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fear no evil 03 Jul 2017

Nearly 2 years Wow 2 years is nearly here when this went tits up.Are wages still being paid?If so from where?

Madoff Jnr 30 Jan 2017

I think we can say yes......I'm as shocked as anyone but hey ho life goes onMadoff jnrps shocked by DCP as well another loss-stay out of S Africa my advice-too doggy

OilPrince 30 Jan 2017

This has gone, yes? Hi guys, This company has now been wound up and none of us gets a penny, yes?

Ripley94 18 Mar 2016

Re: BRP Thought this had gone bust , but today saw a mention on share prophet site.Not sure what it means if anything for us holders ? .

Mondinho 11 Mar 2016

BRP According to BRP the sale agreement was to be signed latest by 15th february yet there has been no news?

OilPrince 11 Jan 2016

It's over I reckon... Had these shares a long time, all £2,600 worth of them, and I think it will be over soon. I seem to remember I went into the red a week or so after buying them and they've remained there. I've finally learned my lesson and now only invest in big companies that pay a dividend and have been around for ages.Ah well....

Madoff Jnr 02 Jan 2016

happy new year...!!! and a prosperous one........anyone like to comment on latest RNS,like what can we hope to achieve,if anything......?Madoff j

Mondinho 02 Dec 2015

Any last words? It seems we are about to say bye bye to our Investments here.Without trawling through the last set of financials the best I can see is ZAR720 less ZAR500 overdraft pay-off leaving ZAR220.Assuming there are no other creditors to pay (which is most certainly not the case and therefore this is a best case scenario) that makes ZAR220mil/554mil shares so ZAR0.40 per share or in sterling 1.8pence per share.My break even is about 21p Here's to a miracle.Cheers,Mondinho

Ripley94 28 Aug 2015

Re- kalan Hi KalanI recall it was a post by you that brought my attention to this share.Did you hold it / trade in it over the last 3 years ?

Mondinho 28 Aug 2015

Re: well that was expensive average is 20p having thrown about £10k at them.Just quietly hoping we might get something back in any obviously deluded and detached from reality kind of way!

thirty7 28 Aug 2015

well that was expensive with my average share price being 26p i lost £9000. not to mention the six years or so that the money was wasted tied up in live and learn i guess.i had pretty much written it off ages will anyone admit doing worse than me.....

Ripley94 28 Aug 2015

Digital look is showing as suspended ? Whats that about ?

forwardloop 27 Aug 2015

Business Rescue - sale of assets [link] Numis retained (and fortnightly reiterated) a 25p tgt (reduced 20p tgt at the end) - Pl0nkersor are they house brokers - in which case they ought to be sued for supplying mis information.

Irishpants 26 Aug 2015

Game Over Looks like game over. As someone who lived in SA for 15 years, I can only see bad economic news coming out of the country for the forseeable future

forwardloop 21 Aug 2015

Re: and now a strike....!!!! South Africa focused International Ferro Metals (LON:IFL), which produces ferrochrome, used in steel making, revealed that its operations have been hit by strike action.Workers employed by Almar Investments, which owns and operates the materials handling mobile equipment on site under contract for IFL, are currently on a strike as part of the labour unrest affecting other mining operations in the region.The dispute is with Almar and not with the company, IFL noted.As a result, the furnaces have had to be intermittently stopped, reducing production and so far 1,000 tonnes of ferrochrome production has been lost."This has also caused a disruption to the company’s logistics and shipping schedules affecting approximately 1,500t of ferrochrome shipments to date and consequently the company’s liquidity," it added.Almar, however, has managed to staff IFL operations so that operations can continue normally."Whilst operations are now returning to normal, the situation remains unpredictable, and should disruption to the company’s operations and logistics and shipping schedules re-occur, it may put further strain on the company’s liquidity."Shares are down 3% to 0.97p