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Ripley94 12 Feb 2020

First day dealing yesterday. IPO i3e… XXXX And again @ 7.5p

Ripley94 28 Jan 2020

First day dealing yesterday. IPO i3e… XXXX Same again today a buy 4pm @ 10.4p … shows it fell to 9.75p on a couple of chart dips above before and after my one lifted. I think the MM take advantage of limit orders .

Ripley94 19 Dec 2019

First day dealing yesterday. IPO i3e… XXXX Nice buy two days back … good job it lifted lol up 20% today @ 13.25p

Ripley94 17 Dec 2019

First day dealing yesterday. IPO i3e… XXXX Set limit buy @ 11.5p … not lifting changed to 11.4p went strait through @ 2.30pm that’s odd ???

Ripley94 06 Dec 2019

First day dealing yesterday. IPO I3e… XXXX Set a limit to sell the last top up @ 11p for. 15p . Lifted for 15.75p just after 4pm on big spike up. Day price history not clear L s e showing no deals between 1pm and 4.30pm.

Ripley94 28 Nov 2019

First day dealing yesterday. IPO 13E… XXXX Topped again @ 11p Saw this message on lse PHE board not heard that one before… I guess sharesport… guess as Mr Buffet says “Unless you can watch your stock holding decline by 50% without becoming panic-stricken, you should not be in the stock market.”

Pro_S2009 13 Nov 2019

I3 Energy - North Sea Oil I3E have applied for consents to Locate a Mobile Installation and Undertake Drilling Operations for Liberator field earliest start date 12th DEC. So possible 4th well planned this year.

Ripley94 08 Nov 2019

First day dealing yesterday. IPO i3e… XXXX Placing @ 35p

Pro_S2009 04 Nov 2019

I3 Energy - North Sea Oil Video of the presentation done at Proactive by I3E: .

Pro_S2009 03 Nov 2019

I3 Energy - North Sea Oil Contrarian Investor Contrarian Investor Portfolio Review November 2 2019 — Contrarian Investor It was dull for the Contrarian stocks in the Contrarian Investor Speculative Portfolio this week, until Friday, when suddenly they seemed to wake up from the slumber. Metro Bank from takeover rumours, UKOG and Reabold Resources on anticipation of... Early last week I3E had an RNS that it had discovered a decent amount of oil at its Serenity prospect. The previous week, the shares had gone as low as 17p. On the news the share price spiked to 55p on October 29th at the open. Unfortunately its been down hill all the way to the current 37p on fears that the bond funding the current exploration could be called in if the next Liberator well being drilled imminently and results due late November/early December does not come in with the results expected. Because of a problem drill on Liberator in the summer and a delay in mobilising the rig, money has been tighter for I3E than they had hoped. The company have now combined results from the disappointing Liberator 13/23c-9 well with seismic data to formulate a development programme for the prospect. Phase 1 will target 63 million barrels of oil in place through the drilling of up to four wells with recoverable reserves expected to be 23 million barrels and a phase two exploration programme will target an additional 396 million barrels. It was reported the company is seeking collaboration with Repsol Sinopec following the discovery at its Serenity prospect in the outer Moray Firth, with estimates of 197million barrels of oil in place. Serenity is believed to be geologically connected to RSRUK’s Tain project, which it is developing as a tie-back to the Bleo Holm floating production, storage and offloading vessel (FPSO). That project is expected to be sanctioned in the second half of next year but I3 hopes a new plan for a joint Tain-Serenity scheme can be agreed. I3 chief executive Majid Shafiq said: “The Tain field will have to be unitised. It is connected to Serenity as we believe this shows. We’ll end up in a commercial negotiation with RSRUK so that we can arrange with them how the joint fields can be developed and built up. The OGA are aware of our interpretation of Serenity and that we believe it is connected to Tain, "RSRUK are aware of that and we anticipate that will lead to an unitisation discussion and effectively a joint development of a single field called Tain-Serenity.” Mr Shafiq added that there has already been “initial discussions” with RSRUK on Serenity. RSRUK’s partner RockRose, who owns 50% in Tain, said it will “work to understand fully its implications for the Tain development project”. I3 also wants to use the Bleo Holm vessel, leased to RSRUK, to develop Liberator, with the two “very close” to fully agreeing terms, according to Mr Shafiq. The firm said it would be “efficient” to drill a full appraisal at Serenity around the time of first oil from Liberator, expected next year. Chief financial officer Graham Heath said: “For us today Liberator has been our top priority because it’s nearest to development. “Discussions with RSRUK for that field and, obviously our progress with the OGA, on a field development plan are nearer-term for us than Serenity. Albeit that the RSRUK-RockRose partnership are moving forward with a FDP for Tain which we would potentially phase Serenity into. We’re going to go back to Liberator next to drill that next well which would be at a future production location. That first producer would then be drilled during the execution phase of Liberator Phase 1 which is set to start during the course of 2020.It would be efficient if we were to begin drilling production of Liberator into 2020 and begin that same programme of further appraisal of Serenity at that time." At a market cap of £34 million, with 200 million-plus of STOIIP, there is a valuation mismatch, especially with the latest Liberator well have a chance of success of 90 per cent plus after the previous well error and further seismic analysis. But the disappointing Liberator 13/23c-9 well means that investors are cautious about the new well about to be drilled. The management team have learnt the lessons, looked at the seismics, hopefully the new well hits the sweet spot and delivers the good. The Company is in the process of ensuring permits are in place for the drilling of the next well on the Liberator Field, which will be a pilot well targeting the Captain sand in the remapped L2 accumulation - a closure to the north east of the 13/23c-9 well. This region, similar to the A3 and A4 target areas, has significant relief above the prognosed oil-water contact and will provide a good location for a future development well. The next well is a big deal for I3E in terms of reserves and reserves based funding for the project. If Liberator comes in as planned and Serenity is co-developed with Repsol Sinopec, then expect a share price closer to a 100-150p.

