulated an imagined Echostar bid of £10 at +30% above an ISAT sp of £7.70, (ISAT was around this level until early September, of course).On that basis a credible but optimistic bid today might conceivably start as low as 520p - although I think it would be fanciful to suppose that it would be successful. On Tuesday I suggested that controlling shareholders would not countenance a bid below the mid price enjoyed until September, say around £7.50. I'm sure many would still regard that as cheap (such as Jefferies analysts presumably) but then the market obviously doesn't rate ISAT too highly at the moment.Personally, I don't think there'll be a bid - it's just the 'go-to' thing when an sp falls to a supposedly cheap level.

Medway Man 15 Mar 2018

If a 'Take Over' offer was to come in, who is it likely to be? Obviously the share price is at an attractive level for other companies to be looking at ISAT whether tentatively or in-depth.If an offer is to be made (disregarding how the share price does in the mean time); who is it likely to come from and what sort of price????

killermanjarrow 14 Mar 2018

Re: Analyst notes yep, you can't fault Numis who seem to have had a crystal ball when it comes to ISAT. Very pleased to see that they've called the bottom!GLA

Boyobach 14 Mar 2018

Analyst notes Yesterday's note from Numis is interesting, given that they've called this pretty well so far:'.... upgrades its investment rating on Inmarsat PLC (LON:ISAT) to hold (from sell) and raised its price target to 450p (from 400p).'Meanwhile Morgan Sranley, which has been more behind the curve, has today cut its target to 500.

dongo 14 Mar 2018

Re: Director dealing 1000 share bought and on a five figure salary, nothing!!!!

Boyobach 13 Mar 2018

Re: Director dealing Big deal ! - I reckon a few of us around here have more skin in the game than that.

Boyobach 13 Mar 2018

Re: price Well, perhaps it hasn't worked out quite so well for Ripley after all - or for me at the moment, come to that. The market may have been indecisive at first but has made up for it now.The price certainly did get driven below my warning line at 420 and now it's well into the free fall zone. Am I buying? No fear! I've seen this happen elsewhere a few times and, although I'm likely to buy at some point, I'll wait for this one to fully succumb to gravity: I'd much rather accumulate something in stages on the way up - keeping my average sp below current than do the reverse.Whilst it might logically hold around here (380), if anyone has a credible chart theory about where it might next find genuine support I'd be interested -there's obviously some fragile previous form at 360 and 300 but anything down to around 275 looks feasible to me now.Regarding 'take-over' scenarios - I rather regret hinting at that old Jefferies story in a post last week. It's the sort of straw we do tend to grasp when the market turns against one of our pet investments. There's an obvious flaw in supposing that the low sp makes a difference isn't there? - Jefferies thought that EchoStar might bid £10-£15, and rationalises that this represents some sort of fair t/o value. If that is truly the case then such an offer is hardly dependent on whether the current market sp is £5 or £3.80 . Yes, a bid might come in, maybe up to 2x current - say £7.60. That's hardly what many holders of the last four years might have hoped, although it would do me handsomely. At one time I thought it might have made a suitable BT acquisition - in the days when BT had a bit more oomph and a bit less baggage.In the meantime, it rather looks like there's going to be plenty of time to sus this one out as it doesn't seem set to recover for a while. Maybe it'll level off when the yield is back up to 5% and more appropriate to the apparently perceived risks? It's already up to about 3.75% I think, another quid off might do it on that basis.

paul1945 13 Mar 2018

Director dealing + 9650

Flashboy 13 Mar 2018

Re: bought in today check your stop loss. £4 needs to hold this week!

BlackPrince 12 Mar 2018

Bid more likely? The article below is only 4 months old, so with the huge (unjustified IMO) reduction in the share price since, surely a bid is inevitable? Views welcomed as always, even if I disagree with them!"Satellite operator EchoStar, controlled by Charlie Ergen, is sitting on a cash pile of a huge $2.8 billion (€2.36bn), plus another $500 million of marketable securities, and is currently not doing anything with this ‘war chest’.Equity analysts at investment bank Jefferies have carried out a study to examine whether a hypothetical bid for Inmarsat might now make sense. Helping their rationale is a fall in Inmarsat’s share price which the bank says “now outweighs the evident dis-synergies and clunking industrial logic of a bid from EchoStar. The ‘earnings penalty’ from holding so much cash must now also be unbearable for EchoStar shareholders.”“We believe there is merit in doing the merger analysis. We conclude that a £10 per share offer balances all interests (though we estimate EchoStar could bid as high as £15 and still see year 3 Free Cash Flow per share accretion pre-synergies). Our analysis suggests the urge to finally ‘pull the trigger’ on an offer must be becoming overwhelming.”The bank stresses that its discussion is hypothetical and “is not based on non-public information / confirmation from the issuer or another party, and does not otherwise reference an impermissible rumour.”The bank adds that it could see EchoStar paying up to a 30 per cent premium for Inmarsat, or even more in order to secure the business."

evenlongershot 12 Mar 2018

bought in today It seems that any company who wants to invest in it's future and not shell out everything to impatient shareholders is going to get hammered share price wise. The commitment to invest in onboard wifi - brilliant! Millennials cant be without their phones for two seconds and they're the next generation of flyers. We'll look back in a few years and think 'wasn't it funny those days when you couldn't use your phone onboard'. It will be one of those things that one day will be the norm even if it is slow/expensive now. For me it's a buy in and be patient stock. Plus there might even be a boost if the US payment does actually materialise. Or even a takeover at these levels. Sit tight!

dongo 12 Mar 2018

SP Even more like a £4 share.