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Ripley94 09 Sep 2018

135p now, bigger wow IMM… XXXXX In Sunday times today , they point out at all time low @ 18p , and they don’t see any improvement. Good job and lucky i sliced Nov ,Dec, and January 18… in January it was the opposite to what Marksman was doing . With hindsight a mistake to top up in June @ 25.2p The Times points out its at all time low of 18p now. And not worth investing in.

More4us 02 Aug 2018

[link] Replying to @ImmuPharma @LupusLA #imm Received a email from company, market update is on its way. Thank god, it has been too quiet

More4us 02 Aug 2018



#multidiagonals Algotrading (BANGONtrader) #IMM #immu #pharma CLOSE UP: CONFLUENCE Approaches #MULTIDIAGONALS 6:28 AM - 22 Jun 2018

More4us 10 Jul 2018


Ripley94 14 Jun 2018

135p now, bigger wow IMM. … XXXX New ii site.

Ripley94 06 Jun 2018

Re: 135p now, bigger wow Have not looked for a wile the slice in January lucky.Big fall on results Rns.. 17th April 18.Topped today on low 25.2p … did not have many.

Twice2 01 Jun 2018

Re: Analysis Pharma Giles, we could do with your expert view of the new info. thanks in anticipation

More4us 31 May 2018


zombynation 01 May 2018

Next leg up Reckon these will settle around 40-45p by the end of the week

bestone 01 May 2018

Cheap Price back to attractive level. Topped up today.Lack of news is dragging the price down.

DIE HARD 1 27 Apr 2018

price drop big drop today maybe should get out any suggestions

Nice to Michu 23 Apr 2018

Re: Back to 70p that's a punchy target imho zombynation imho but of course it could happen.. all depends what the can resurrect out of those poor/very poor phase 3 trail results going forward.. I don't have a clue about that but Pharma Giles and snark hunter seem to very usefully have good knowledge here .. Immu have a decent amount of cash in the bank still which is very important.. and the product is safe and some trial users want to keep using it... so still reasonable hope of upside from here imho.. (I've only got a smallish position left here now but will hold and watch on for weeks/months I expect.. have brought my average price down meaningfully to 40p at least...bought and sold a bunch around time of recent news/collapse but selling plenty thru the 30's is now looking premature...even including recent pullback from late 40's , north of 50p in coming weeks seems very possible ...)

zombynation 19 Apr 2018

Back to 70p Short term target here. This was completely oversold and a massive overreaction

Nice to Michu 17 Apr 2018

Re: Wakey, wakey! well at least it bounced decently this late morning and early afternoon.. allowed trading out of a hole - as I fortunately, in the end, somewhat did - and helps buy and holders too.. some excellent posting from Pharma Giles here, thanks.. but post of the day for me by a big margin is snark-hunter, thanks factorially: one minute after reading I bought a bunch more here ( sold plenty of them this arbo granted ) Many twists and turns still to come here I expect.. good luck to all fellows holders..