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Ripley94 14 Jun 2018

135p now, bigger wow IMM. … XXXX New ii site.

Ripley94 06 Jun 2018

Re: 135p now, bigger wow Have not looked for a wile the slice in January lucky.Big fall on results Rns.. 17th April 18.Topped today on low 25.2p … did not have many.

Twice2 01 Jun 2018

Re: Analysis Pharma Giles, we could do with your expert view of the new info. thanks in anticipation

More4us 31 May 2018


zombynation 01 May 2018

Next leg up Reckon these will settle around 40-45p by the end of the week

bestone 01 May 2018

Cheap Price back to attractive level. Topped up today.Lack of news is dragging the price down.

DIE HARD 1 27 Apr 2018

price drop big drop today maybe should get out any suggestions

Nice to Michu 23 Apr 2018

Re: Back to 70p that's a punchy target imho zombynation imho but of course it could happen.. all depends what the can resurrect out of those poor/very poor phase 3 trail results going forward.. I don't have a clue about that but Pharma Giles and snark hunter seem to very usefully have good knowledge here .. Immu have a decent amount of cash in the bank still which is very important.. and the product is safe and some trial users want to keep using it... so still reasonable hope of upside from here imho.. (I've only got a smallish position left here now but will hold and watch on for weeks/months I expect.. have brought my average price down meaningfully to 40p at least...bought and sold a bunch around time of recent news/collapse but selling plenty thru the 30's is now looking premature...even including recent pullback from late 40's , north of 50p in coming weeks seems very possible ...)

zombynation 19 Apr 2018

Back to 70p Short term target here. This was completely oversold and a massive overreaction

Nice to Michu 17 Apr 2018

Re: Wakey, wakey! well at least it bounced decently this late morning and early afternoon.. allowed trading out of a hole - as I fortunately, in the end, somewhat did - and helps buy and holders too.. some excellent posting from Pharma Giles here, thanks.. but post of the day for me by a big margin is snark-hunter, thanks factorially: one minute after reading I bought a bunch more here ( sold plenty of them this arbo granted ) Many twists and turns still to come here I expect.. good luck to all fellows holders..

WildBillHiccup 17 Apr 2018

Re: Thank you Many thanks Pharma Giles. Have been reading your comments about P3 and found them very helpful. So much so that my investment in IMM was sold a while ago (had 40K at one stage) It was all too good to be true, sadly. TM's comments rang a bell too - of AZM not that I can remember that debacle too clearly, but it rand the wrong tune to me. Your comments rang true throughout, and many thanks.

dallo 17 Apr 2018

Holding RNS With close to 50m shares traded today compared to 140m in issuea spate of holdings RNSs ( or maybe just one) should start to appearin the next few daysSomeone( or a number of parties) has picked up a major stake in Immupharma on the cheap particularly given that the trial results may not be that bad after all imho

Dhanna 17 Apr 2018

Re: Analysis PGI am sure IMM read this board.Surely you should contact with your expertise and help reverse the decimation.Thanks.Regards D

Pharma Giles 17 Apr 2018

Analysis Reducing the placebo response rate is an art in any clinical trial.... I should point out it's my job to know much more about drug development than any small company..If IMM are reading this my suggestion would be to present the Week 12response rates - if they also show a superior effect to placebo then undertake a sustained response/remission analysis. The eligibility criteria of SLEDA>6 for inclusion will only help drive out the delta (difference between active and placebo) for the induction phase of the study at week 12 (see my previous post on induction vs maintenance) but will have little influence on the maintenance phase.. When you go out to Week 52, with your primary time-point, the baseline disease activity has less influence on driving out the delta, as a subjects disease activity 1 year ago is too far in the past, and will naturally change as part of the normal fluctuation of the disease over the longer term..The analysis I would recommend (assuming week 12 was good) is to look at the proportion of patients in response at both Week 12 AND Week 52 (i.e. combined response rate for a single responder analysis). This will drive down the placebo response more so than the active (if superiority was also seen at week 12).. If positive you will still be able to use the data to support an NDA for a long-term label claim, but naturally will need another study with this as your endpoint (in patients with anti-dsDNA autoantibodies).. it may allow less patients to be needed for the next study though..Good luck and would like to see some good out of this... all is not lost here...

snark_hunter 17 Apr 2018

Results Todays results which failed to show a statistically significant improvement are very disappointing and the market has reacted but I think current market value is an over-reaction. The facts are that the drug is safe and improves the life of Lupuzor sufferers.In the fullness of time will recover due to a better realisation of the following:- Lupuzor did achieve 7.9% uplift over standard treatments but not proven beyond statistical doubt. - The effectiveness among the 153 patients that got to the end of the course of treatment was 68.8%, which was 9.6% above standard treatment but no statistical significance test yet available.- In a specific sub group there is a 14% uplift, very close to the statistical significance test, and of these 8% went into remission whereas non in control group did.- No patients had any side effects whereas standard treatment includes steroids, anti-malarials, and other drugs which all have side effects, some very severe, over the longer term- The detailed results have yet to be produced and discussed with the FDA- The open label extension completes in October which may add further support for Lupuzor’s efficacy without further trials and a deal- Lupuzor appears to have general effects against auto-immune and even chronic inflammatory indications and pre-clinical evidence supports the molecule's use in: Neuropsychiatric lupus (NPSLE); Gougerot-Sjögren Syndrome (GSS); Guillain-Barré Syndrome; Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy; Arthritis; Crohn's Disease and Asthma. All of these are commercially attractive and large marketsKey are the discussions with FDA which is moving to a more patient centred approach to drug approvals; the drug is safe and does improve the life of Lupuzor sufferers.Fortunately the company has £10m in the bank, and has several other oncology and diabetes drugs in the pipeline, and 2 drugs platforms, which may be of interest to pharmaceutical companies in any deal which I suspect will be forthcoming but not at the stellar valuations we were hoping for.Statements from company:“Whilst we are disappointed at the high response in the placebo plus standard of care group that resulted in statistical significance not being reached between the two treatment groups, we believe Lupuzor has the potential to bring a much needed safe treatment to the millions of Lupus sufferers around the world.”top line results “provide evidence for the continued investigation into the development and commercialisation of Lupuzor”. It thinks the drug has the potential to offer patients and physicians a much needed effective and safe treatment for lupus.“ImmuPharma is in ongoing discussions with a number of larger pharmaceutical companies,” it added.“The results of this study will now be shared with those potential commercial partners. There can be no certainty as to the outcome or timing of these discussions.”