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mutandis13 15 Apr 2016

Acquisition ICAP Acquires ENSO Financial Analytics:[link]

mutandis13 27 Mar 2015

ICAP break-up ICAP is considering spinning off EBS-BrokerTec on the basis that it could be worth more on its own. :[link]

Boxford immigrant 20 Feb 2015

Recent rise Well done OldJoe1.

lambrini girl 18 Dec 2014

Re: Recent Rises nice xmas bounce but getting expensive..

BatsfordArmy 20 Nov 2014

ICAP (IAP) Possible initial support at August 380p trendline, - See more at: [link]

mutandis13 19 Nov 2014

Interims Revenue was in line with its trading announcement on 30 September and the SP is now back to where it was then, with the dividend continuing to be maintained.[link]