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12:25 17/04/2019

#IMM LOOKS LIKE THE MARKETS MISSED THIS April 12, 2019 Research Highlights from 13th International Congress on #Lupus - developed by #Immunpharma have shown evidence of promise [link]

12:25 17/04/2019

#IMM triggered a breakout alert [link]

12:24 17/04/2019

#IMM #ImmuPharma continues to build data package for flagship lupus treatment [link]

12:23 17/04/2019

#IMM #ImmuPharma publishes findings into $30bn peptide therapeutics market [link]

13:01 03/12/2018

[link] #imm Big news coming on #immupharma this week. If you're not in it grab your popcorn as it'll give you something to cry into.

12:47 03/12/2018

IMM contacts are saying major news is in the pipeline and it will be with us very soon they are saying 50p+ when the update drops

15:51 29/11/2018

#IMM [link]

16:03 17/11/2018

ImmuPharma PLC (LON:IMM) signed an agreement Nov 17, 2018 7:17:44 AM PST [link]

12:08 06/11/2018

IMM talk of big news tomorrow - rerating

13:16 30/10/2018

IMM the Nucant drug, IPP-204106 will be carried in Cancer Research, the medical journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. [link]