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Ripley94 22 Nov 2017

Re: Decided to buy some. ( D ) funds came in handy as san sent funds o wrong acc last Wednesday will be palaver and delay geting it back.( Si ) were there was a loss just put funds into CYAN.

Ian Warren 17 Nov 2017

Re: Decided to buy some. Yeah, my cash was transferred in the other day. Been a continuous holder from Videologic and pre-Tech boom days. Wow! what a looong time! I've got to say I've latterly spent far less time watching it than I did originally, but it still seems to have left a void in my portfolio (not financial), and I was looking for an opportune moment to sell it. There does appear to be a new UK tech star on the horizon, which I managed to buy into at a sensible price. Hopefully I'll take profit at a sensible point (I did make a profit out of IMG, but I would have loved to see it reach it's true potential in the public domain).Good bye all.

Ripley94 17 Nov 2017

Re: Decided to buy some. Paid out ( S i ) & ( D ) yesterday lost on this one.

freedom-thirty5 15 Nov 2017

Re: What a shame iPad autocorrect.Industry leading guy = industry leading IP

freedom-thirty5 15 Nov 2017

What a shame What a sad time this is.So much fantastic IP, gone for a song. All because of the gross incompetence of the absolute móngoloids in charge of the company of late.IMG had so much. Ray tracing, industry leading guy, mips, hellosoft... So many technologies sold to China because the village idióts in charge of this company didn’t know how to run a business.The saddest thing of all is that after this the stupid bástards will probably find further employment in other UK companies instead of being shot at dawn as they deserve.

cooperboy 06 Nov 2017

Re: dabble well that was all fun while it lasted-anyone know a good trading share thats not already at a ridiculous level? on a slightly less glamorous product offering i have pitched in to convatec as a good medium term recovery dyor lol

Hugh Betcher 03 Nov 2017

Re: dabble Well, that proved to be rather easy and swift £1,000 gain. Thanks for all the fish.

Ripley94 02 Nov 2017

Re: Decided to buy some. ( S ) sent info 3rd and 7th November.Sold to USA private firm canyon bridge capital partners.

Tired and Confused 02 Nov 2017

Mixed feelings I too have held off and on since the days of Videologic and before that when they were, if my memory serves me well, spun out of Avesco?Today another UK business has changed ownership and I'm annoyed because it could have been different had there been brilliant financial management along with brilliant IP, products and people.I have made a lot of money from buying and selling over the years, educated gambling if you will. But, over all the years IMG failed those who held the shares because they were never rewarded for loyalty with a share of profits (when there were any!) It could have been different; it should have been different. A weak and ineffective BOD must take responsibility for that. IMHO.Thank you to all who have posted over the years and lets hope that the UK business unit thrives under new management.

Caddie 02 Nov 2017

Thankyou A sad day as the shares will be suspended from trading with effect from the close of market. Many thanks to all the posters who have contributed so much over the years. Many have moved on but some remain and a few often look back. They say you should never fall in love with a share. Well thankfully I fell for Videologic/IMG and it has served me well over many years. One day I may make it to China and will be proud of the fact that KL engineers had a lot to do with the quality graphics that they (and the rest of the world) will be enjoying.Thanks again,Caddie

Tired and Confused 01 Nov 2017

Re: Mips No and yes!

supablades 01 Nov 2017

Mips Do we get any payout from MIPS sale or is that built into the 182p?

Hub 01 Nov 2017

Re: They think its all over ... Apple wa... Just the shorters left now to take their medicine and close out.They only have today and tomorrow to do that in open market. Market markers clearly trying to incentivise holders to take early exit and create some liquidity in market hence price at 181.25p.Irony is, if holders just sat on hands today, the possibility of 184p ot higher is not out of the question as they seek sellers in open market.Some will wait a week for the cheque/funds and others will just check out today in open market.Shame a counter bid did not arrive but quite happy with the short term profit from 130's position.ATB IMG holders. On to new pastures? Try HUM, SOLG, CERP and AMER as good examples of growth stocks potentially going into a large growth periods with commodities back in focus.HUB

freedom-thirty5 01 Nov 2017

Re: They think its all over ... Apple wa... Todays RNS:Court hearing to sanction the Scheme Thursday 2 November 2017Last day of dealings in Imagination Shares Thursday 2 November 2017Dealings in Imagination Shares suspended in London 7.30 a.m. on Friday 3 November 2017Scheme Record Time 6.00 p.m. on Friday 3 November 2017Effective Date of the Scheme Friday 3 November 2017De-listing of Imagination Shares 8.00.a.m on Monday 6 November 2017Despatch of cheques and crediting of CREST for cash consideration due under the Scheme 17 November 2017

Mikeclayton2 31 Oct 2017

Re: They think its all over ... Apple waitin... The timetable suggests this deal will complete by 8th November or have I miss understood the position?