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Ripley94 18 May 2019

135p now, bigger wow IMM … XXXX No rush to buy back 8.8p 13th May 2019 … Hindsight lol

Ripley94 18 Apr 2019

135p now, bigger wow IMM … XXXX Been moving daily between 10 & 10.5p… Managed to buy live ( si ) @ 9.995p ( lucky RPS small remaining sale had gone through adding to available )

More4us 17 Apr 2019

#IMM LOOKS LIKE THE MARKETS MISSED THIS April 12, 2019 Research Highlights from 13th International Congress on #Lupus - developed by #Immunpharma have shown evidence of promise [link]

More4us 17 Apr 2019

#IMM triggered a breakout alert [link]

More4us 17 Apr 2019

#IMM #ImmuPharma continues to build data package for flagship lupus treatment [link]

More4us 17 Apr 2019

#IMM #ImmuPharma publishes findings into $30bn peptide therapeutics market [link]

Ripley94 08 Apr 2019

135p now, bigger wow IMM… XXXX Small amount of limit lifted again ( D ) @ 10.1p MM … messing with it .

Ripley94 02 Apr 2019

135p now, bigger wow IMM… XXXX No rush to buy back when meeting cannon st … in h insight been falling back since. Small part of limit lifted three times so far… last one 1pm . @ 10.3p which i had dropped from yesterdays 10.35p which did not lift .

Ripley94 26 Feb 2019

135p now, bigger wow IMM… XXXX Got the rest of slice back this morning @ 12.5p ( lifted Cannon st )

BuySel 21 Feb 2019

Next leg up re- 40-45p Well is 10 months gone and still waiting for that price, but for the pace of the last couple days today 17.55p +4.05p and a hugh volume on the two exchanges, total of 8.5M about 14 to 15 times the usual, it could be there by next week consideering we are already Thursday night. Was today TOP of thee gainers 1 -/ IMM / Immupharma / 17.55 / +4.05p / 30% chart with volume [link]

Ripley94 21 Feb 2019

135p now, bigger wow IMM… XXXX Up 15% to 16p today … after 3 months “last call” suggestion to buy @ 13.25 looks a good call he used to mention 3 months ? Maybe something to do with options ? The top up mid January looks even better looks like i got the bottom there .

Ripley94 14 Jan 2019

135p now, bigger wow IMM… XXXX Spare in ( D ) topped up 10.80p

More4us 03 Dec 2018

[link] #imm Big news coming on #immupharma this week. If you're not in it grab your popcorn as it'll give you something to cry into.

More4us 03 Dec 2018

IMM contacts are saying major news is in the pipeline and it will be with us very soon they are saying 50p+ when the update drops

More4us 29 Nov 2018

#IMM [link]