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Eadwig 12 Feb 2020

IQE price collapse? jackdawsson: November, SP was seeing resistance at 75+, with intraday moves higher. That may well play out again. JD, I only really posted here so I could copy the graph onto Barc + Yeah, with an average of @77p (was >@100p initially) it wouldn’t be what I hoped for. If i can escape with a 5% profit then all my in and out trading here, and worry, would turn out to not be too bad. I still think they benefit from 5G ultimately, but I can see the global roll out delayed with the coming pandemic. (Have more info on that which I’ll add to BARC + in due course, but in brief signs are that Wuhan infections are peaking which means around a 3 month wait from first cases to peak then a tail off. this from a couple of experts on the BBC - one predicting a peak in UK around the end of April. If so that is going to mess up some travel plans I have and possibly a planned house sale, but that’s another story.). I really don’t want to take a loss on this in my SIPP having been a VOD sufferer earlier in the year. SIPP stands at all time highs today and I’d like to keep some momentum going. Not that wishing for things ever helped in this game. jackdawsson: Of note, when it collapsed before closing at 65.85 on 15th November, next day open was 56.50. That gap remains unfilled. Yes, that is interesting, I hadn’t realised. My problem right now is, unlike your FTSE trades, I’ve sold off my most recent purchases at or under @50p and every tranche sold under @77p now will raise the average even more beyond reach as their buying prices are all too high. In other words I don’t have those nice increments in tranche prices, mostly due to the sharp drop. Buying on a pullback that is still above @50p to try and trade the average down, may not be a good idea. As you know I have a dread of forward guidance from companies creating more uncertainty at the moment and IQE and their ilk are also in their traditionally worst quarter of the year. I could just end up prolonging the agony as I still don’t see IQE actually turning a profit anytime soon. There is still some hope that they pick up unexpected orders that are not being filled by Chinese factories, but that is pure speculation. I haven’t had time to search for what my have caused today’s price rise, but I’m betting it was a U.S. chip maker with beating consensus results. Just passed @63p today. If i’d held on to my last two trades I’d be nearing break-even with the whole holding. No use crying over spilt milk though.

jackdawsson 12 Feb 2020

IQE price collapse? Eadwig: Instead I lost patience and sold for relatively minor profits the last one just days ago. Typically the breakout from recent closing prices looks like it will happen today, with every chance of the price pushing on into the @60s I expect. Unfortunately my holding average is now @77p. I still have work to do to get out of this position with dignity (I.e. a min. of 5% profit p.a.). Hi Eadwig, Same here as i didn’t anticipate the breakout to higher range so soon. If this break-out is consolidated with volume, I think there’s a very decent chance you can redeem the lot. Before IQE’s sharp collapse in November, SP was seeing resistance at 75+, with intraday moves higher. That may well play out again. Of note, when it collapsed before closing 65.85 on 15th November, next day open was 56.50. That gap remains unfilled. For me, I’ll almost certainly take a significant, but not devastating hit at circa 75p. Not devastating only as my stakes here much smaller than in other stocks previously. But still another setback. - Regards.

Eadwig 12 Feb 2020

IQE price collapse? Been holding two tranches for 3 months. When bought they were meant to average my overall holding down to a price n the @60s, in other words in reah of a recovery. Instead I lost patience and sold for relatively minor profits the last one just days ago. Typically the breakout from recent closing prices looks like it will happen today, with every chance of the price pushing on into the @60s I expect. Unfortunately my holding average is now @77p. I still have work to do to get out of this position with dignity (I.e. a min. of 5% profit p.a.).

jackdawsson 04 Feb 2020

IQE price collapse? jackdawsson: Re-added a 4th long at 46.03. Sold at 54.79. Booked 8.5+ points. Decided to book gains after a today’s strong rally across markets. Not sure whether it’s sustainable due to ongoing global issues. Still 3 underwater longs to settle.

