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II Editor 02 Oct 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Infrastructure investing: How to access this illiquid asset class "With gilts, corporate bonds and equities all considered by many to be overvalued now, investors are hungry for other opportunities from which to derive income. As a result, there has been a rise in interest in infrastructure investing, although ..."[link]

II Editor 19 May 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Nine under-the-radar investment trusts for income seekers "Over the long term, investment trusts tend to produce superior performance to their open-ended fund counterparts, but investors who seek an income still need to make sure their portfolios are sufficiently diverse.Trusts that hold alternative ..."[link]

II Editor 27 Apr 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Introducing a £100,000 'safety first' portfolio "Introducing the first of a new set of four £100,000 portfolios - Capital Conserver.Rob Morgan is usually something of a 'gung-ho' investor. Still in his 30s, the investment analyst at Charles Stanley Direct has the time - and the risk appetite - ..."[link]