Pro_S2009 29 Oct 2019

I3 Energy - North Sea Oil New video interview following the Serenity Oil Strike Proactiveinvestors UK i3 Energy team discuss ‘transformational’ discovery at Serenity i3 Energy PLC’s (LON:I3E) Majid Shafiq and Graham Heath speak to Proactive London’s Andrew Scott following the announcement of a discovery from its Serenity well in the North Sea. .

Pro_S2009 29 Oct 2019

I3 Energy - North Sea Oil [link] .

Ripley94 29 Oct 2019

First day dealing yesterday. IPO They struck oil… Some knew In advance explains rise last week, opended with buys @ 54p… Can not sell anywhere near that. Was in 70s in January. Hope for all my other losing positions maybe. Are stop loss targets a good idea? Maybe city crooks put that idea out there.

Pro_S2009 29 Oct 2019

I3 Energy - North Sea Oil Thanks to che7win To sum up… Serenity hits oil, as big as expected. Now RRE with Tain will have to talk to us. Liberator missed first well location by 120m. They now think Liberator twice as big as before. WHI says Serenity worth 268p. Liberator potential now twice as big as before L2 drilled too. Upside must be between 3 to 5 pounds.

Pro_S2009 29 Oct 2019

I3 Energy - North Sea Oil SERENITY STRIKES OIL Highlights: – The Serenity 13/23c-10 well was successfully drilled on the Company’s 100% owned Serenity prospect and is an oil discovery, with preliminary well results that are consistent with i3 Energy’s pre-drill estimate of 197 MMbbls STOIIP for the entire Serenity closure within the Company’s licence area – The Liberator 13/23c-9 well findings have now been integrated with recently acquired seismic data, resulting in Liberator remapping as follows: o Phase I development area to target 63 MMbbls STOIIP via up to 4 wells with the Company’s revised expected recoverable reserves of 23 MMbbls o Phase II prospective area to target 396 MMbbls STOIIP through future exploration drilling o Liberator findings presentation available today on i3’s website at [link] – After planned plugging and abandonment of Serenity well 13/23c-10, the Borgland Dolphin semi-submersible rig will mobilise back to the Liberator field to drill a pilot hole at a future development well at the remapped L2 structural high (approximately 500 meters north east of the 13/23c-9 well)