Eadwig 04 Dec 2019

What on earth...? A series of profit warnings happened, due to Trump and Huawei basically. It has tended to climb back though - see chart. I also was holding at an average of @101p, but I’ve managed to trade the volatility to get my current average down to @64p approx. I’m hoping I may even exit eventually with enough of a return to have the money tied up for 6 months or so see a worth while return of maybe 10%. Not too much to act if i sit patiently and it returns to recent highs ov around @75p before the last trading statement and another, lesser profit warning. image.png664x516 23.8 KB

jackdawsson 19 Nov 2019

IQE price collapse? jackdawsson: Still hold longs at 96.90, 100.20 & 104.80. Re-added a 4th long at 46.03. Reasons: averaged down & now have a reduced exit target for the whole lot at a hit when this recovers to circa 70+. Despite previous gains here, patently this has proven to be a regrettable error. That said, my stakes here are much smaller than they’ve been on other stocks. So it could be worse. - GLA.

eagle51 08 Nov 2019

Apple comments I thought you’d promised not to post anymore, Dave? But I see you’re back, telling the same story about what a wonderful company IQE is and filling anyone daft enough to take any notice of you with more hope of great things to come. I can tell you about a few people - one in particular - who have done very well out of IQE, but they’re mostly the recipients of large numbers of soft options which they’ve gone on to exercise and sell at opportune times, to feather their own nests, as they’ve left retail investors/gamblers (sorry - traders) fighting among themselves to see if they can make gains on the real money they’ve used to buy their holdings. Don’t get taken in, shabby. Show me the money that reflects the “profits” reported by the Company over the years. It has never been there. Real results have been disguised - it became a game to the Company years ago. “Profits” are reported after all kinds of adjustments to make the situation look as rosy as possible - this never seems to change. Why not spend some time mugging up on cash flow statements? They tell the real story. Cash for so-called investment (which invariably have the effect of increasing the Company’s already high overheads base) has been provided by frequent new share issues, combined with borrowings. It’s all there in the accounts - why not look at what they say without those rose-coloured spectacles? I won’t repeat again all the reasons why IQE will in all probability still be promising jam tomorrow when most investors have long since departed the planet. Think of all the other stocks with real promise you’re money could be used to buy into. Why leave it in the hands of someone who’s already become very rich on the back of his empty promises - but still plays the same game because he still wants more. Dave, I’m sure you were a good medical practitioner in your day but you’d be doing everyone a favour if you’d stop pretending you understand investing. You’d do well to drop the advice about what does and doesn’t make a good investment. IQE wouldn’t appear on a list of ‘buys’ any seasoned or sensible investor would put together. Rather the opposite in fact, as IQE is one of the most shorted stocks in the market. As I have said on multiple occasions before, I am not disputing that IQE has a 'first in class" product range and that many of its employees are technically extremely talented. It’s simply that the Company is too dependent on a few big companies for its sales and isn’t high enough up the food chain to charge the prices that would allow it to book profits that are enough to buy the jam Nelson continues to promise you all on a half-yearly and annual basis. Maybe things will change; who knows? But until then…yawn Morning OBO - how’s it going? You too Les P. Did I ever tell you I own a few handmade concert classical guitars made by English luthiers - one for me personally? Works of art - I love them. Much more satisfying to own than IQE shares, for instance. all imo/dyor

Ripley94 05 Nov 2019

Apple comments Hi zulu_principle2 Did you hold on 126p Aug 2017 … 72p today. I see you thought DFX was a good buy the previous August that is now 0.5p and delisting .

Eadwig 10 Oct 2019

IQE Price Recovery ... and Collapse The price hasn’t collapsed and the 100% take-over of a failing Singapore based part of the business today has been met with a measure of approval by the market. Can’t quite get a grip on where it is going short-term, no pattern established, although swings between @55p and @65p are very tradeable.

