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hopetown 02 Jun 2018

Re: copper keeps rising Seems to be happening now.

hopetown 01 Feb 2018

Is this the move up?

one4all 15 Jan 2018

copper keeps rising BUY

one4all 09 Jan 2018

move up coming and a big one BUY

one4all 29 Dec 2017

my number 1 pick for 2018 buy

one4all 23 Dec 2017

looking for a transformational year ahead BUY

one4all 23 Nov 2017

GOLD!!!!!!! BUY

one4all 16 Nov 2017

bought more this morning its a give away price now. sitting on a few now...yikes

hopetown 01 Nov 2017

Andrew Webley From LinkedinPrivate InvestorAndrew WebleyJanuary 2015 – Present (2 years 11 months)Bristol, United KingdomHaving worked in financial services for around 10 years before setting up my own company in 2010 I decided to be more proactive with investing in 2015. I invest in quoted companies, or soon to be quoted companies, mainly focusing on the Alternative Investment Market where I believe the share price does not reflect the near value of the business.Also states he worked for Hargreaves and Lansdown

one4all 16 Oct 2017

copper up 50% in less than a year all good news

one4all 16 Oct 2017

copper is flying , going bonkers and GWMO have shed loads of it

scruffee 11 Oct 2017

Re: share price Too good to miss ............ in for a few ........... half percent of asset value too tempting ........... hold for six mths .

nomnom 05 Oct 2017

share price going under 1p soon?

scruffee 02 Oct 2017

Re: Gift. M/C is 1% of cash in bank and resources in ground .................... News soon and more drilling this Autumn ...... don't chase ............ Good Luck.

hopetown 29 Sep 2017

Gift. This is more than a gift at these prices!!.....What's up?