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rvasquez49 22 Jul 2018

Dreadful changes to the BB Hung , drawn and quartered would be more appropriate metaphorically !!!

lear 18 Jul 2018

Why is IQE up to 110+? Why is IQE up to 110+ ? God I hate this ii garbage site now

stephen_jervis 04 Jul 2018

IQE - Advice Gotcha, thanks

Bowman 03 Jul 2018

Dreadful changes to the BB @budu, They do, which in the case of IQE is 0% IQE 1.png806x364 40.3 KB

budu 03 Jul 2018

Dreadful changes to the BB ii could at last have let us see yields.

shabby_2_sox 03 Jul 2018

IQE - Advice I have probably also made reference to an expected July 18 trading update based on the 2017 trading update issued on 20th July 2017 (list of RNS’s on IQE website). 20 Jul 2017 070 IQE plc : Trading Statement & Notice of Results

stephen_jervis 03 Jul 2018

IQE - Advice Hi Fadab, Where did you see that there is a trading statement due in July? Just curious as I can’t find any reference to this online. Thank you Stephen

stephen_jervis 29 Jun 2018

IQE - Advice Hi, Thank you very much for the advice

fadab 28 Jun 2018

IQE - Advice It is likely to be bottoming soon , trading statement in July should move it upwards

MrVindaloo 28 Jun 2018

IQE - Advice Assuminmg of course it does drop back further!

stephen_jervis 28 Jun 2018

IQE - Advice Thank you… I am positive long term but always tempting to sell and buy back once it’s dropped further

soi 28 Jun 2018

IQE - Advice Hi I cannot give advice and I am not an investor in IQE but I trade it on a short term basis. Whatever decision you take would depend on your risk tolerance. I generally try to avoid selling on dips, which IQE certainly is having now. Yes, might go lower, do you have faith long term ? If so why sell now ? For clarity I am net long with leveraged trading positions here. I also trade it to the short side, I would not personally short it at this level. GL soi

stephen_jervis 27 Jun 2018

IQE - Advice Hi , What are your price targets for IQE? I bought at 125p and it’s been a long couple of months… worth cutting my losses now, or hanging on for a reversal from the current 99p. Analysts seem to range from 170 to 195, but with figures not out until September I am concerned the price will drop even further by then. Thank you. Regards Stephen

ladylinc 25 Jun 2018

IQE News and Views - The new thread for regular IQE posters I got exactly the same post on the first day this site was up. I complained on these boards because I thought it was a totally inappropriate and really quite rude post to a woman over 70. But quite why they sent the same post to you I don’t know. Perhaps they do off the peg notes LL

shovelier 25 Jun 2018

IQE News and Views - The new thread for regular IQE posters And then I get this patronising drivel as a reply from some ii robot. Hey there! heart_eyes Looks like you’re enjoying the discussion, but you’re not signed up for an account. When you create an account, we remember exactly what you’ve read, so you always come right back where you left off. You also get notifications, here and via email, whenever new posts are made. And you can like posts to share the love. heartbeat