Eadwig 02 Oct 2019

IQE Price Recovery ... and Collapse I expect IQE to drop over the next few days given the bad manufacturing figures out of USA yesterday, adding to the general negative sentiment over global prospects. Current price is @60.62p (-0.29%) after a sharp drop yesterday. We’re already back around to earnings season in USA. If chip makers reflect the bad data in their earnings reports we can expect IQE to drop on those also. I’ll be looking to add at some point to trade my position and its average price down based on the fact that IQE share price seems to have resilience given any period of non-direct news. That despite its own figures, other than gearing up for growth, have been far from stellar over the last few years now. So, further purchases are a gamble on the chart rather than the underlying business profitability. There is some hope that IQE will pick up major orders as the global supply chain re-positions itself, but the truth is to date they have only felt negative impacts from that. The only reason I’m hopeful is that smaller companies tend to be able to change more quickly than some of its larger competitors, but I admit this is little more than wishful thinking at this point. image.png650x660 32.1 KB

Eadwig 22 Sep 2019

IQE Price Recovery ... and Collapse So, it came back on no news and then a sharp turnaround on Friday … on no news that I am aware of but heavier volumes than the previous few days through which it climbed … image.png1687x892 81.3 KB Short positions remain sizeable with IQE the 5th most shorted UK company … with Thomas Cook at number 1 and all the other 3 badly affected by Brexit and/or Woodford. I don’t see why IQE is so heavily shorted, personally. [link] Yet 8.91% isn’t that big a deal and I certainly don’t hear deramping going on in the media - not that I’ve noticed anyway. There must have been some worried people involved there as the price rose from @47p to @64p in just a few days. Yet they have seen it all before over the last few months. Personally I bought on the way down @55p, @50p and @47.5p and sold on the way up, taking back my cash and retaining shares. Even so my average holding is still approx @81p. Does anyone have any theories on IQE volatility, short term and longer term? image.png1686x876 73.8 KB

eagle51 06 Sep 2019

IQE price collapse? Morning old brown owl, monty, lesdawsoncustom, dave sweeny et al - do you still think I was wrong? I’d love to hear from you - funny you’ve gone all quiet. People like you always do - you can give it but you can’t take it. Weak & pathetic. The latest interims show the mess the company is in - which other company reassures investors with:"we’ve got plenty of scope for lease financing, when it’s as plain as a pikestaff cash is a real issue. As another wise poster pointed out not that long ago: there’s an outside chance of IQE going bust. Outside chance? Who’s going to lend it money it is clear it would struggle to pay back unless a few things change. IQE isn’t at the top of the food chain, it can’t charge its relatively few big customers prices that allow it to prosper and its management isn’t smart enough to get the balance right. Investment is a fundamental requirement and IQE doesn’t make enough to justify it. Cash flow suffers. It isn’t rocket science. Things might change but are unlikely to while Nelson is in charge. Funny how he hasn’t taken the opportunity to top up his cash rich pension plans, with the current SP at less than half the price he last sold shares at. I make it a strong sell. A thumping loss in H1 (disguised as usual) and not generating nearly enough cash. Tomorrow’s jam is receding into the distance. Bet you’re made up for me about JOG’s quick recovery. JOG’s directors are talented people who’ve got their own money invested and pay themselves modestly. They’re honest too. JOG is only at the starting line and I’ve got stacks of shares, even my y standards. SQZ are doing well too. You should listen, obo - you clearly need guidance about difficult things like investing. You too, Les - has IQE still changed your life? Pitiful. all imo/dyor

Ripley94 05 Sep 2019

Monty.... IQE… XXXXXX Good job i did not bottom pick this in June 2018. July 2016 this was 16.5p . Great rise to 171p by November 2017. One of Marksman’s examples of buying a rising share. Been declining since now around 49p . Traders and chartist on it ( LC keen back end 2018 )

jackdawsson 04 Sep 2019

IQE price collapse? Ripley94: Big fall back here now below 50p Hi @Ripley94 Not surprising. A poor interim yesterday. But SP seems to be finding support around current levels, circa 49+ as I write. That said, I’m prepared to take a hit on my remaining longs on any decent rise later. Not a massive investment from me, but I think recovery here to 100+ seems a very long way off if Trump’s tariff wars continue & escalate. - Regards. MorningstarUK – 3 Sep 19 IQE Reports Interim Loss Amid Rising Costs, Revenue Decline (Alliance News) - IQE PLC said Tuesday it sunk to a loss in the first half of 2019, driven by a ...

Ripley94 04 Sep 2019

IQE price collapse? IQE… XXXX Big fall back here now below 50p