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picstloup 24 Jan 2017

Buffett back in profit Berkshire Hathaway's investment in 81,000,000 IBM shares at an average of $170 is firmly in profit now.My year's taking on a rather more modest stake in the big blue is +30% in $s, and 60% up in £s, plus 3% in divis. Can't complain.

II Editor 23 Dec 2016

NEW ARTICLE: Finding tech ten-baggers of the future "Interactive Investor is 21 years old. To celebrate, our top journalists and the great and the good of the City have written a series of articles discussing what the future might hold for investors. Here's ..."[link]

picstloup 14 Jul 2016

Re: Worth a punt? $160 today, 20% up in 6 months, nearly 40% in GB£s, plus 2% in divis. Stay for more or top slice?

II Editor 22 Jun 2016

NEW ARTICLE: Best ways to invest in tech companies "The date 21 March 2006 is linked to the first ever Tweet sent out. On 15 July 2006, however, the service became available to the public.Perhaps it won't get as much attention as the March anniversary but, given NYSE:TWTR:Twitter has made its name ..."[link]

II Editor 02 Jun 2016

NEW ARTICLE: Why patriotism is dangerous in investing "Home-country bias is globalMost people love their own country. I do too! But, like all emotions, patriotism is dangerous in investing. Too many people let home-country love and familiarity bleed into investment decisions - a dangerous cocktail ..."[link]

Oxtrader 12 Jan 2016

Now trading at around 9/10 P/E Ratio A good buy-in price now?

picstloup 05 Jan 2016

Worth a punt? Picked up a few of these yesterday for $134.70. I hope they've dropped as far as they're going to. If not, 3.8% divi will be some consolation.

citytrade 02 Jan 2015

ibm to dominate [link]